An old theatre, Flood Falls and other must visits in Hope

The majestic Flood Falls in Hope, BC Canada |
When I glanced outside this AM, I noticed the clouds moved in. Going out onto the patio with my first coffee of the day, the air was crisp!

How can that be? Yesterday was one of the hottest days we’ve had this summer yet!

Signs that summer is coming to a close are looming ahead. Can you feel it too?

My home inside showcases this as well. On cloudy days, I’ve ripped the house apart working on things. I’m painting my entire upstairs white-white, and my TV dresser still hasn’t been reloaded yet, with towering stacked baskets loaded with… sigh… stuff I need to go through. It’s memory stuff so it will take awhile. Hence the delay for a ‘rainy day’.

So with nothing fun DIY wise to show yet, I thought I’d take you on a little trip back to Hope, when I stayed at my cabin in the woods. Extending the stay from 2 days to 5 gave me extra time to strike out like a local, taking more new stuff in.

And here’s what I did…

Hope Cinema, an authentic movie experience located in Hope, BC Canada |
Hope Cinema

When I was moseying around town one of those days, I walked past the old movie theatre. Whenever I’ve stayed around Hope, it was always short enough to ensure I stayed outdoors, not in. However with a little more time on my hands, I wanted to try some new things.

Plus… Pirates was playing! How could I go wrong?!

Hope Cinema, an authentic movie experience located in Hope, BC Canada |
I did not know what to expect. Turns out, this move was VERY right.

The theatre is original, folks. Inside and out! With one massive exception. It’s outfitted with a state of the art movie system, so you are getting a slice of old school with all the best perks!

The theatre is GORGEOUS! When nighttime approaches, you are treated to all the original neon lights that illuminate the indoors and outdoors. DO take your time walking out after the show is over. The inside will blow your mind.

Plus, the popcorn is the best. They use real butter so it’s the kind that slightly saturates the popcorn making it mushy… it was SO good!

And I kinda loved there was only one show playing and only open certain hours and days. Way to make sure to fill up those seats!

It honestly felt like I was watching a movie in some far off place. Such a treat!

Put this on your must-visit list if you go!

P.S. They only take cash. Luckily there’s a bank machine right across the road.

Oh goodness, I love this small town so.

Memorial Park

And don’t you worry if you get to that cute theatre surrounded by tall mountains on the quiet main street. The park is right across the road, so you can enjoy your surroundings in sun or shade.

I LOVE this park!

Beautiful Memorial park filled with tall forest trees in Hope, BC Canada |

It’s really beautiful. The tall trees make it feel like you’re in a sun filled chunk of forest.

Worth getting to the theatre early for.

The forest trail leading to Flood Falls in Hope, BC Canada |
Flood Falls

Furthering my quest to seek out new stuff, I found Flood Falls to not be very far away. Well… this sounds like a little adventure right up my alley!

The trail into the falls was so pretty! I lost the trail a little here and there, however it isn’t that long, so it was easy to find it again.

The fern filled forest trail leading to Flood Falls in Hope, BC Canada |
The forest trail leading to Flood Falls in Hope, BC Canada |
The trail meandered through barren paths, to dry rock rivers, and dense forest. It’s an easy walk, however it is all on an incline, and not suitable for bikes.

I’m always busy bike rating a trail…

And then…

The majestic Flood Falls in Hope, BC Canada |
There it is!

The water was down to a trickle apparently, but still pretty all the same.

The majestic Flood Falls in Hope, BC Canada |
There is nothing like the natural sound of falling water! Nothing!

So I grabbed a nearby rock to sit on to just take in the moment to listen.

The pool at the bottom of Flood Falls in Hope, BC Canada |

Folks were swimming around the pool down below, however it wasn’t something I’d do. It looked pretty stagnant, probably due to the current low water flow.

Word has it that the falls can even stop completely if the summer is dry enough, so going earlier in the year to see this appears to be key.

The little drive and hike was well worth the stop! I could see this being gorgeous in spring… bring a backpack and thermos of coffee I say!

Culvert walking trail that leads underneath the highway in Hope, BC Canada |
A double culvert trail under the highway

One of the pulls of going to Hope is that a few family members have just moved there. With my sister having just purchased her home, I just had to spec it out. Lovely area and house!

Outside of her complex was a little parking area in front of a mini forest. And straight ahead was this culvert tunnel. 

I didn’t really pay attention to it until two bikes whizzed by me down that little lane right through it. DING DING DING! Where a bike goes, I must follow with mine!

I had loaded my bike in the back of the truck, so I yanked it out and took off to… culvert land.

Culvert walking trail that leads underneath the highway in Hope, BC Canada |
Culvert walking trail that leads underneath the highway in Hope, BC Canada |
If you look carefully, you can see the other culvert inside this one. How weird to be riding underneath the highway! Kinda freaky but neat at the same time.

I had to duck my head down a little as I rode through. And then a big semi runs right over me. Creepy.

Natural field trail in Hope, BC Canada |
So, this trail does a few different things. If you stay on the culvert side of the train tracks, you are taken through a remote like driveway that leads to the river or highway. Lots of river goers use this path for a remote river front experience. So my seester, you are close to water!

Quiet road and train bridge in Hope, BC Canada |
Should you cross the train tracks, you are on one of the quietest roads on earth with a bridge and meandering country roads that work around the river.

Not one car drove by.

I’m loving Hope more every minute… it’s a very BC, Canada mountains and river kinda experience.

Othello Tunnels along Kettle Valley Trail in Hope, BC Canada |

Othello Tunnels

Being that my cabin stay was right next to the Othello Tunnels, I took my bike through the route every AM and PM.

I know I’ve chatted about this before, but every time I go through these tunnels, it always feels like the first time. Breathtaking views filled with ravines and gorges.

Tall rocky mountain view at Othello Tunnels in Hope, BC Canada |

The incredible ice blue waters in the gorge at Othello Tunnels in Hope, BC Canada |
Rocky mountain ravine at the Othello Tunnels in Hope, BC Canada |
The canyon is just so spectacular!

And not to be missed, (which some people do!) is the trail walk beyond the tunnels which is part of the Kettle Valley Trail. 

Keep going! It’ll offer you one of the most beautiful walks or bike rides ever.

The trail beyond is on a slight down-cline, so you only have to work hard if (ahem) you’re trying to come back up again.

Forest-like Kettle Valley Trail located at Othello Tunnels in Hope, BC Canada |
The Kettle Valley Trail starts at the Othello Tunnels then ends way into town by Thrasher Creek. Check out the trail maps. Doing the entire run is on my bucket list… as soon as I round up someone to pick me up at the bottom! 

Eco Retreat's Othello cabin beside Othello Tunnels in Hope, BC Canada
Eco Retreat

And of course, most of you will remember my MUSSSST stay at Eco Retreat. It’s a B&B nestled right beside the Othello Tunnels along the river that offers you a full-on glamping experience. You really won’t even want to leave the property!

You can read more about my Othello cabin stay HERE, and my big cabin stay HERE.

The gorgeous concrete and rusty metal Alexandria Bridge near Spuzzum, BC Canada |
The nearby Alexandria Bridge

And not to be missed is the trip to the old Alexandria Bridge turned walking path, about an hour east of Hope. The sights in this post are incredible!

And you’ll also get a peek at my newest fav junk haunt in the world, and a peek at Lake of the Woods.

Kawkawa Lake scenic view sighted from the mountains at Othello Tunnels in Hope BC Canada |
Kinda goes without saying, this little sleepy mountain town has kinda stolen my heart.

And yes, I have looked at houses and cabins along the river for sale.

Who knows! I sure don’t. But it’s nice to know I can visit my beloved Hope (and family) within an hour from my front door regardless…

Visit all my other Hope sights HERE

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11 thoughts on “An old theatre, Flood Falls and other must visits in Hope

  1. Lovely.

    Sounds like you may have found where you will “nest” next.

    Remember, if it isn’t for sale right now, it will be when you are ready to make the move. Why not live in a place you love. And I can’t help but think the environment would be art-inspiring.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous scenery! It’s wonderful to have family in such a beautiful region, too. Maybe you’ll find that little cabin by the river. It seems you ache for it. Best wishes, Fonda

  3. OMGoodness the scenes are to die for. That sky ,those trees , the mountains & canyon I could look & look forever, sigh! I think I too also have fallen in love with Hope. Every next pic seemed to just get better & more beautiful.It’s funny you putting these pics up cos when people go on about visiting America, for this & that city & usual tourist place even though they too can be beautiful,it’s never appealed to me (sorry). These however, these little back towns & the sights & customs & traditions you’ve shown me call to my very soul I can honestly say the yank bug has finally gotten me lol. Thankyou so very much Donna for showing me this very beautiful part of America I’m certainly very envious of you & your family living there & being able to visit whenever it calls to you!.
    Talking of weather, here today in the U.K. it’s very much a ‘fall’ day the summer now seems to have finally finished . The kids went back to school this week & it’s like the weather has said right that’s it make way for autumn. Its gotten cold all of a sudden that I’m dreaming of chunky woolly socks & sweaters while slurping hot choc with marshmallows or home made soup lol. Love all the beautiful colours of autumn , nature sure has a way of opening your eyes to its beauty all around you. Happy bike trailing Donna take care & take lots more pics for us lost souls ?

    • OMG I’m so sorry for writing America don’t ask me why I’ve got no idea at all I’m totally sorry I think I lost my mind along with my soul lol totally meant Canada! Canada! Canada! aaaarggghhhh!!!

      • Haha, I just took that for North America, so theoretically you are right!

        As for photos of our area, British Columbia, Canada is really well known for our rivers, lakes and forests. It’s what we do best! We pay for it dearly with all our rain of course…

        Glad you enjoyed the photo tour! I’d love to see your area one day as well! I’m sure it’s equally beautiful! Every place has something special about it for sure.

  4. My favorite place to go in Hope is Bridal Falls. Have you been to see them yet? They are breathtaking!! I will look for some of the sights you mention next time I go through. (I’m on the Island, so not far from you.)

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