Bedroom makeover Part 2 ~ the wall

I’ve been busy working on this new bedroom look of mine! Remember Part One?

Let’s move on to the wall. I wanted to create a feature wall to highlight the headboard. Something neutral but interesting. So I grabbed a few odds and sods from the garage and laid them in place for a visual.

While I knew it would work, (this is where I sound abit weird), the repeated perfect pattern bothered me. Yes it did. So I added my own flair to this idea.

Much better! Makes you eyes dance abit rather than bam bam bam. (am I making any sense to anyone out there?!?)

Off I go to my workshop (garage) to cut the pieces down to size. (tutorial on the how to at a later date… I sure have alot to teach you!! Trial and error is the best lesson ever… yikes.)

Off topic… Did you notice this in the background?!? It’s a metal chicken coop for tool storage I scooped from a garage sale. The racks come down, perfect for painting small projects and keeping them off the table tops. HOW COOL IS THIS. It’s nearly too good to keep in the garage. I have a spare wall in the living room… hmmm…

Ok, back to the wall. The attached version.

Remembering my inspiration (here’s the quilt peeking through as well)…

My chippy and worn favorite elements were dragged into the room so I could capture it all in one spot.

And here is the wall after the first coat of primer and paint. It’s coming together! I LOVE the random pattern of the board and batten!

~ To be continued ~

Not sure I’ll be finished in time, but if I am, (I’m going to try try try!) I’ll post the result of the headboard on this weekend’s…

Are ya comin’? Theme is anything goes! I’ll be highlighting my favs and the highlight post is getting a whole lot of attention! So bring forth your past or present projects, and see you Friday around 10pm my time! More info HERE.

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16 thoughts on “Bedroom makeover Part 2 ~ the wall

  1. Oh, the suspense Donna! I can’t WAIT to see your headboard wall!!!

    BTW, you have inspired me to distress my kitchen 🙂 I cannot wait until the weather warms again so I can get the pristine white OUT OF MY KITCHEN!

    Keep up the amazing work!
    ~ Kari

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished results. Love the wall so far and all the elements you’ve gathered. Work Fast – I can’t handle the waiting 🙂

  3. Looking good–can’t wait to see the finished product. Don’t you wish you were a home improvement show and that you could get it done in a couple of days?

  4. I love the random pattern and the different sized boards. If they were evenly spaced, something would be amiss, and it would drive me crazy. Does this speak to my anal personality? Can’t wait to see more! ~Mindy

  5. Thanks for stopping by today. Your makeover is looking awesome. Keep up the great work.

    I can add you to my list of participants if you’d like to play along with the WW theme. Let me know.

    Take care,


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