Blog to Biz ~ Accepting change

 My dream sits in this beautiful bright sunshiny room.

But first I must earn my way in there.

Because first I need to fight my way through some baggage…. of both the physical and emotional kind.

Tonight I’ve been busy letting go.

I’ve had my sign and graphics career for 20 years now and a part of me has been very reluctant to do something that was very important. And that was throw away old files.

I made excuses and stated in a very matter a fact manner that it was important to keep each and every file. What if past customers called again?

So as I was preparing to work on the studio, I needed to move the file cabinets first. And they were stuffed to the gills. Having to empty them in order to do the shuffle was the BEST. THING. EVER.

I started opening a few files…  and laughed. And promptly started my recycle pile.

As I started tossing files, my stomach twisted and I felt… guilty? Shouldn’t I still be servicing these customers? What happened?

But I already knew the answer.

Every file I tossed today was the kind of work I didn’t want to do again. EVER.

Mentally, I let go of all this a loooong time ago. I just hadn’t done it physically.

The house cleaning was not only required in order to claim new space, it was also required for me to be able to move on to the next step. 

Accept where I want to go.

I mean, really really ACCEPT it.

To not settle for status quo. 

But go running after the scary chances instead.

You see, it’s like collecting furniture you don’t like. The more you fill your home with things you don’t love, the less room you’ll have for the things you really do love.

I needed to make room. In more ways than one.

I’m getting closer and closer to you every day, my scary little photo studio. 

… and I couldn’t be more scared excited. 🙂

Have you accepted the new you yet?

(The new revised ‘blog to biz’ series will continue whenever I feel I have a suitable instalment to make. You can catch up with all of them HERE)

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40 thoughts on “Blog to Biz ~ Accepting change

  1. Good for you!It’s a great step! It’s funny that you say that because i just turned our mini area behind our table into a mini art studio which means I have to look at everything all of the time and all of the clutter…but it’s the next step until I outgrow that space.And you do what you need to, right? 🙂

  2. My word of the moment Donna is ‘authentic’ and it sounds like you too are allowing yourself to finally be authentic… the real you, doing something that sings to your heart. That’s a huge step you’ve taken today.
    I can’t wait to see the studio set up.
    Creative hugs,

  3. Wow! A giant step!!! Congrats!!
    Accepting the new me huh? Huh!!! Guess I have to think about that one. I probably haven’t

  4. That is so awesome that you have done this. I know it is hard…but wow how fun!!! I pray that all works out smoothly in this next process of “getting it all together – the aftermath” (wink)

  5. Have you accepted the new you yet?? That last line brought tears to my eyes. . .oh how I waffle between “yes, let’s go!! and move with boldness and confidence and courage” and then “I am scared, can’t do it, this is a dumb idea, this does not matter” I hate that waffling. I pray that you and me both (really, I will) grab hold of all that God has in store for us.

  6. You my dear have given me much to think about today. Authentic self is something I’ve thought about much lately. Inspiration and sharing it is helpful beyond anything we know. Thank you for sharing. Peace and blessings to you!
    Zenful Goods

  7. You can keep those installments to Blog to Biz coming. It seems like everything you have said has resonated in every fiber of “ME” and exactly who is that? What is my passion, because I enjoy so many things?
    Thanks so much for being so honest:)

  8. It took me a long time to get rid of my files too. I even kept them after I retired! How funny is that….letting go is hard sometimes. But that unencumbered feeling…it’s just great!

  9. Love your blog! Our pastor was just talking about this, about following your “True North” and being where and who you need to be. Great timing for me as well

  10. Once the dust settles think of all the space you will have in the room and in yourself for new adventures, and those closer to your heart, who you are today.
    We all have to learn to say NO to things that are not right for us and our lives so we are available for better opportunities (and people) to come into our lives.
    Please do continue this series. You are helping so many people.

  11. I have decided to throw out my yearbooks because high school was a horrible time and I think the only reason I bought them was to have a picture of the guys I secretly had a crush on. 🙂

  12. Oh boy, can I relate to this! I have client files from my faux finishing business that I still haven’t tossed and I don’t even have the business anymore!

    Good for you for getting rid of the old and making a space that you will enjoy using everyday. I can’t wait to see it finished!

  13. Hope the purging went successfully!!! It’s so easy to get side-tracked when doing it ( not that I’ve been able to carry it out as well as I my shame)Good luck with it and your… Hmmmm …31 step program..LOL

  14. It’s like you know me Donna and we’ve never met. I read your posts everyday and look forward to them. So many times you touch a nerve. I too am waffling. One day I am filled with courage and excitement and then the next filled with self doubts. I want to be brave too.

  15. I had a gift basket company a few years ago. The walls of my craft/laundry room are still full of flowers, baskets etc. Much of my creative identity is tied up in all of that. MUST see beyond all of that to who I am now. Have been struggling with the clean out thing for a while now. THANK you for leading the way!

  16. Awesome post! I recently cleared out a whole pile of paperwork and after doing that I realized it’s time to go into those boxes in the garage filled all the papers from my past business. I’m not going there again, time to let go and continue moving forward! Janell

  17. Oh man, this is so what I should do!!! I have my original files of every window treatment customer I ever had!! And you know, sometimes they call about an old concern, but really I guess I don’t need to have them sucking up all my space…move forward! YOu are such an inspiration.

  18. Hi, Donna

    This is so true! I am so happy for you, I been there and done that. I know how you feel, I bet you felt better once you started to unload that stuff, I know I did. Awesome!


  19. Love your website.

    I need your help. As a newbie, I have two questions about the blogspot software.

    Did I read you are going to WordPress? Why? I thought WordPress didn’t allow ads?

    Regarding blogspot, do you backup your website? Have you restored it on a practice blogspot? I can’t get the blogspot software to save, but I could copy and paste the template and contents from code on the screen. Is that what you do?

    Like you, I would hate to lose my work or take days to recover: I want to take pictures and blog.

    hugs from your Colorado Cousin

  20. #36 Colorado Cowgirl, the unfree version of wordpress allows for ads. That’s what I’d be moving to with the help of a pro to get me there. There are more organizing options with WP as well as better SEO capabilities when you want to turn professional.

    Re: Blogger, I believe they allow you to back up the content but not the template or blog settings. I have not attempted to restore the backed up info on a practice blog but I’ve been intending to forever. My list of to-do’s is long and I’m generally short on time… 😛

    I’ve written how to back up your blog info but it’s for the blue faced dashboard version which I’m still on today… I haven’t made the jump to the new yet. That to do list is a big one!

    How to back up your blog info:


  21. What an Ah Ha moment… I retired from a 35 year career in Nursing and tossing out those resources were hard. Now I am in the process of finding which way to toss my knowledge at. I have 10 more years to work but am one step closer to finding my way. Thank you for sharing your steps, it helps more than you know. Di@cottage-wishes

  22. “The more you fill your home with things you don’t love, the less room you’ll have for the things you really do love.”

    Oh, girlie, that is the truth! And it can be emotional stuff, too!

    I’m so excited for you!!!!!

    We are in the same process over here, too!!!


  23. Boy, can I relate to this. When I “went pro” with my blog at the beginning of 2010, I was leaving a career in textbook writing and editing behind. I finally bit the bullet and ditched old files and papers that I had been holding onto “just in case,” and it was pretty liberating! 🙂

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