Blog to Biz ~ BIG changes (and crates) on the horizon

To date, I’ve avoided bringing BIG things home because I didn’t have the room for them.

Also to date, I’ve avoided making big things for sale because I didn’t have anywhere to sell them.

And then there’s the fact that I’ve wanted to teach but didn’t have the space to do it.

All that’s about to change.

I may have the perfect use for a piece like this after all. The size is PERFECT.

And if it doesn’t work out in my own home, I now also have an option to sell whatever I make elsewhere. Even BIG stuff.

But there’s more.

I made a new friend and we’re talkin’ biz. There’s talk of me hosting real workshops in her store. You know.. the kind of workshop where you build things with tools.

If this works out, I’ll be moving another step towards my goals. To have a place to inspire and teach women how to swing tools AND make the kind of stuff they dream of making THEMSELVES. In person! In one of the most charming towns possible for this kind of thing.

The pie in the sky plan… build/learn, go for a DECADENT lunch you will not soon forget, do a little junkin’ next door, talk blog talk. An all dayer workshop that would encourage women to follow their dreams through the art of new skills achieved. With rotating projects and topics. Way. Cool.

I love teaching. When I went back to school for a graphics course, I ended up teaching the class I took  because I picked up so fast, and returned back to that same college as a teacher myself, all the while running my own biz. I just had the students come to my sign shop. 🙂

Teaching is not foreign to me. I suppose that’s why I yak so much here and always attempt to twist in some advice along the way. Teacher stuff.

But to teach what I LOVE doing? Crazy stuff!

Lots of changes on the horizon! When the time is right, it will happen. And not a moment before. So why not plan it and see what happens?

But at the very least,  the time is right to bring this big guy home and start makin’ REAL BIG stuff. 🙂 And maybe finally start that collection of BIG THINGS for sale along the way. A store apparently needs the likes of me. And I need them. Beautiful!

So… any guesses what this thing may become? 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Blog to Biz ~ BIG changes (and crates) on the horizon

  1. I found you the other day after someone Pinned you on Pinterest, and I’ve been telling EVERYONE I can think of about this blog.
    The things you create are jaw-droppingly beautiful, and you explain everything so well.
    I’m definitely signing up for a workshop course at my local hardware store, and then I have to try and figure out how to make some stencils. I don’t suppose you’d consider making and selling some of the designs you used on the staircase, tabletop and kitchen signs?
    I would SO buy them!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you. WAy to go. I miss having space to work since I moved to Dallas and live in an apartment. Keep on junkin…..

  3. I pray that the door God is opening is a blessing to you and many others. I don’t have a garage or basement, so having space is such a BIG BLESSING.
    AND WHERE do you find such COOL stuff??

  4. Hi, Donna

    I am thrilled to hear about your new biz. I pray all will workout great for you. By the way, It looks like you made a podium. Is that right?



  5. Dear Donna ~ What wonderful news and I can feel your excitement through your post. What a fantastic opportunity, for you and for the ladies who take your course.

    As to ‘what’ you may be creating with that big crate piece, a bar? Whatever you create will be fantastic.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  6. The first thing I thought of, but I doubt that’s what you are doing, is a puppet show booth. It’s the perfect size! Add some fun colors, cute little curtains, instant little entertainment!

  7. How exciting for you!! It’s always a boost when you can see your goals materializing.

    What you have there looks intriguing, but I might have to agree with the poster above that it looks like it could be the beginnings of a podium, but I get the feeling this isn’t how it will look when YOU’RE done with it!

  8. I may have to move to Canada so I can partake in your classes. I need to learn how to handle “manly” tools. LOL I wish you the best of luck in your big adventure.

  9. Oh Donna, I am so dang happy fer ya!!! YEAH!!!! Although I have never met you in person, I can tell by your blog post and emails that you are an excellent teacher. It is your calling. And junk. That is a calling too!!

    As for that big piece, looks like a televison could fit inside there. Maybe an entertainment cabinet???

    BIG XoXo to ya,

  10. How exciting for you! I love all your small projects so of course, I can’t wait to see the BIG ones!

    I’m thinkin’ this piece could make an awesome bar! Bonus…after all the work, you could enjoy a relaxing drink to celebrate your creation!

  11. I can see it being part of a booth at home improvement shows, where you can sign up students and spread your creative insight to the masses, much as you do from here.
    When not at shows it will multipurpose as a stand from which you can teach or photograph your smaller creations.
    And you can even hide a litterbox under it, or add a bed for the dog, or a mini fridge and on the face you can create a wipe off or bulletin board.

  12. Amazing! only one problem….PLEASE COME TO NEW ZEALAND AND DO IT!!?!!!! lol…so so jealous of all who get to attend your workshops…sounds too cool to be true!
    post lots of pics of classes in action, won’t you, to keep us all jealous! ..ah, I mean…inspired 😉

  13. What ever it is, I know you’ll Rock it Out! Hmmm…is is a wood holder fur yur fire wood? A rustic bath tub? A lemonade-stand for the summer? A shoe rack? A cage for your pet llammas? hahahahaha…. Am I hot or cold?

  14. Hey thats great Donna. Good things come to good people. Hummm lets see could that be a neat dog house, a cute rustic table or shelf…oh my the guesses are endless. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what it comes out to be.

  15. What a great opportunity for you..Congratulations..As for what that could be..I have no clue..Can’t wait to see what it is..Have a great week..

  16. I picture you standing behind it and all of your students standing on the other side (or sitting). It would be your work bench as you teach this awesome class and spread your knowledge of tools and woodworking to all the lucky students who attend.

  17. That sounds like a great deal for both of you. I wish I could go to a class. I posted a picture today of a workbench I made and the doors were inspired by you. Thanks!

    It’s here if you want to look.

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