Cheater board and batten wall treatment


Learn how to create a board and batten wall treatment for added character to any walls! In a non-permanent way.

There’s nothing quite like character on walls, however being that I like to change my mind,  a cheat sheet method was used for this board and batten treatment.

And I promise, you can totally be a true beginner builder and spend next to nothing for this one. Sound good? Here we go!

1. Decide which wall to hit as a feature.

This lonely end wall was the lucky chosen because the sea of drywall did nothing for me.

1. Coat out your desired wall area with white paint.

It took 2-3 coats.

Paint tips:

I like to use a quality eggshell kitchen paint for excellent washability.


Have the paint store add two drops of their dark brown mix to a gallon of white… the brown knocks down the blue hue yet still leaving it white. It’s wonderful!

2. Gather up some new 8′ boards and sand well.

Board tips:

I shy away from symmetry so random sized boards were used with random spacing. (1 x 2’s and 1 x 4’s)


Most of the lumber was purchased from the damaged section. Since it was being painted anyway, I didn’t really care that it wasn’t perfect.

3. Prime and paint all the boards. (the ensuite got hit too)

Paint tips:

Bunch some boards together to paint all at once. Then lay them flat and do the other sides. Watch for drips! Flip over once dry and do the missing sides. Grouping makes the job go lots quicker.


The eggshell paint was used for the boards too. Remember… it’s a KITCHEN eggshell so washability is of no issue. 

4. Use one screw to attach the middle of the board to the wall. Rotate as desired using a level to keep things straight. Screw in two more screws, one high and one low. Touch up screws with white paint and call it a day!

Cheat sheet wood strip tips:

Random spacing removes frustrating measurement perfection. And just looks cool!

 The wood strips were simply cut to desired length. No fancy angle was performed where board hit the baseboard.

 Being a ‘change my mind’ decorator, I wanted to allow for the wood strips to be easily removed if desired. No caulk was used and it looks great! 

 Use caulk if you want a forever pro job. You’ll probably have to repaint the entire wall afterwards. Honestly? It didn’t even need it.

5. Enjoy your cheater board and batten walls! And then easily unscrew boards and repaint if you change your mind. 🙂


BAM! Ok, so make that TWO feature walls now. 🙂

Seriously, I love the bright white board and batten walls. The treatment visually made the ceiling appear taller than it really was. And the white just really brightened and freshened the space up.

The project was price efficient, and super easy to pull off. Just make sure you do this method without telling your woodworker spouse. Sometimes you have to prove it’ll work just fine. 🙂

Other bedroom bits and pieces: click pics below

How to make a giant #2. Or letter. Or whatever! (click on pic)

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33 thoughts on “Cheater board and batten wall treatment

  1. I love it too, I also would be interested in what you did to the other wall. that looks really cool.

  2. As always I love it! I love using wood to create dimension….and that other scrap wood wall is amazing too.

    All inspiring

    Lucky 7 Design

  3. I love that! I’m really struggling with how to add character to my boys’ room for cheap. I might have to do something like this! Thanks!

  4. As a former “pro” builder I applaud you. We were always looking for ways to dress up a space without killing the budget or making huge permanent features. Love it. As a wife I applaud your sometimes you just gotta show him it can be done. I admire a girl who isn’t afraid to dig in and get the job done. Well done!

  5. Just stumbled on your blog site tonight! You are kindling a spark in me that has lay dormant for quite some time! I’m getting all sorts of ideas for my 1908 home! First thing… yank the old paneling off the stairwell walls, peel the old rubber stair treads off each tread (ugh! any ideas on THAT one?) and give a gloomy little stairwell a whole new life! p.s. I am a thrift store-yard sale queen from waaaay back! May God continue to bless your endeavors as you bless those who read this blog!

  6. Ha! That’s seriously my biggest issue. My husband is always wanting to do everything “the right way”. And I’m always like “Yeah, yeah, good enough, no one’s gunna notice anyway.” This is my kinda board and batten, let me tell you!

  7. And this, my dear friend, is EXACTLY why I love you! You take a job that, for many of us, would never seem approachable and turn the reality of it on its head. So much so that I feel like I could do this right after my last bite of toast this morning!

    You’re awesome! And so is the wall! Walls!!!!

    *reminder to self: eggshell Kitchen paint

    Love it!

  8. “Just make sure you do this method without telling your woodworker spouse. Sometimes you have to prove it’ll work just fine.”

    I had to laugh because I was thinking that my perfectionist husband would never go for this. I might just do it while he’s at work! ha ha

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