DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 437

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 437 - Driftwood lamp, air plant forks, jewellery magnets, Farmers’ Market island, plus! Features and ALL NEW junk projects!

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Hi all! I am finally, finally home!

Busy recuperating from jet lag and the time change no doubt. However I’ve already ventured out on the bike trails and boy are they pretty right now with all the wildflowers in full-out bloom! You can catch my Insta Stories daily to check out current rides.

Wailea Beach Walk in Maui, Hawaii

And I also shared a new blog post must-see in Maui HERE should you happen to be out that way! It’s a lovely meandering trail along the coast. Comes with a little video clip at the end of the post too!

I’m also in such a different place mentally vs. before the trip. There is PURE MAGIC about an extended getaway. It’s as if the slate has been swiped clean and now it’s up to me where I take things. That’s an exciting prospect. And it sure beats where I was, feeling defeated and just on repeat for certain things.

I’ve already had an offer to escape to a new-to-me lake front cabin getaway 6 hours from me, (oh my goodness… no time for holiday blues here!) so while I debate on that one, it’s been wonderful having my cats nearby and feeling that certain crisp BC air again.

I’m also hungry to get DIYing again… right after I get down the must-do-first list of bills, calls, you get the idea.

And fix my sleep schedule which I’m sure this new habit is not helping! I’m watching Departures on Netflix, a series about two Canadian guys kicking off work for a year in order to see the world, and it’s a little addicting… funny too! I showed a short clip on Insta Stories under “Netflix Watching” if you wish to see a funny thing! What are you currently glued to on Netflix?

Now that we’re all caught up (squirrellllllll) let’s revisit some beautiful highlights from last weekend’s party

Fork air planters by A Crafty Mix, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

Fork air planters wall gallery by A Crafty Mix

This oh-so-charming wall gallery showcases a super unique way to include air plants! Check out how to implement this super cool idea!

Farmers' Market themed kitchen island dresser by Q is for Quandie, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

Farmers’ Market themed kitchen island dresser by Q is for Quandie

This darling kitchen island has soooo much vintage personality. I just adore the black against wood, how the opening can showcase favorite things, and of course, a side of sign always cranks things up a few hundred notches in my signfanatic book!

The post showcases this lovely piece for sale. The stencil is from my own line.

Buffalo check Christmas Fruit Cake Tin by A Vintage Green, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

Buffalo check Christmas Fruit Cake Tin by A Vintage Green

Here’s a fun post that showcases simple, fun touches to vintage pieces. I am loving the buffalo check on metal! Must try! Buffalo Check stencil details are inside this post link.

DIY driftwood lamps by Scavenger Chic, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

DIY driftwood lamps by Scavenger Chic

And here is what to do when you land that PERFECT chunk of wood! This is gorgeous, especially for reclaimed woodaholics!

Costume jewellery magnets by Fresh Vintage By Lisa S, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

Costume jewellery magnets by Fresh Vintage By Lisa S

This pretty tray not only creates one sweet magnetic board, the DIY jewellery magnets compliment this beautiful floral look perfectly!

What have you made this past week? Link up below!

Party Highlights on Pinterest from Party Junk.53 PM

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8 thoughts on “DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 437

  1. Donna,
    I am so glad you shared your vacation with us! So beautiful I can imagine that I am there.
    Thank you so much for hosting. I appreciate you so much. You are so sweet to include
    My Repurposed Jewelry in your feature. Have a wonderful week.
    Xo Lisa S

  2. Better than great holiday Donna – the sunsets were amazing EVERY day.

    Thank you for including (using your wonderful stencil) my square vintage cake tin stenciled in your 437th DIY Salvage Junk Projects. I love the well worn and somewhat banged up patina through the plaid black paint.



  3. So glad you got home safely and that your batteries are recharged. I bet your purr babies are taking full advantage of having your back and trying to get in as much cuddles as they can. And thank you so much for featuring or fork air planters and gallery wall too

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