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DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 518 - Pallet coasters, egg crate, junk flowers, faux boxwood wreath, utensil recipes, etc! Up-cycled features and link party on Funky Junk. Join in!

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Hello all!

I admit I haven’t been very present this week for a number of reasons.

I got too wrapped up into today’s crisis stuff to the point that I’ve allowed my creativity to be eaten up by it all.

In hindsight, I’ve lost a lot of time scrolling only to read the same story over and over. Can you relate?

I think it’s wiser to learn and practice the basic facts, stock up with just enough supplies to take care of yourself should you fall ill, then get on with living.

I read an article today that had good advice on ‘how’ to stock up should one fall ill, such as having homemade soup in the freezer. Smart! Doing that this weekend!

And things like deep cleaning our homes, renovating, working on projects, learning new things… all good, creative things that are also productive! I mean, if we’re home anyway…

I also have to chuckle… with everyone starting to socialize less, I have to admit I think I’m well trained in that one already, being that I live on my own and don’t generally get out enough. LOL

I’m also patiently waiting out our current cold weather so I can hit those trails by bike to de-stress. I miss it soooo much….

Anyway, this weekend I’m getting back down to business, focusing on things that I can do now that are productive and good and SHARE that.

How are you managing everything that’s going on? Have you let it get to you too? And is there something I could offer that could help encourage a healthier direction?

So let’s enjoy a few amazing highlights from last weekend’s party… and keep that creativity on high!

Vintage kitchen utensil recipe holder by Sadie Seasongoods, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 518 on Funky Junk!

Vintage kitchen utensil recipe holder by Sadie Seasongoods

Could a recipe card holder be any more perfectly themed? I think not. Vintage utensils are adorable anyway, but this is too good to not do! Click the link for the full how-to details.

Tulip crate Easter egg box by Elsa R Blog, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 518 on Funky Junk!

Tulip crate Easter egg box by Elsa R Blog

This little crate, tulip tray-style is so adorable, and perfect for a spring vignette! Click the link to learn all the details!

Pot lid junk flower garden by Junky Encores on Facebook, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 518 on Funky Junk!

Pot lid junk flower garden by Junky Encores on Facebook

She had me at junk, but add flowers to the mix? What an adorable idea for garden junk art or detailing on a garden fence! Click the link to visit / follow Kim on Facebook.

Faux boxwood wreath by Fresh Vintage by Lisa S, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 518 on Funky Junk!

Faux boxwood wreath by Fresh Vintage by Lisa S

We all love boxwood wreaths however this one has a BIG (dollar store) secret! Click the link to learn the fabulous cheats on this one that anyone can do!

Pallet Easter beverage coasters by Homeroad, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 518 on Funky Junk!

Pallet Easter beverage coasters by Homeroad

Pallets are my fav style, and these sweet Easter0-themed coasters are just the cutest! But you may be surprised what they are made out of! Click the link to find out!

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6 thoughts on “DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 518

  1. Donna,
    Thank you so much for hosting.
    I loved all the features.

    Thank you for sharing by boxwood wreath.
    xo Lisa S

  2. That pot lid fence is adorable! Michigan was one of the later states to join the party, and now the pandemonium is starting. I had everything at home for a project we were planning on doing at my church for a new foster family closet. Now that all churches here have cancelled gatherings, I did the project at home yesterday by myself. I made kits for “that time of the month” for teen girls. I used a box of free upholstery samples I already had and made cute purse like packages and packed each one with pads and other items made for teen girls. I have to say doing something for someone else feels pretty good! I’m going to try to focus on what I can do at home to benefit others:)

  3. For sure…the craziness has hit Michigan. People over buying..shelves empty.
    We have about a dozen cases in the state at this time…It will grow.
    I am in my craft room…happy, of course I have lots of materials to work with.
    I am also re-organizing…sold some items this week on Facebook. Happy it all goes to someone for a bargain.

    I am limiting my activities outside of the home but still going out if need be; just being more mindful. I already had all the cleaning products I need, just upping the doorknob, phone, computer, steering wheel cleaning when I am out.
    I had lunch with a friend this week…we got take out and ate in her kitchen and had a great long visit. Perfect.

  4. Thanks so much for the feature Donna! We need all the cheerful flowers we can get with all the craziness going on.
    Good luck with the soup making 🙂

  5. Besides all else going on, we had 10″ of snow yesterday here in SD. It was forecast so people were even more crazy at the stores. I actually like blizzards and other reasons to be home and get all done I can so once Spring arrives I can be outside all day every day. Enjoyed your post and others comments knowing we are all “in the same boat” for now.

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