Why cleaning 1 category a week is working – wk 3


Why cleaning 1 category a week is working – wk 3 As you already may be aware, I’m going full force on cleaning my home from top to bottom based on (affiliate link) Marie Kondo’s book, The life-changing magic of tidying up. Even if it takes an entire year! But I will admit, it isn’t […]

How to purge your clothing – wk 2


Welcome back to the 2020 Cleaning Challenge! This week we will tackle how to purge your clothing! Recap and outcome of Week 1: Clean all your surfaces Last week’s challenge HERE was to clean all your surfaces. After Christmas my home was still in chaos with most things not having been put away. So there […]

Purge and clean your homes challenge! Are you in?

easy paint shelf with shipping crate stamp stencils-012

Are you ready for a purge and clean your homes challenge?! I sure am! Yesterday I said ‘cya next year’ to my Christmas tree. Sigh… It was a fleeting moment… I hadn’t really planned to take it ALL down yet… but did it anyway. I’d like to fire up some messy renovations soon again so […]