DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 560

Get inspired by visiting 20+ NEW DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 560 - Tin organizer, succulent mushroom, Love sign, Laundry basket, tray snowman, plus! Up-cycled project tutorials and link party. Click to see them all and join in!

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 560


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Hi all! Are you too buried to the rafters in purging and cleaning?

Deep cleaning has hit me so hard, I am seemingly avoiding EVERYTHING else on my to-do lists But the good news at least is it’s leading me to getting rid of a LOT of stuff. I’ve managed to get rid of so many big items, I can now tackle some rooms that were previously buried! So I’m making some headway at least.

I even had these two cool stackable vintage chairs that were being stored forever and when they didn’t sell as-is, I made myself tote them right into my paint studio to get new outfits… or else! How’s that for forced creativity? Hoping to share the adorable outcome next week, but until then, you can peek over on Instagram Story Highlights to check it out!

So anyway, let’s move onto those who apparently CAN stay on task and get stuff done… and that would be YOU! Here’s some fabulous upcycled project features from last week’s party

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 560 features:


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Upcycled vintage tin office organizer by Lora B, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk 599 on Funky Junk!

Upcycled vintage tin office organizer by Lora B

Since it’s the season to organize, why not do it in a super cool way, like using old or vintage tins? ADORE how productive and pretty this office organizer is! Click the link to learn how!

Rustic Valentine's Day string art by Little Vintage Cottage, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk 599 on Funky Junk!

Rustic Valentine’s Day string art by Little Vintage Cottage

A pink memory board sure landed in the right hands with this project, because this heart string art is most certainly a keeper!

Does string art take you back to your school days as well? If you don’t remember how to do it, visit the link for all the details!

Repurposed hardware Valentine's Day LOVE sign by Homeroad, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk 599 on Funky Junk!

Repurposed hardware Valentine’s Day LOVE sign by Homeroad

Speaking of LOVE… Susan sure found the right junk to come up with the perfect salvaged LOVE sign, did she not?! Think you’ll give your junk stash a go for a word sign? Click the link to get tips on this one!

Vintage dirty Laundry basket by Bliss Ranch, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk 599 on Funky Junk!

Vintage dirty Laundry basket by Bliss Ranch

I’m glad Bliss’ washing machine broke. It landed her a new washer, and us this beauty of a project that was meant to be! I mean, the fit of that stencil on that basket… what a cool project! I want one!

Click the link to read the humorous project tutorial… you WILL be chuckling!

Wire basket mushroom succulent planter by A Crafty Mix, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk 599 on Funky Junk!

Wire basket mushroom succulent planter by A Crafty Mix

A wire basket became the perfect place to stash a few succulents… mushroom style! Oh my… this project is off the richter scale of uniqueness. It’s a must read!

Silver tray snowman art by Homeward Found, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk 599 on Funky Junk!

Silver tray snowman art by Homeward Found

Did you ever think that 3 silver trays could flip into the most exquisite and perfectly themed winter snowman?! Me neither! But Deb shows you how in her blog post tutorial! What a lovely outcome!

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8 thoughts on “DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 560

  1. OMGoodness! That snowman is to die for! How clever & cute – I always love “something shiny” 🙂

  2. Thank you for the feature, good stencils make for good projects, and I’m guessing you found the shower segment funny. That day I said to one of my sons….no one is unique anymore, everything has been done by someone, but I bet I’m the only person to take a shower with an antique basket and stand today.

  3. Thank you for hosting Donna, sounds like your getting organized! I just took my Christmas decor down yesterday finally. Thank you for featuring my heart string art 🙂


  4. During the Christmas break, we added more shelves in our basement storage room and purged and organized. The now-empty bins lead to an unplanned office/craft room closet organization when I should have been cleaning the appliances and kitchen cupboards. I think I’ll leave that task for Spring cleaning. LOL Have a great weekend and happy cleaning!

  5. thank you so much for including my silly silver snowman project in your feature, Miss Donna… he makes me smile, and i hope he inspires your readers to look at things they have in a new way! (and thank you, ‘Sharon from Michigan’ for your kind comment on him!)

    my submission for this week’s party is a truly ‘trash to treasure’ project that i hope will make you take a second look – and then laugh! have a great week, everyone!

    deb @ homewardFOUND

  6. Wow! Such awesomeness! I am slowly getting back into creating, while balancing my days with deep cleaning here too 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your chairs!

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