Easter decorating… junk style


Not traditionally being a seasonal decorator for occasions like Easter or Valentine’s Day, I’m starting to change my ways.

I always thought seasonal meant I had to bring stuff in my home that a major department store carried… meaning, non junky stuff.


I’ve come to realize, that just isn’t so. I mean, I cracked open the fridge and brought regular brown eggs out, with no pretty dyes in sight. What could I do with them?


How about we start with a little wooden crate tray and canning jar lids? Pick some fresh green grass for a bed…


… add a little spanish moss and spring blooms from a flowering tree…




… and you have a pretty little… Easter egg vignette? Easter egg nest? Easter egg canning jar lid crate covered nest even. I never know what to name my projects! But it sure is cute!


Here’s an Easter table centrepiece or vignette. Creating nests inside junky things with spanish moss, some twine, sticks and dried hydrangeas became a rather cute focal point.

Tip; the burlap sandbag was wrinkled and I didn’t feel like ironing it so I displayed it even more bunched up than it actually was. Messy and loose styling is just so easy.


The burlap sandbag was actually a craft fail awhile back. I attempted to stencil a design but found the burlap too course for it to show up. But it added just the right amount of pretty for a mini table runner. See, this is why you don’t throw stuff out.


These blue hydrangeas were left over from last summer. You got it.. I didn’t throw them out. Even one tiny flower can enhance a photo shoot if you do extreme closeups.





And for those that don’t like to go all out with lots of decor, little enhancements in the smallest of places can tell the story as well. Such as a meat grinder mini Easter egg nest.



And there you have it. Non traditional Easter decorating with just a bunch of cool, natural junk.

Easter is a little different in our family these past years. My mom was kinda the main instigator with major festivities. My son and I have adapted to a quieter event, just hanging out and maybe going out to eat. It appears that the weather will be fantastic so perhaps a quick run to our fav lake resort for a day trip is due. Lattes on the beach, do a little junking, and then ending with the valley’s best burgers from the local pub. I rather like that idea just fine!

Happy Easter everyone! Even if your methods of celebrating or decorating are a little non traditional, who says you can’t start your own your way?

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37 thoughts on “Easter decorating… junk style

  1. First thing in the morning I am getting out my meat grinder. Yes I really have one just like yours. My grandma bought it for me because it was just like hers. I am finishing up a post on how to hand blow egg shells tonight so I have plenty to use in my grinder.
    Our family will be going to the movies on Easter, that is our tradition.

  2. Junk makes great decor no mater what the season! I love how you’ve used natural items with junk pieces to make one of a kind beautiful vignettes! The brown eggs are a nice change from the brightly colored dyed ones. Have you ever blown out the insides so you can use the shells and eat the eggs? Poke a small hole in one end and a large one in the other, blow through the small hole and the egg comes out the larger one! Then you can cook with the eggs and keep the shells out indefinately without spoilage! Anyway, have an enjoyable Happy Easter – your plans sound great! Hugs, Leena

  3. Love it! Very creative and I like the brown eggs in the decorating and of course the junk. I have some old canning jar lids, actually I have most of the stuff you do in these pictures and never thought of decorating with them in this way! I like it and think this will be my new way to decorate for the seasons. Very simple, very creative, very chic…. love it

  4. I loved your simple decorating with what you have and what you love. Thank you for this eye opener. Love that you made use of the brown eggs. My son sent me some eggs from his chickens. They are beautiful shades of cream, brown and some even a hint of green/blue. I thought I could blow them out and save them, but the shells were so thin they didn’t make it through the process. Happy Easter.

  5. Love this idea. I am going to reblog this one today. And I may actually do some decorating for this weekend with real eggs. What one can do… Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. You are awesome at putting “stuff” together. Your vignettes are
    so perfectly set up.

    Thanks for your inspiration.

  7. Yep! It’s beautiful~ There is nothing prettier than natural eggs and junk! I feel the same way about the department store stuff. Love your style girl!

  8. How pretty, Donna. I love the hydrangea buds. I love it all, it looks great!
    I wondered how I was going to pull rustic together with Easter, but I love how mine turned out, too. Old brass, tarnished silver, mixed with my tropical blue hydrangea, forced magnolia in a burlap wrapped vase, a cloche on top of our very old family Bible…it all came together better than I thought. I should have trusted it would work, since you do it all the time and it is fabulous!
    Debbie 🙂

  9. Very cute ideas! I have my own chickens that lay brown, green, and blue eggs (the latter two are laid by Easter Egger chickens, a breed derived from Araucana chickens) so these ideas are perfect!

  10. Your hand-made decor for Easter is so pretty. Who would of thunk but our Donna? What really appeals to me though, are your plans for celebrating the day. I, too, choose to do what I want…but it is so difficult to convince others to accept my decision. Hope you have a blessed day.

  11. I have a little black hen who has decided to hide her nest and set on her eggs. I could have an Easter vignette without doing a thing…course I have to find it first. Haha…we’re having Easter dinner at our house and there will be four little boys exploring everywhere. Good chance we’ll find those eggs. I love your use of “junk”.

  12. I am really loving the natural eggs, moss, and grass in “baskets” of junk! I will be getting rid of my store-bought eggs and grass now. Yours are so much prettier! Happy Easter!

  13. I love this! I didn’t know they made zinc canning jar lids with holes in them. My vintage zinc lids are all one solid piece. Any idea where you find ones like yours?

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