Fifty… and counting.

You may have noticed I’ve been pampering myself abit more than usual lately.

First it was a fun little getaway weekend.

then it was a pretty spring pedicure. 

And tonight my son and I are going out for dinner!

Little things really. But they aren’t things I normally do all the time. I’ve been attempting to be nice to myself.


Today (Friday, April 6) is my 50th birthday! 50!!

I’m not really sure what the hubbub about this milestone is all about anyway. I don’t feel 50 so why should I act it? 🙂

Landing on an easter weekend along with other things going on has me grateful we jammed in some fun and leisure before now. I think sometimes the best gift of all is just to be kind to yourself on an everyday basis. 

So… that’s what I plan to do all year long. Rather than having one of those big bashes people have on this milestone, we’re going to spread things out and party every day we can. 🙂

I’m also wanting to make a difference this year. I’d like to bring some changes to my life that I know I can swing if I work hard enough for them. So I’ve been slating out a better plan to help make that happen.

But it’s hard work. Very hard. So bear with me if you see my postings slowing down or my facebook natter getting quieter than usual. I’m totally here, but pulling some double duty in other areas to attempt to make that happen.

See, the very best gift I could give myself is to do something with this thing I love so much. The potential is within all of us. We blog and it’s fun! But do you know how many times I get asked where my store is or when my book is coming out or why don’t I make signs or host workshops and all that jazz? Countless. So..  I’m working on it.

50 has so much promise! Can’t wait to see what 51 and beyond brings… 

No fear or what, huh? 🙂

Are you freaking out about 50? Or how did you feel when that meter flipped? Did you make any resolutions that stuck?


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139 thoughts on “Fifty… and counting.

  1. Happy Birthday! I’ll be there in a few years myself and look forward to it. I consider it a blessing to get to live this long…so many others don’t get the chance. So celebrate it and have a fun day!

  2. Happy Birthday, you don’t look your age at all! I will turn 49 this August, I am not looking forward to being 50 it sounds so old to me. I have never felt my age until recently and have noiticed how old my skin looks. I am not vain and have been overweight for about 10 years, I am currently dieting and am thinking I should have done this years ago. I like the sound of “liking yourself” just hard to put it into practice. I have just popped onto your blog after seeing your FB comment, so I’m going to have a look around now. All the best x

  3. Happy Birthday, Donna! I celebrated my 4-0 last week. I believe we can deal with each flip of the “odometer” in two ways: by regretting all the things we haven’t done or accomplished yet, or by embracing the possibilities of another year of our life. Here’s wishing you the best year yet!

  4. Happy Birthday! I “reinvented” myself at 50 so I know great things are possible after you hit the big milestone! I turn 60 in just a few weeks and I am pretty excited to see what the next decade brings. 50 is just a number. What makes a difference in your years on this planet is your attitude. So rock 50!!

  5. Wishing You a wonderful day on your 50th birthday ! May you take the time to reflect back on the past, present, and future and look how much you have accomplished in life and I am sure you will be happy with the results. Wishing you and your son a wonderful time celebrating this special day and may every day be better then the past and may your wishes and hopes and dreams come true always & forever!

    Well Done Donna!!!

  6. Happy Birthday I hope you enjoy your day. You are an inspirational woman…I think 50 is the new 40!!!! I’m nearly 50 but certainly don’t feel it… isn’t that a funny thing, as we get older we feel younger.

  7. Happy Birthday Donna! I’m staring this one in the face, coming up in August. I am definitely having different thoughts on it. Firstly, how quickly the first 50 went. Kind of freaks me out at being on the back 9. I was always the baby in my family and now I’m one of the senior members of the fam. Weird…but I digress.


    • Happpy Birthday! I saw something on he web that said 30’s were the happiest. I do not buy that we were raising our children and getting them educated. I think 50’s are the best kids are grwn bills have evened out and we are more sure of who we are. I hate the big parties spreadit out enjoy!

  8. Hey Donna!! Happy Birthday! YOu are smoking hot~and in more way than one!! Keep it going, do what feels right, no explanation necessary….haven’t been over in a while…but OMG you have over 8000 fans now, that says it all sister!

  9. Happy Birthday…50 is truly fabulous and the years that follow will be your most exciting ever! So enjoy each day, I sure have…and at 62…I am having a blast!!

  10. Happy Birthday! I turned 50 just 3 years ago and it really bothered me. I don’t feel 50. I certainly don’t act 50. I do hate the new wrinkles but that’s just vanity. With age comes wisdom and I have to say I like who I am now better than who I was 10 or 20 years ago. I think women today have a different mentality about age. I would sometimes hear my mother say, “I’m too old for that.” I think she limited herself. You can do whatever you put your mind to no matter what your age. Shoot. I just ran my 5th marathon less than a year ago. Keep reaching for your dreams, and enjoy your 50th decade! Like Amy says, you’re smokin’ hot!

  11. Happy, happy birthday, Donna! Looks like you are rocking 50 to me! I LOVED turning 50! It gave me permission to be totally me and stop worrying about what other people thought. 🙂 And it sounds like you have a great plan working, too. Did you know Julia Child was in her 50s before she became the Julia Child we know today? I love that we women continue to grow and even reinvent ourselves all our lives! Enjoy your special day!…hugs…Debbie

    • My gosh, I dare say you’ve hit on something Debbie… 10 years ago I probably wouldn’t have been this brave… I just feel like what have we got to lose? This go for it mentality has helped me more than you’ll ever know. 🙂

    • Congratulations on turning 50! And, congrats on the “go for it” mentality. I’m 56 and life is awesome. Two years ago, I lost my Mom and my husband within 5 months of each other. After many years of care-giving, I am learning who “I” am, and can’t tell you how much I look forward to what is in store for me. The healing has been a process, but I’m loving what I’m discovering about ‘me’.

  12. Happy 50th dear Donna ~ May the year bring you much joy and success in all of your endeavors. Your are lovely, and young looking for 50 years. Enjoy the gift of each day you are blessed with.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  13. Happy birthday Donna – you are as young as you feel even if that hand coming out of your sweater sleeve is your mother’s! 50 was only a number. Turning 53 was when I started seeing crepe looking skin when I pinched my arm skin and my hair thinning just a little. my best advice is to exercise every day and realize it is a part of your life, no exceptions! It will make all the difference!! You are blessed and a blessing! ~Leslie

  14. Happy Birthday to a very young looking you!!! When I turned 50 I decided if I want to do something, I’m going to do it now. You just never know what’s around the next corner. Yesterday I met an amazing 103 year old woman. She looks decades younger and still lives in her own house by herself!

    I can hardly wait to see what you accomplish in the coming years!!!

  15. Happy 50th! I am a year away from the big 5-0 but don’t feel anywhere near it. Age is just a number so I don’t let it bother me. Everyday I wake up I thank the good Lord for giving me another day to get it right, another day to love those in my life, another day to feel the sunshine on my face. I would never have guessed your age! You look fantastic! I send you warm wishes for this year to be everything you want it to be! I look forward to being 50! I’ll be celebrating 30 years of marriage with the love of my life, both of our 50th birthdays, and I have 3 kids and 3 grandkids to help get the party started! Celebrate! You deserve it!

  16. NEVER saw that one coming, you truly look fantastic!!

    Belated Birthday greetings, hope you continue celebrating cause 50 is just the beginning girl!

  17. Happy Birthday and make it a golden one!! I look forward to see what you have up your sleeve. 🙂

    For my 50th a couple of years ago, my husband wanted to give me a party for many reasons. We had it at our home with 50+ friends, because I wanted it be be in the comfort of my home. It was a party of celebration not only for my bday, but the celebration of life. 6 month prior I was fighting for my life and even though I was still a bit weak and on a cane- I partied and sang like there was no end.
    Enjoy your day it was created just for you! xo

  18. I had no idea! You do look the age of my son and let me tell you he is decades away from 50! Now I am even more impressed with your love of life and indomitable spirit.

  19. Happy Birthday.No not freaking out yet.I still have 4 1/2 more years to go.My husband is closer than I am to 50.But as he says it is just a number.It is all how you feel and take care of yourself.

  20. Sweet! Happy Birthday Donna!! That makes me a few months older than you but don’t cha know? 50 is the new 30!!

    Loving every minute of it… 🙂

  21. What a beautiful 50 year old woman you are. I freaked out a bit at 50, but when 60 hit last year, I realized it was just a number and there is a lot of living yet to do. Enjoy every minute of it.

  22. Welcome to the club! As a 3+month member myself, I can say it doesn’t feel any different at all! Glad you got some time to celebrate yourself before today. Don’t wait for your bday….you’re worth celebrating all year long! Wishing you the best and a very happy birthday!

  23. Happy Birthday Donna! You seriously look half your age!!! Keep pampering yourself and enjoy your b day!
    Looking forward to all the things you would like to accomplish…you are very inspiring to this 30 something girl, who incidentally is kinda dreading 40!

  24. Happy birthday. 50 is good, but 60 is better! just wait!
    keep doing all good things for yourself, eat well, move alot, laugh out loud, get lots of hugs, and do the things you love. the pay-off is HUGE.

    You look great, kid!

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You don’t look anywhere near 50. I’m only 3 years behind you and most days I don’t feel my age either. Glad to see that you’re celebrating in true-to-you style!

  26. Happy, Happy 50th Donna! You’ve got a great outlook on life AND 50! I turned 50 last spring, and with an almost 10 year old daughter, I don’t feel 50. Well, sometimes I do, but that passes. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend celebration and keep hanging around all that rust and junk…. can’t help but make us look younger! 🙂 Many thanks for all of the inspiration!

  27. Happy Birthday Donna! You don’t look (or act!) 50! Again, thank you for you inspiring post. I have had a bad case of I-feel-old-itis lately because our girls are visiting colleges and making “grown up plans”. I’m only 41 – and I need to remember that. I have been encouraged again by you Donna!

  28. Hooray for 50! Happy, happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your talents through this lovely blog! Best wishes to you and your family!


    Sara Smeby (who celebrates 40 this September) 😉

  29. Being in your 50’s means no worry about who left the toilet seat up, seeing more beauty in things, fretting less about a few gray hairs or how perky “the girls” are not anymore. Finally an age to just be thankful about having age.


  30. Not to worry, I am 58 and much happier than I ever was in my 30s. So join the 50+ crowd, we are going strong. And for a 50 year old gal, you look fab thought you were much younger.

  31. Happy 50th Donna XO

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating. I think I love my 50’s more than any other age. More confidence and freedom to do the things that make you happy. Plus 50 is not what is used to be. Maybe around 80 we might slow down 🙂
    Happy Birthday!

    My best- Diane

  32. Birthday blessings, Donna!!! Welcome to the club! It’s a great time in life!! I had open heart surgery right before my 50th Birthday, so I vowed that being given the “gift” of another birthday was good enough for me! Enjoy life no matter what the calender might say!

  33. Happy Birthday, Donna!
    I’m right behind you- I’m 49 for a few more months.
    Feel 50? No way! I don’t think I’ll be freaked out to turn 50.
    I’ll be just the same as I was the day before. At this point, numbers don’t mean much anymore.
    And I must say…surviving my forties is a huge accomplishment. My fifties will be mild in comparison.
    I HOPE!
    You look fantastic and I hope the next year is all you dream of. It’s waiting for you!

  34. Happy, Happy Birthday! Yes, I’m freaking out over being 50! I turned 50 in January and I’m still struggling with it. I don’t feel 50 and I’m not sure I look 50 but I still can’t get over it. For some reason I thought I would have everything figured out by now and it would be smooth sailing. Silly me! Maybe that’s why I’ve been doing some pretty crazy things like signing up for a Triathalon! While training I’ve discovered my body isn’t what it was 20 years ago. Really? Anyway, happy birthday! May your this year be awesome!

  35. Happy Birthday Donna! Congrats on the 50 mark! I just turned 50 in January, but I don’t feel any different. My mind feels like it’s still 25. I didn’t have a big party either. I decided rather than a big party, this year I would fulfill a promise I made to myself a long time ago, for my 50th year. To go skydiving. I haven’t done it yet, but I plan on it sometime this year. Is there a party than can live up to the exhilaration of flying like a bird? I think not. My only resolution this year was the word “New”. Experiencing, conquering, trying new things. Sounds like the same path you’re on. Cheers!

  36. I wish I was 50 again , on the 22nd of this month I will be 65 , yes that’s right Medicare and the whole works. My mind still feels young , and I am full of projects and ideas I want to do. But my 65 year old body is not always cooperating.So yes, 50 is young and you are in your prime, so enjoy it !

  37. Happy, Happy Birthday. I feared 50 but it was wonderful and I enjoyed the decade. Right before I turned 60 I thought if 50 is good 60 must be better and I was right. This year I will turn 62 – retirement age and I am happier than I have ever been. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it matters that you are still here. Enjoy every age because we never know what will happen next!

  38. Wow, thanks everyone! Can I just say how much I ADORE all your wise insight?! There is a new wiser quiet confidence that’s been growing steadily over the last couple years and didn’t relate it to my age.. but maybe that’s a big part of it. I didn’t connect the two. I think I like my 50’s just fine if this is what it brings! 🙂

  39. Happy Birthday, Donna! I will be 50 October 4th, and I feel great! I want to make a few lifestyle changes, though, because I want to keep feeling great as I get older. I need to lose about 30 pounds, and exercise more. My daughter and son-in-law will be visiting for my 50th, and my hubby, me, both daughters and son-in-law will all celebrate our Sept/Oct birthdays together at Disneyland. Can’t wait! Enjoy your birthday weekend!

  40. Happy Birthday Donna!! You have arrived now girl!!! There is no way to really explain how wonderful it is to be in your 50’s, until you are there, and you can see for yourself. You are lighter in your 50s…not talking weight, though I am:-), but you get it…no worries, no stressing, no accepting anyone’s opinion but your own, and all of a sudden you just get how blessed you are and you lose all that baggage from decades passed. You realize that all that “stuff” never mattered except that it set the foundation for your 50s. Well, I ramble a bit, but you are going to love being 50. Enjoy your half century mark…ouch!:-)

  41. Wow! I have been checking out your blog for over a year now… Love it! You look fabulous! I would have thought you were in your mid to late 30’s. (as I am) Perhaps your next post should be on your anti aging secrets! Please??? Happy Birthday!

  42. Donna! Happy, Happy birthday. I LOVED being in my 50’s (I turned 60 a while back). I thought they were some of the happiest years of my life. I think you are only as old you you feel (as long as your health holds) and that the only barrier to living the best life you can imagine is fear…if you don’t take that first step you never will. Blessings to you and Happy Easter Birthday- xo Diana

  43. Happy Birthday and many, many more! Now tell me….how does one act when one is 50? 😉 Personally, I had more difficulty with 49 because it seemed like “the brink before 50” and now that I’m past it (by some years!) I just look back and laugh, as you will too. Hope you have a great birthday and definitely eat cake and ice cream because everyone knows that there are NO calories in anything you eat on your birthday!

  44. Happiest Birthday wishes to you Donna! You sure don’t look 50 so keep on thinking and acting young. It works! I didn’t have a problem turning 50 but after I turned 60, almost 2 years ago, my body started to really protest. I still try to think young even though I can’t always act it! lol However, I am blessed to be able to keep going and enjoy life as much as possible and I am thankful for every day God blesses me with. I pray God will bless you in this 50th year and for many many more! Hugs, Pamela

  45. Happy Birthday!! You are a beautiful woman, and age is just a number. I turned 50 last year, and spread out the celebrating, too! We are as young as we feel…”The King is enthralled by your beauty…” Ps. 45:11 Keep doing what brings you joy!! <3

  46. Happy 50th Birthday, Donna! Wishing you a wonderful day and a year that far exceeds your expectations. I love your attitude. Next week I turn 47, so 50 is really just around the corner. Doesn’t bother me though. Once I hit my mid 30’s I still ‘feel’ the same age on the inside.

  47. Wow, never would have guessed! You look amazing for 50 years young! Glad you are pampering yourself! Enjoy your day!

  48. Happy Happy Birthday Donna! Wishing You a Day Filled With Love, Joy and Laughter! You Look Fabulous – I Honestly Believe That Today’s Women Are Redefining “Age”. I Am 57 and Feel Younger and Healthier Than I Did in My 30’s – True Story. Can’t Wait to See Where Your Dreams Are Going to Take You Girl!
    Hugs From Laurie AKA Idgie

  49. Happy Birthday! My 47th was on the 3rd and I felt way to close to 50! I’m not sure what the milestone is except that when you are young, fifty sounds really old…guess what, it’s not! You look great and I’m glad to know that in 3 years I won’t have to feel any older.

  50. Happy Birthday!!! Not there yet but soon! I try not to think about it lol! I keep striving to have more creative and fun opportunities!I feel like that helps keep me excited about what tomorrow brings.

  51. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet Donna!!! ♥ Ya know, something does happen to us gals when we reach 50. It’s a chance to redeem ourselves, be happy-go-lucky, find our inspiration, embrace what rolls our socks up and down, and have a devil-may-care attitude! You go, girlie! I know that you will succeed at anything you may have on your Bucket List. Grab it and run with it! You continue to be such a huge inspiration to us bloggy friends, and we love you for it! Sending you a big birthday hug!

    xoxo laurie

  52. Happy Birthday my friend and kudos to you for pampering yourself. I celebrated my 50th two years ago and it really hasn’t slowed me down. There are other issues that come with this season of life that I would like to be done with, but for the most part it’s been a wonderful time in my life. I choose different battles and look at things in a softer light. Welcome to the fabulous 50 club. 🙂 and Happy Easter.

  53. Happy happy birthday! You look marvelous! Seriously, just stunning. 50 agrees with you …

    … I turn 49 in a few months, so 50 is clearly closing in! In anticipation, I quit smoking last year (things don’t spring back like they used to), started tackling projects to improve and update our home that I’ve avoided because we just didn’t have the funds to hire out … and started blogging about it too.

    And you know what, I feel like I’m in my 20’s again so invigorated and inspired to be taking on something new and exciting. And meeting some amazing new people through the blog community … a new lease on life, you could say!



  54. I hope it’s been a wonderful day– you inspire me! I love your posts. You are making in difference in the lives of hundreds of women who admire your strenght and courage. And you are completely beautiful!

    Happy Birthday!

  55. sending the happiest birthday wishes I can push through my mouse 🙂 Your insight is so true – every day is a treasure, so use your time the way you feel is best. happy happy birthday Donna!

  56. Happy Birthday Donna! You are now a member of the half a century club…lol! I joined almost two years ago. You do NOT look 50. I thought you were in your late 30’s early 40’s! Good junkers never get old, they get bit rusty.

    I know you haven’t heard from me in a while. I have been lurking 😉 Sorry…I will be a better blogger now. I’m back in full swing again and loving it.

    Have a lovely Easter weekend and a wonderful birthday!

  57. You look fabulous! I never would have guessed you are 50. You look so much younger. Probably part of it is because you’re so passionate about your funky junk!
    Sharon B.

  58. And I turned 45today…so H.B. to us both. And I’m feeling/doing so similarly to you…learning to pamper and care for me so it’s not the big “let me get all the good in that I can get ” deal that I use to do. So, cheers,Friend! And here’s to a magical new-to-us year!

  59. Happy Birthday, Donna! You look amazing! I turned 45 last Saturday. I am looking forward to 50 if I can figure out how to wear it as well as you! I hope you have an amazing year ahead, and that you make all of your dreams come true! You are such an inspiration to so many! Keep up the awesome work, and as always, be true to yourself! I can’t wait to find out what you have up your sleeve!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  60. Happy Birthday Donna ! yes, 50 was a bit disconcerting…but the time flew by so quickly that before i knew it, i was looking at 60…geez….
    you look wonderful, you stay busy, you accomplish so many different and unique projects…you inspire us to be the best we can be and to be fearless when it comes to using our creativity….you LIVE and you definitely ROCK….
    enjoy every moment of 50….you will never be any younger than this moment, carpe diem !!! xxx

  61. Happy 50th Birthday Donna!i pray that all your dreams this year come true.i have to be honest i thought you were look so young and very i just turned 37 and my husband on aug 4th will be turning goes by so fast so enjoy every second

  62. You asked if it bothered us….No… the ones that usually get me are the fives… 35 was the worst….now…this year it will be 65 but my attitude has changed. Now I am grateful for each and every birhtday. I am also grateful for other’s birthdays whom bring joy in my life. Your blog most assuredly goes in that category. A belated Happy Birhtday!

  63. Happy Golden Birthday Donna!

    For my 50th which was three years ago, I threw myself a catered semi formal garden party in my backyard and invited 25 of my closest friends. I decorated with all of the lovely garden themed items in my home and vintage linens that belonged to my mother. Enjoy this decade! It’s wonderful.

  64. So exciting to be reaching this milestone – I’m a couple months behind you. Hope you had am amazing birthday and can’t wait to see more of your funky junk! You inspire me more than I can really express.

  65. Happy Belated Birthday!! It looks like you and your son are celebrating in great fashion! I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  66. Happy Birthday to you…it’s just a number…happened to me last August:). Love your blog and really enjoying your stuff in general…best to you and your son.

  67. Happy 50th b-day and happy Easter dear Donna!
    You do look at least 10 years younger than your age, that’s for sure!
    My 50th is coming up in January next year, where has the time gone?
    xoxo~ Carola

  68. oKAY I keep looking at that picture of you and there is no way you are 50!
    (¯♥’★♫♪• WISHING YOU A HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY •♫♪★’♥¯) ♥▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♫♥♫▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♥

    Spread out that celebration.I so enjoy spreading my birthdays out for at least 7 days. Longer if I can get by with it! Enjoy!

  69. A very belated happy b/d. I’m just getting around to reading some emails I neglected for awhile. Ditto above comment. There’s no way you’re 50. I love your way of thinking also. 50 does bring a maturity and self confidence for some reason that maybe wasn’t there before, like a crossroads.
    I’ll be 72 on July 21st but I sure remember my 50th. b/d. I spent it at my son’s house in east county area of San Diego. Another of his friends had a b/d same day. My son was renting a house with pool and jacuzzi so I spent alot of time at his house that summer. Whooohooo. Such fun. Drank too many margaritas, just let it all hang out.
    I even tried pot for the first and last time, what’s the big deal? One of his roommates had it and my son was still at work so I tried it. I’d much rather have a margarita. I don’t smoke so maybe didn’t get benefit of it? NO matter. Sure had fun that summer tho. My wonderful son didn’t seem to mind hubby and I hanging out there alot. We hung out alot with sons and friends at the CO river outside of Yuma, AZ also so they were used to us being around. My kids grew up with same bunch of frineds and I can happily say I learned alot from all of them and my kids (4).
    Now that I’m almost 72 I don’t feel that old (most of the time anyway), feel about 60 maybe. There are different times in our lives for reasons, we just have to enjoy them.

  70. I like your blogs and pictures.great reads. You have a very cozy place. Your art containers . I can learn from you . I have joined today and for sure have added you to my list. Please do likewise and give me comments. It works both ways. You look good and yes why let the numbers bother us. I am 70 and I never complain really. Every day is an adventure . Right.

    My first time here. Yes Happy Belated Birthday!

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