Happy birthday to me, with a gift for you!

Giveaway winner is Lorraineb – congrats Lorraine! You have been emailed!

Tuxedo cat with yellow cupcakes on a reclaimed wood plank / FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Well, it happened again. The clock ticked for another whole year and made the calendar flip 365 days. Yep. Today is my 53rd birthday.

And for the curious, I did have a nice day! I was home with my 2 cats, and had coffee, ate cupcakes, pressure washed some reclaimed wood…

and spent too much time photo editing a picture of me. (the more years you wear, the longer it takes…)

My son and I actually celebrated on Friday. We went out for a really nice Greek dinner and ate WAY too much. Much to my son’s dismay, the waiters even sang and CLAPPED. LOUD. 

He meant to make a clean getaway before the orchestra arrived, but the singers blocked his escape route. 

He’ll eventually forgive me. 🙂

As you can see, I’m not very upset about turning 53. I mean… why fight it? If you’re fortunate enough one day, you’ll be here too! And those past 53 are peering down on me with maybe 1% envy.

See? There’s LOTS to love! Here’s 6 reasons why turning 53 is ‘a thing’… for me.

Yellow birthday cupcakes on a reclaimed wood plank / FunkyJunkInteriors.net6. You become strangely brave. 

It’s true. I don’t even know who I am these days. What use to rattle me like an overdose of caffeine is reduced to the ease of a sip of a crisp, cold glass of water. With ice and lemon. 

Case in point. I’ve been a keynote speaker, have done live speaking engagements, and I even went on some pretty crazy awesome trips… by myself. And booked by ME!

Yellow birthday cupcakes on a reclaimed wood plank / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
5. Diets. 

What diet? 

Nuff said. 🙂

Ok… I want to be slimmer. But even when I was 30 lb slimmer I wanted to be slimmer.

Thing is, I forget to work out. If I schedule it one day, I may remember a week later.

I think another issue may be at play here, but I forget what it is… 😉 

4. I forgot.

Need I say more?

All I can really say to this one is, it’s very freeing to forget stuff. 

Yellow birthday cupcakes on a reclaimed wood plank / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
3. I no longer book shopping trips around clothes.

Unless I specifically NEED something, it’s never about clothes. It’s about junk. Or my son’s hair cut. Or Starbucks. Most commonly, coffee and cream for my coffee. And Mac stuff. But never about clothes.

And in that 1 in a million chance it has to be about clothes, I will power shop a year’s worth in one day.   Maybe even double up on the same stuff. So I don’t have to venture out again any time soon.

What does this have to do with being 53? Hmm… not really sure. I think I had this ‘ailment’ for a good long while now. I guess I just think coffee, junk, Mac stuff and haircuts are more interesting.

Funky Junk Interiors Donna Williams birthday
2. You get pretty decent with photo editing.

Because you’ve had lots of practice. On yourself!

It’s my birthday, and I reserve the right to reduce wrinkles, whiten teeth, and take a million shots to land one I can live with. While I eat cupcakes. And wear my son’s pj top… that I slept in. 

I like Lightroom for tone editing, but had to venture into scary Photoshop tonight to attack the wrinkles.

But the most fun one of all is….

Winner is Lorraineb – congrats Lorraine! You have been emailed!

Old Sign Stencil Giveaway Event on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

1. I can host my own stencil giveaway, because it’s my birthday!

Ok, so… having my own Old Sign Stencils line is kinda exciting! What’s even more exciting is offering YOU a birthday gift on MY birthday! Because eventually it will be your birthday too, right? 

Which I’m gonna do right now, in two ways… 

giveaway star 1

1. Comment for a chance to win your fav stencils!

a) Visit the stencil store HERE

b) Comment below with your fav stencil, how you think you’d use it and you’re in!

If you win, you get to go on a mini shopping spree, picking your fav stencils! (5 stencils max)

giveaway star 2
2. Purchase anything from the store during the event (for 25% off) for a chance to win your order! Plus maybe more!

a) Visit the stencil store HERE

b) Place your order for 25% off using the code HAPPYBIRTHDAYTOME (shipping is extra)

c) After order is placed, comment below to say you have done so for a 2nd chance.

If you win, your stencil order will be reimbursed! (5 stencils max)

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3. Follow Old Sign Stencils on Instagram HERE!

Comment below saying you have done so, with your user name, and you’re in!

Giveaway and 25% off are both valid until Thursday, April 9, 11pm Pacific. Giveaway is open worldwide. Purchases are open worldwide, however if outside of North America, please email as we will need to prequote you shipping prior. Void where prohibited. You must be over the age of 18 to win. Winner must provide a valid email linked to their comment and will be notified of their win. Winner must respond with mailing address and phone within 3 days of announcement. Please check this post after Thursday to see who won.

Good luck! And… happy birthday! 🙂

Winner is Lorraineb – congrats Lorraine! You have been emailed!

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369 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me, with a gift for you!

  1. I love the Route 66 stencil. I would use it on a small side table for my daughter who lives near Route 66 in Oklahoma. Happy birthday!

  2. I really love two of your signs! The Route 66 and the Bingo. We used to live on Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona! I also loved your Roasted Coffee sign that had Seattle on it! We lived for 21 years in the Seattle area…lastly in beautiful Enumclaw, Washington.
    I appreciate your blogs and emails. They really inspire me to truly be happy with my own home and make do with all the junk I have. And I have alot of junk. I just finished making lamps…one out of two old orange canisters that have daisies on them, and two thread spool lamps (since I sew alot). I will send you pics one day.
    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Hi Donna, the stencil that does it for me is “Farmer’s Market” as it congures a place and activity for people today that is so prevalent and in vogue. You can’t speak of restaurants today with out a discussion of farm to table dining and the huge upswing and interest in going to the Farmer’s Market and gathering your own fresh vegetables, fruits, and fresh breads, etc. What a wonderful phenomenon we get to experience in our lifetime, and your cool stencil is a reminder of that. Thanks, and Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Lol, on shopping for clothes..I need them bad and keep putting it off.

    I love the two stencils I already purchased. I went with the Farmer’s Market(fav)and coffee stencil. Your stencils make it so much easier for me!!

    Thanks for sharing your birthday with a gift for all of us!

  5. You know, I just had a birthday in March….my 46th (my kids think I am ancient). I can relate to many of the things you mentioned. I think when you are young….(younger) you can never relate yourself to be your parents age. I have two stencils that I really like…the farmers market and the roasted coffee. I couldn’t narrow it down to just one.

  6. BINGO! I like the BINGO one! Have a happy birthday. Those cupcakes are way too small for celebrating! Enjoy your day!

  7. Happy Birthday Donna, and may you have many more delightful ones!
    I enjoy your creativity, humor and skills. I picked the Route 66 stencil as very good friends just returned from California (we’re in western NY) and drove on the famed Route 66. A dream come true since we all watched the show “Route 66”.
    Thanks to you I will be able to create a fun remembrance of their trip.

  8. Happy Birthday Donna!…53 truly is the new 35!….you look fantastic and it is all about how you feel….Fav stencil?…has to be the Coffee one….I live for coffee…my butler’s pantry is devoted to coffee…I drink a full pot before 10am!…Have a wonderful, wonderful day Donna!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Donna,
    It sounds like u had a wonderful birthday. Can’t beat Greek food. I know u said to pick favorite but found that difficult! I love the farmers market,the coffee and the Route 66. But since my oldest son’s birthday is coming up and he loves coffee as much as I do I guess I’ll pick the coffee stencil. I could make him a cool sign with it for his kitchen next to his ” coffee station.”

    Thanks and have a great day,

  10. Happy birthday!!!!! I like the Route 66 and Farmer’s Market stencil. I do my best to bring old furniture back to life so they would be perfect for that. It would give them a little something extra.

  11. Hallo Donna
    Happy Birthday!
    I don’t think I can enter as I’m in the UK, but wanted to say how much I love the stencils anyway. Your blog is always such an inspiration!
    Hope the year ahead is kind to you. x Nessie x

  12. Surely there was a mistake dear lady; I think you meant 43. This must be evidence of loving what you do!!

  13. I love the Farmers Market one.I actually love them all but will get the most use out of that one. Happy Birthday.

  14. Happy birthday! I love coffee, so that’s right up my alley as well as all things Route 66. Thanks for the giveaway and again Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday! I agree – getting older is a lot more fun if you just don’t worry about getting older! Which stencil?…easy…Farmer’s Market arrow sign! I’m desperate for spring – it’s been a L.O.N.G winter! Spring means gardens and gardens mean Farmers Markets!!!

  16. Happy Birthday! I love the “Coffee Roasters” sign. I too am a repurposing junkaholic and would use this on a perfect piece of wood that is out there calling for me. Possibly an old cutting board or just as a sign to hang in the kitchen.

  17. Happy birthday to you……..
    I like the ” historic road 66″…i’m french but my son lives in Chicago…is it good ?
    Thank you and scuse me for my english…

  18. Happy Belated! My 49th birthday is fast approaching and I can completely relate to your shopping habits, only necessity sends me to a clothing store. My fav stencil is “coffee” and I have some big old crates that I would use it on.

  19. Don’t know if being given a “gift to celebrate your birthday” and entering a drawing for a chance to win are the same but….I love to make seasonal signs from the old barn wood on our dilapidated barn. I have a never ending supply of wood but very few stencils. Thanks for the opportunity to win more! I’ll sing Happy Birthday to you if I win!

  20. Happy Birthday Donna! Time flies even faster now as you approach the big 60. You have a few more aches but still so many fun things to do yet! Stay happy and busy! I love your stencils! I most definitely want a Farmer’s Market, like both. I think the Bingo is so cute. See it on a tray.

  21. I’m torn between the Farmers Market and Coffee stencil as to which is my favorite. I grew up in Iowa where farming is everywhere. Coffee is part of what gets me up every morning – after giving my dogs fresh water and filled food bowls – coffee is the next thing on my list.

    I would put either stencil above the bay window by my kitchen – it’s where I spend a large part of my day working on my crafts. Love using stencils and use modeling paste on quite a few of them. I’ve stenciled the walls on several rooms in my house and love the size of these stencils.

  22. Happy Birthday to you! The Farmers’ Market stencil is my fave! We are building a new house and have reclaimed wood from an old barn from 1865/1870 so I would use the Farmers’ Market stencil to build something for my kitchen.

  23. I love your stencils, especially the Route 66 one. Happy, happy birthday! Compared to me, you are just a baby!! Enjoy!!!

  24. I love the coffee stencil! I think I would use it on my coffee buffet drawers. That would look awesome! Happy birthday!

  25. Happy Birthday, Donna!! I couldn’t decide between the coffee sign and the bingo sign. 🙂 Actually I haven’t decided yet how I would use them ( I’m an I’ll know when I see it kind of person ) but I’m sure I would find some way.

  26. Hey Donna! I’ve been 53 for almost a year now and I am on board with all of your thoughts (other than the clothes, I still like to clothes shop, oh well….) I think we can admit to our likes/dislikes easier now that we have some mileage behind us so that’s all good! Love all your stencils but particularly the “grocery” one – have a board painted and ready downstairs so will likely buy it soon anyway!

  27. Happy Birthday! My fav stencil is the coffee roasters, I have some old shipping crates that would look even better dressed up with some of your great stencils!

  28. The Coffee Roasters sign is great! We’re getting ready to update our kitchen a bit, so I’m sure I could find a place to put this on my wall. Happy Birthday!

  29. These stencils are amazing! The one I’d use the most would be the Farmers Market sign to make signs as gifts for my family for Christmas but the sign I like the most is the bingo one! thanks for the chance to win! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  30. Happy B-Day!!! to you…. me too at the end of the month.
    Love all the stencils, to hard to choose favorite! Thanks for
    the opportunity to win one and the coupon to purchase. On my
    way over to pick one out after I hit submit.

  31. I would choose the Bingo board. I own a small hand-crafted jewelry business and I could use the board to “pay it forward”. Many of my shows are at festivals so Bingo is a perfect fit. I could have people draw numbers to place on the board, and whomever gets “BINGO” with their number would win a gift of jewelry!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday so much. I also forget things, love cupcakes and Greek food, and spending time with my 15 year old son more than anything else! (At his age, he ALWAYS needs a haircut!). LOL!

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  32. My favorite? Wow! Several are! I will go with the coffee stencil! I see its of use for my things.
    Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  33. Happy B-Day to me now!!! I purchased the Bingo can’t wait to receive
    it — Thanks again, Donna, for the chance to win!

  34. Hi Donna and Happy Birthday! Wow! 53 is it now! No worries! Age is just a number and do remember that it is how you feel that is the key!

    I love all of your stencils but the coffee stencil as my favorite, as it has the design flare of the old, vintage items that takes me back to a more simplistic era when life was less complicated and multi-tasking was unheard of. That is one of the reasons that I live in the countryside; away from anything that is the hustle, bustle of the modern day city life.

    In my opinion, most women, like yourself, who decorate using vintage décor, do it not only for the pure enjoyment but more so for that underlying current of nostalgic time travel where we are instantly transported back to those, “Good Ole Days”.

    Your stencils remind me of that and I would urge you to continue creating more.

    Again. many happy returns!

  35. It has to be the Farmers Market. I love it. I think I’d use it in our kitchen and maybe a project I have for outdoors. Maybe a flower box under our dogwood
    tree. Although, now that I think of it, I like the Tree Farm one too. Oh whatever.. Happy Birthday and I sure enjoy your blog.

  36. The Farmers Market sign is my favorite. I’ve always loved this in your own home, but there is no way I could create it myself without a stencil. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  37. As a coffee addict, I would love the Coffee Stencil or the Farmer’s Market stencil or the Grocery stencil. I can’t make up my mind – I love them ALL!

  38. Happy happy birthday! And I am being honest when I say you do not look anywhere near 53! 50 really is the “new 40….or 30!”
    I have several favorites…so hard to choose. I haven’t stenciled anything yet because I have many other projects to finish. (Anyone else have that problem?!) But I would have to say that the farmers market one is the first one I would do on a weathered piece of wood. For my kitchen. I live for farmer’s markets! Then maybe the coffee one…
    Thanks for doing this!!!

  39. The stencils are awesome and so are you! You are beautiful, successful, and a great Mom.
    You are not getting older girl…. you are getting better! (So don’t forget!!)

  40. Good morning Donna.
    I just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday! May your day be filled to overflowing with all your birthday wishes. Have a fantabulous day!
    Best wishes, Hope

  41. WOW! You sure don’t look a day over 30!!!! Have a blessed and very Happy Birthday, beautiful girl.
    Best Wishes,

  42. When you asked to pick my favorite stencil I was torn. I am a coffee addict and was first drawn to that one for obvious reasons. Then I saw the Route 66 stencil. It reminded me of a motorcycle trip my husband and I made from Arizona all the way to North Carolina on Route 66 stopping along the way to see old gas stations, restaurants and broken down barns and houses. It was an amazing trip (especially since my husband had only been riding for all of 3 weeks prior-did I say frightening and thrilling!) I have thought about doing something to commemorate our adventure and I think the route 66 sign would be awesome! and by the way HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY DAY OF YOUR BIRTH! I pray the year ahead will be the most amazing and wonderful you have ever experienced~ I love seeing all the wonderful things you post! Thank you 🙂 Tree

  43. Happy Birthday. Remember our age just happens one day at a time. I love your ability to edit photos, I can’t do that. I am going to be fifty six in June so start telling myself this months in advance. At least you remembered what your age is. I’ve known people that thought they were still forty then realized they were years older!

  44. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday! I will be in the “53” club come July!
    I am so loving your site and all the projects I am seeing……You are so talented! I am having a hard time deciding which stencil is my favorite, I love them all! But I think I really love the Coffee stencil, I am such a coffeeholic that it just fits me…..
    I look forward to future post, projects and new stencils!
    Have a very blessed day!

  45. Happy Birthday! I love your stencils… my fave is the Farmers’ MARKET. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  46. Happy Birthday Donna. I turn 53 on the 27th of this month, and I was thinking that I look quite good for my age. But Girl, you look great. You could easily pass for 10 years younger. You must be doing something right. Enjoy!

  47. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one!

    I love all things coffee, so the coffee roaster image is my fave. I’d love to dress up a piece of furniture with it and create a kitchen sign, too.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. I have been wanting to get a few of your stencils, but have not gotten around to it yet.
    I have stairs that are in need of a good paint job and I like your idea of the old signs on each tread ( I really like the old ROAD SIGNS).
    If I am lucky enough to win this give away, I can get started on the project!

  49. Happy Birthday! You look Mawvalous. No sucking up here…I thought you were early forties. You may just have to share your skincare routine with us. Your stencils are awesome and my favourite is “Farmer’s Market”.

    • Love your site…I was just enlightened to it YESTERDAY! (I know, RIGHT?!?!) Where have you been HIDING?? I love all your stencils…the ones that stick out especially would be the Coffee & the Bingo card. I lost my sister couple of years ago & she & my mother were the “Bingo-aholics” so it seems fitting I MAY have to incorporate that stencil onto my memory wall 🙂

  50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DONNA!!! WOO HOO!!!! Another year older, another year for junkin’!!! Okay, so I just bought and received my GROCERY stencil and my next fave is the FARMER’S MARKET arrow… On my list for the next purchase. LOVE IT!! I want to make some signs for my Booth at the Gilded Possum Flea Market in Smackover AR!!

  51. I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA..!! I hope you enjoy your day. I too agree with most of your six things except for the clothes. I still like to buy clothes.. I too am 53…lol

  52. Happy Birthday!! I understand every one of your “6 points!!!’.

    I really like the Apple farm You cut tree farm stencil. Our small orchard has finally become a producing reality. In addition our youngest works just down the road at a You cut it Christmas tree farm. I have a large wooden fence panel (that my DH just installed) in front of my bee hives to block them from view on our cul-de-sac road. This is located beside the orchard area. I would love to put the stencils on the panel to make it a statement of who we are!!

  53. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite is the coffee design, but the farmer’s market is a close second. BTW, you look fabulous (don’t let yourself think otherwise!), but if you want a little help in photos, check out Portrait Professional. My dd (graphic designer) uses it for her photograpy. It’s amazing and way easier than editing photos in PS.

  54. I LOVE the “Grocery” stencil! For me, it is quite versatile. I can use it to make many different signs and such, including what I want over my own pantry! Happy belated birthday!!!!!

  55. Your post was so like me plus 20 years. I am the same about shopping, clothes, appreciating birthdays, plus more.
    On the Today show today they were visiting a village in Italy. It’s supposed to be home to the longest living people. A certain kind of wine and minestrone soup. They seem to stay in their own village and don’t venture into the big world.
    Okay back to the stencils. I would choose You Cut You Tree Farm. I would place it in my new home if we ever sell our house. So I don’t know where because we don’t know where we will live, hah. But the reason I would choose that stencil is because my only Uncle had a Christmas Tree Farm. He loved when the people would come and cut down their own tree. Lots of memories from his farm help me remember him. His name was Quinn. My youngest grandson is named after him. My oldest grandson is named after my father.
    Thanks and Happy Birthday.

  56. I love the Farmers Market stencil! I can imagine so many ways to use this! Just the ideas you’ve shown get my creative juices going!

  57. I love the farmer’s market with the arrow.
    I’ve been wanting to put some vintage wallpaper on boards and then I would stencil on top.

  58. Happy Birthday!!!
    My favourite sign (because it’s my favourite family tradition, something we’ve been doing for over 30years) – YOU CUT TREE FARM

  59. HaPpY BIrThDay! I’m buying my own gift! Love all the signs,ordered a few, but,the route 66 is calling my name.

  60. Donna, you are one, truly amazing woman…my hero! I love the way you embrace life. BTW— I also love all your stencils but my fav is the BINGO one!!!

  61. Happy Birthday! And I love the Historic Route 66 Stencil. That is on my bucket list to drive the entire route someday! Celebrate big today!

  62. I love the farmers market arrow stencil. I have been wanting to make a farmersarket sign in my kitchen forever! It would look great with our new farmhouse sink!

  63. Hi Donna! Happy Birthday! Today is also my birthday. I’m just a few years “more mature” than you. I’m proud to say I’m, 56 years young. I hit an estate sale yesterday and bought sheets of aged wood from their garage sale. The Route 66 stencil would be perfect on them, considering I live a few blocks from the famed Route 66. Have a wonderful birthday! Tonight at dinner I’ll toast to you!

  64. I really like the farmer’s market lettering and the shape of the arrow. But the tree farm sign would be really nice for the winter season. My daughter loves coffee signs, though.

    How do we pick? I am not good at picking favorites, lol.

  65. Love your stencils! I’ve already purchased a couple of them. I’m thinking the Bingo one will be my next purchase. Can’t wait to use it!

    Have a great birthday!

  66. Happy Birthday Donna! I laughed at every one of your comments regarding being in your fifties. I am 59 and truer things cannot be said about this age bracket. Isn’t it finally nice not to worry about what everyone else thinks about you? I love this age, but for me a bigger bracket is about to pounce on me. Hope it is as good as the fifties for me. I particularly thought your weight problem was so on point. I, too, have to lose 30 lbs and I finally gave up and bought a newer style of clothing! So there! Have a great one! Pics of the drop cloth curtains are coming – except GA has had rain after rain and I want to take the pic on a sunny day. Take care. Kathy Rever

  67. Of course my fav sign is the Coffee one!!! I think I would use it to make a pallet sign for my kitchen. I am also following you on instagram my username is spittintoad.

    Most importantly….HAPPY BIRTHDAY…You Rock the 50’s!!!

  68. My choice would be the coffe roasters stencils. I’m not sure what I would do with it but I love coffee like you so I know I would find the perfect place in my kitchen or my adjoining family room. Thanks for the giveaway and have a very happy birthday!!!

  69. Happy Birthday, Donna. I wish I was 53 again. I am sneaking up on 58. I laughed about the clothes shopping. I do the same, only I shop online for mine. Thats how bad I hate it.

    I love the signs. Favorite is the coffee and farmers market. Have the perfect place for it.We are building our 720 sq. Ft. Loft. My small kitchen is knotty pine t&g and it would go right over my farm sink I found in a junk store.

    Again, Happy Birthday.

  70. Farmers’ Market!!!! I NEED that stencil. I just bought an old decorative board at a flea market and was wanting to make an old sign out of it. Farmers’ Market was what I was thinking of doing on it.

  71. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA! I too will be 53 this year and I know what you mean about forgetting things and that 30 lbs! If you ever get to NC, come see me. I have lots of rusty treasures and would love to take you junkin. I think the Bingo is my favorite stencil. Thanks

  72. Happy Birthday Donna. I like the Bingo stencil the best. I live in a very small community, but we have a large community center and Bingo is #1 there. Maybe some coasters with the Bingo would be a sweet birthday gift for some of the volunteers. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  73. Oh, so much fun! And Happy Birthday, too!
    I already have the Coffee stencil and have used it on so many things, plus bits and pieces on things too small for the whole thing. I’d really like the Bingo stencil. That, too, could be used bits and pieces, or the whole thing. On trays, or on quilting squares. Wouldn’t that be neat on a quilt? I could become a quilter then!

    I visited the stencil store and Instagram, both.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Donna, A Happy Belated Birthday to you and I’m so glad you had lots of time and fun at celebrating. It seems like you just celebrated turning 50!! The neat thing about living every single new day is that (if we pay attention to the moment) we can actually feel ourself BECOMING, like crazy foam coming out of a tube, we are becoming who we want to be. We shape ourselves in each moment. Looking back over all these experiences you’ve had you can see how you’ve become independent, confident, and more creative than ever. And you’ll continue to BECOME you!! Isn’t that exciting!!!

    I love all your stencils but I think I love the Coffee sign the best!

    Have a great year and I’ll enjoy tagging along with you!!

  75. Happy Birthday, Donna! I love this post. I’ll be 50 this year and I’ve been feeling kind of weird about it. Your insights and revelations are putting it in a better perspective this morning…so thank you for that! The “You Cut Tree Farm” stencil is the one that initially drew me to your page and it’s still my fave! I would love to make an arrow like you did and hang it near my front door at the holidays. There’s a small wall on my porch that’s just crying out for that sign. I love the little tree in the middle of the words.

  76. You look great and you sound great! I love all of your stencils and I love that you are having a give away!! But if pressed Farmer’s Market is my fave.

  77. Happy Birthday, Donna! I’m partial to your Route 66 stencil because I was born on Route 66 and mostly grew up there. It has special meaning to me. I plan to build some crates for storage, and I can use it on them. Hope your day is (was) special!

  78. Happy birthday Donna!

    First off, I just love this post. It’s positive and real and I can relate. While still in my 30’s, I feel like I wanna hang out with u, go junking and drink coffee! Lol. I feel the same way actually. I used to spend hours in the mall and now I dread stepping foot in there. I find comfoRt in the simplest things and Mac too! Lol. While I’m not over my fears like you, well, you give me hope. As for editing your pics, just think how many 20 year olds must be editing their own perfect selfies! You look great by the way.

    As far as your stencil giveaway, thanks! I’m in love with the farmers market stencil. If I could, I would make signs with it, stencil it over crates, pallets, boxes, etc. On my birthday, I’ll pay it forward on my blog and give one away to my readers!

    Thank you Donna!

  79. My favourite is the Farmer’s Market stencil. I think the cursive font you used for “Farmer’s” goes really well with the block letters used for “Market”. I love sign you made for over your sink!

  80. Happy Birthday! I find the older I get, the less my birthdays bother me. I use my birthday as an excuse to get a bunch of friends together and just have a craft day and eat all the yummy confections I make for the day. I love the coffee sign and the farmers market sign. Cannot decide which one I love more 🙂 I have an old crate I dug out of my Mom’s basement this past weekend that the coffee sign would be perfect on.

  81. Happy birthday!!! Hope its a great & blessed day for you…
    I looked at your stencils & i love love love the coffee stencil…
    Fixing to set up like a small coffee bar area in my house & would work great going to do a sign above it…would be perfect!!!!

  82. Would love to win the GROCERY or FARMER’S MARKET stencil to make a large sign for my Mom. She has been looking for one for her kitchen forever but can never find the color she wants. Thanks for the opportunity to win one! And happy birthday – you look “mahvalous”!!!!


  83. Happy Birthday Donna, may you continue to be blessed with a healthy and satisfying life! I love your stencils, hard to choose but I pick the coffee stencil. I will be building a pallet kitchen island for our cottage and the stencil would look great on the top……have a great day and thank you for your blog it is very inspiring….

  84. I am turning 53 also! My son made a table frame for me in his welding class. I am going to top it with salvaged barn wood. I would love the coffee stencil! It would be awesome on my deck in the summer where I have my morning coffee!

  85. Well, my first post on here didn’t make it all the way to Canada, so I’ll try again! ;-}

    First, Happy Birthday, Donna. Ah, to be 53 again! I’ll be 77 the end of June, but I feel like 50! We must be cut from the same cloth, I’d rather junk shop than clothes shop. Paint and repurpose is my game too. I’ve been doing it since long before it became a popular thing to do!

    I already have your coffee roasters stencil and I love it. I have used parts on smalls and the whole thing on tables. I’d really like the Bingo stencil. Those numbers are calling my name. Good for smalls, and bigs. I can see those bingo cards on quilt squares; i may have to become a quilter next!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  86. My favorite us the Route 66. I live in Oklahoma, less than i mile off of the historic Route 66. This stencil would become a big part of my backyard redo that we are currently working on this summer.

  87. Happy Birthday to you! I have always loved the sign over your sink. I would put a sign in my kitchen above the cabinets surrounded by pitchers, scales and wire roosters:)My husband turns “50” today. He has expressed the 1/2 century mark a strange feeling no quite sure whats next. thanks!

  88. Well,happy birthday, you beautiful,amazingly creative (I could envy you for your talent but you seem too nice to dislike),fiercely independent and brilliant woman. Love your “tude”.Need some more of that myself.

  89. Happy Birthday, girlfriend! 53 is a wonderful age…and you’re right about becoming brave…and the diet…and whatever else it was that you mentioned. 😉

    Favorite stencil? Grocery…or farmers market…they’re all fabulous and I’m thrilled that you have your very own line of stencils. I love it when the birthday girl is the one GIVING the gifts!

    Here’s to MANY more! xx

  90. Happy, Happy Birthday, Donna!
    My favorite stencil is the coffee stencil.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. Happy Birthday, Donna! Hope you had a good day. Love your work and your new line of stencils. My fave is GROCERIES. I am doing a mini-remodel on my kitchen and would like to incorporate the GROCERIES stencil in some way. I think I would like it on a piece of reclaimed wood above the window over my kitchen sink! Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway. Jill

  92. I am following over on Instagram as LillaceChristianson. Love the four squares together that flip for different sign–what fun!

  93. Good Morning, Donna

    Just popped in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Hope you have a fantastic day. It is beautiful right.
    Love your site.

    Birthday Hugs

    How about a sign that says
    Just a thought.

  94. Hi Donna…I love all of your stencils! I think my fave is the coffee stencil…with a close runner up being the farmer’s market! I have a fabulous old table that I think the coffee one would be perfect for and the farmer’s market would look amazing on and old drawer/turned planter…that is still in my head but will a reality soon!

    Happy happy birthday…you look amazing and you are a wonderful inspiration in many ways. I am very grateful to have found your incredible blog!

  95. Happy Birthday! A wonderful post–and so glad you had a great day! I think my favorite stencil is the Farmer’s Market, but the Bingo is a close second. All of them are fun. Here’s a gift for you: May you feel Jesus near every day of the year! Happy Birthday, Donna!

  96. Why must you make me choose which one I like best? I love the Coffee Roasters one because, well,…..I love coffee! But the Route 66 one speaks to my heart as I grew up in Albuquerque and Route 66 played a big part of life in the Duke City. Pick me! And yes, I totally understand the clothes shopping thing. I would rather take a beating with a stick than shop for clothes. Hence my ginormous collection of tee shirts!

  97. Happy Birthday, Donna! Getting older is a chance to realize all the things that aren’t so important to us, for sure!
    Love the stencils…thanks for the chance to win some!

    • Forgot to say I’d use the farmers market stencil for a sign in my dining room…or maybe for a box…hmmm. Too many good ideas!

  98. I am all about farmer’s markets. In my region farm to fork, farm to school, sustainability and buy local are big initiatives. It would be a perfect sign stencil for me as I am working towards education and employment in this area. Happy Birthday. The 50’s area great decade.

  99. Happy Birthday! I drool over your stencils! My favorite is the Bingo board. I hope to win a chance to get that stencil so I can put it on the entry wall where my four sons, my wife and I can choose a number to hang our keys, etc. That way we will always know where they are…a real problem now! Thanks for the chance!

  100. Happy Birthday!! You look Fabulous! I am 55 so I understand everything
    you said about getting older. We are much wiser and know what we want.
    Love your stencils and have a bunch of old barn wood out in the shed
    just waiting for me to make signs. My favorites are Grocery and Farmer’s Market.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  101. Happy Birthday, Donna! I understand & love the reasons your birthday is just a “thing” (being just a couple years older than you). All your stencils are great, and my fav is probably the “farmer’s market” because it’s one of my favorite activities and I’d put that one to very good use. Thanks for this generous offer!

  102. Happy Birthday, Donna! Loved your list and can so relate to them even though I’m a spry 47! I’m still not so great at photo editing but I have 6 more years of practice to get there! lol I think I need some cupcakes now…those look so yummy! 🙂

  103. Happy Birthday! Your lookin Good!! Have a great day and thank you for the inspiration , you’re the reason I’m redoing my kitchen. All your stencils are great, but I really like the Farmers Market in the big arrow . Smiles and Happy Junkin!!

  104. You are either incredibly lovely or a darn good photographer. Your hair is fantastic. Happy Birthday! I adore the Farm Market stencil.

  105. Happy Birthday, belated!! I too am 53, not a big deal at all.

    I LOVE the GROCERY stencil and would use it on a piece of reclaimed barn wood and hang it on the wall between the ceiling and my cabinets. Need something for there, didn’t know what, till now.

    Thank you!

  106. Happy Birthday Donna!
    I love love the Farmer’s Market sign! It makes me think of a basket overflowing with vibrant fruits and vegetables. Your blog is inspiring. Thank you for the giveaway, and I’m with you… being 50 rocks!

  107. Happy Birthday !! Mine is on the 12th. I guess my fav stencil would have to be the coffee one, though I really like them all. I have a permanent crook in my finger from holding a coffee cup & I can see using this stencil for everything from signs, to furniture covers / pillows and even tablecloths and T-shirts. Your description of how you feel at 53 was right on. I felt that way back then and now. Love you site.

  108. Love love love your signs! I’d love the farmer market or the bingo sign. Was on my way home from my veggie market in Maple Ridge BC, when I spotted “free junk sign” on the side of the road! My heart hopped (I thought of you) and turned my car around, kids screaming and all! My kiddies are getting used to my obsession with metal and that’s what I found. Vintage galvanized metal cone shaped pieces. Thinking of painting those with your sigs and running clematis through them in my backyard! Happy Birthday!!

  109. Happy Birthday Donna!
    I love all the stencils (and your blog!) but my favorite is the bingo. It reminds me of the bingo games my grandma would host when I was a little girl. I would most likely use it on a piece of junk wood or an old cabinet door to use as wall art in my home.

  110. Happy Birthday Donna. I wish you many many more. My birthday was actually seven days before yours. I went to IHOP and enjoyed my free birthday meal. And I forget what else I did…yeah that does happens. I am actually almost 1 year older than you. I don’t much worry about dieting either. Thanks so much for the giveaway. My favorite stencil is the coffee one. I don’t know why, because I don’t drink coffee. But I do love that stencil. Have an awesome day.

  111. Note: my website is in constant ‘construction’ mode, which makes your website all the more refreshing, as I see that you can obviously relate to the constant brain changes that go along with a creative mind.

    I love the Farmers Market stencil. I removed myself from the ‘corporate world’ several years ago, after I lost my husband, and have been trying to support myself and my 8 year old son by creating and selling various ‘finds’ and repurposed stuff. I’m not sure where I first found the link to your site, but it’s been an inspiration. I paint old, found windows to resemble traditional stained glass. I also experiment with batiking, anything mason jar, old pail lamps, canvas painting, and milk paint distressing of found ‘trash’ furniture, in addition to anything that I may stumble upon that I fancy. I usually have about a dozen half finished projects in the ‘hopper’ at any given time.

    Anyway, I participate in my local farmers market every summer to sell my wares, and would love to use the stencil to put on some Wyoming Snow Fence panels that I have, and to hang in my tent.

    I am close to 50, and remember thinking when I was younger, that 50 was unfathomably old. I don’t feel this old, and no one believes it when I tell them. I lost my husband ON my birthday, so I stopped celebrating it. Since then, my age is simply an estimate, and when I am asked how old I am, I often have to calculate it if I am to have an accurate answer. It’s always in the eye of the beholder, right?

    So, love your stuff, love your attitude, keep up the good work!!!

  112. Happy Belated Birthday! I love the Bingo Stencil.

    I loved the 50’s and now that I am in my 60’s I know for sure that junking, eating and having fun are so much more interesting than clothes!

  113. I really LOVE all your ideas and now stencils! Stencils are something I probably could do without “messing” up too.
    I would really like to use the Christmas tree farm stencil to put out at Christmas time.
    Thanks so much!
    nettie from spanish fork, ut

  114. Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    I can so relate to being braver. And the clothes thing. Whew!! Love this new phase. I love your stencil line. I have been looking for something different and fresh as opposed to only having Michaels and Hobby Lobby for options.

    That being said, I think the Farmers Market and Coffee sign are my favorites at this point. In the summer, outdoor “Farmers Markets” are everywhere here in the summer. I buy local as much as possible.
    Of course living 60 miles from Seattle, the “Coffee” sign appeals to me. We have wonderful coffee roasters north of Seattle too. I have been drying old wood all winter. I was able to salvage gorgeous old bead board from a free pile last summer and they are all waiting to be turned into signs!

  115. I just discovered your wonderful blog and awesome stencils. I have visited you shop everyday for the past week. It’s an odd form of self torture I’m indulging in. I spent $100 on stencils from a local shop and while they’re nice they just great. Of course two days later I found you site… So everyday I visit and dream about next payday so I can buy the adorable Christmas tree/apple farm stencil. I’m thrilled about the 25% off and will be ordering ASAP!!! My sisters and sisters-in-law will be getting cute Christmas tree farm signs for Christmas this year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I turned 50 on Easter Sunday and am embracing it with arms wide open.

  116. Happy Birthday, Lady.
    I loved my 50’s, 60’s, now I’m working on my 70’s, life is good 😉
    Love your stencil’s, I like to use them for signs, pillows, furniture and more. If I had to pick a favorite I think it would be the route 66. Keep up the good work!!
    Love your style

  117. Well….the proof is in the pudding. You seen my attempt at sign making on my IG feed. I just love your new stencil line. I hope it is going well. I actually started following on Instagram yesterday when I realized you had them on there. I would love to win the farmer’s market stencil. If not, that’s ok too. I will still consider you one of my hugest inspirations. Thanks and Happy Birthday. Ps…..I’m 53 this August. ♡ Teresa Gunn

  118. Happy, happy birthday, Donna!
    I’m a few more along than you…love #4 “very freeing to forget stuff.” Thanks, I’ll try and remember that. Hate shopping as well. There could be a niche job for someone to go out and buy people like us clothes.
    My favourite stencil is the farmer’s market-mainly because I love farmer’s markets! My husband dragged home a sign from his work and I would use the stencil to re-do it.

  119. I bought the arrow…and cant wait to get it!!

    Thanks for sharing, and have a WONDERFUL Birthday…filled with fun, family, friends, and lots of laughter!!!

  120. They are all great, but if I had to pick I would choose the Coffee Roasters stencil to make a coffee bar for the kitchen.

  121. One more thing (cuz I’m forgetful that way). Route 66 is cool and all that but do we (Canada)have a highway that could be done in some way? Highway 1 or 97 springs to mind.

  122. I like the farmers market arrow stencil. Hard to pick just one, they are all nice. Love how you make something old new again. ”HAPPY BIRTHDAY”….glad you had a good time at dinner with your son!!

  123. One more thing (cuz I’m forgetful that way). Route 66 is cool and all that but do we (Canada)have a highway that could be done in some way? Highway 1 or 97 springs to mind. 97 starts at the tip of South America and ends in Alaska, I think.

  124. Happiest of birthdays to you!! You are an inspiration!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the “Farmer’s Market” stencil. We are about to reno our kitchen (slowly…budget, budget, budget) and would LOVE to have that stencil! Wishing many blessings to you today and throughout the year!

  125. First Happy Birthday. 🙂 My favorite stencil is the coffee brewers’s one. I loved it when you used it using Maui. That is my utmost favorite. Have my fingers crossed.

  126. Wow! I love them all but I think my fave has to be the farmer’s market stencil. And I already have a piece of wood sitting outside that I think would work perfect with this stencil! Happy Birthday and thanks for the great site and all the fun and funky ideas that you share with us.

  127. Happy Birthday Donna!!!! I wonder if its a fifty-something thing about the clothes – LOL – I’m happy wearing old jeans and thrift store t-shirts as long as I can work on my furniture “projects”. I have to admit I purchased some of your stencils but haven’t put them to use yet. I too need to work up some motivation (must be a 50’s thing – I’m 55 now). I plan on using them on some old fence boards and hanging them outside on my porch. I’m currently giving some much needed TLC to a china hutch that I rescued from somebody’s curb and I’m percolating the idea of using your stencil somehow on it after it’s painted. Perhaps a nice barn red paint on it all over and then the Farmer’s Market stencil in black with black hardware…hmmmm

  128. Happy Birthday Donna. 53 is a great year. Mac, coffee, junk, haircuts and a serious lack of shopping for clothes. Sounds just right to me.

    Love that you are celebrating with a sign sale. I have been hovering over your signs for days and days and decided the arrow one is the one I want to add to funky boxes, tool caddys and fence boards.


    I think you made a typo…..surely you mean 35 years!!


    PS…….I love the “COFFEE” stencil…

  130. Happy Belated Birthday Donna! 53, there is something magical about that number. That’s the year I too became strangely brave. You focus on what REALLY matters and drop the crap that steals joy. I put a thumbs up to my computer screen when you said clothes don’t matter and that you binge shop about once a year. Yeah Sistah…toasting you with a piping hot and very strong cup of Starbucks! Which brings me to the stencil I would pick if I was chosen as the lucky winner…the coffee stencil please.
    P.S. I thought I was already following your stencil business on Instagram but apparently not. Am now!

  131. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Donna! Thank you for being YOU and sharing YOU…I sooo look forward to anything & everything you post!! I love your ‘funky junk’ style and find inspiration in your projects and everyday living too. I love your Farmers’ Market stencil and would make a sign to hang in my farmhouse kitchen…maybe in my dining room OR on the back porch. What I am trying to say is…a sign made with this stencil would look sooo cute just about anywhere! God bless you, Sweetie!!

  132. So hard to decide, but since we are planning a road trip for my Brother-in-laws 66th birthday on Route 66, I think it has to be my choice.

  133. Love the Route 66 stencil… if I win it, I’d use it on a map of Arizona, as we intend to follow the old route 66 someday for a vacation route!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. Hey sweet potato happy day afetr your 53rd, I really don’t know which one to pick as a fav so lets just go with “B I N G O was his name-O!”

  135. I love, love, love the Coffee Brewery Stencil! I plan to finish a few projects into Coffee Stations from all those ugly 1960’s and 70’s sturdy but not very attractive pieces of chunky furniture and this is the perfect added touch. Happy Birthday to you Donna. I can’t wait to meet you in Las Vegas for the FUSION Summit. We share so many of the same visions, thoughts and interests. See you then!

  136. Happy Birthday Donna! My favourite stencil is the Coffee Brewery. I have several ugly, chunky pieces of 1960’s and 70’s furniture that I plan to turn into fabulous Coffee Stations and this stencil is the greatest embellishment for them!! I am so excited to meet you in Las Vegas for the FUSION summit! We share so many of the same interests and visions!

  137. Happy Birthday Donna! How generous of you! So hard to pick just one. I love them all. I however do love the Farmers Market stencil. Your newest follower on Old Sign Stencils on instagram. My username is PAMBALLARD

  138. Happy Birthday, Donna! You have the right outlook for getting older. I always enjoy your posts. My favorite stencil is your Farmer’s Market. I would definitely make a sign for the kitchen or back porch. We used to sell at a Farmer’s Market and it was so much. Now I have clay soil and just try to grow enough to put back for my family. BTW, it’s ok to celebrate all month!

  139. I LOVE the grocery sign best because at one time our family had a store called “Moores Grocery” .Three generations of our family worked there together

  140. well happy birthday my dear donna, for all you have been through you wear 53 very well, i just had my 66th and honestly my mind can’t grasp it lol no way i can be that old but like you said with age comes things you never imagined, my biggest one is speaking my mind now a days, i try to do it gently and kindly but i do get my point across and i love it xx

    • i have loved that farmers market sign since you put it up in your kitchen and with 66 comes getting sidetracked lmbo so attaching this to my post xx

  141. Happy Birthday, Donna!

    I love the stencils, but I think the coffee one is my fave. Farmer’s market is very close second though.

  142. Happy birthday!! @thelovelyweeds is officially a follower!
    I love, love, love your Route 66 sign! I live near the AZ section, so it’s pretty nostalgic for me 🙂

  143. Happy Birthday!

    Ooooh La La!
    It’s a toss up between Coffee Roasters and Farmers Market… with both being near and dear to my heart. But if I win I choose Coffee Roasters – and I’ll paint it on an old crate we upcycled from a wood stove shipping crate.
    And, of course, celebrate your birthday every day!

  144. Happy Birthday, Donna! I hope your 53rd year is a happy one. Thanks for sharing your interests and talents with us all! I love your coffee stencil (and all things coffee-related!). I would make a wooden sign with it to hang on my kitchen cabinet door.

  145. LOVE the coffee stencil , hope to purchase it someday ! I would use it on a wood bench that I made and probably every other wood surface in the house 🙂
    It sounds like you had the perfect birthday.

    Thanks so much for your inspiration

  146. I like the “Farmer’s Market” one the best. It looks so good. I live next to an Urban Farm called “Urban Roots” and that is were I get all my veggies from. They are at our local Farmer’s Market several times a week. I would share it with my Farmer neighbors.

  147. Hi Donna!
    Happy 53rd!
    I will be 63 soon and you are so right about what’s important as we improve with age. I love the Routee 66 stencil. Route 66 is on my list of roads to travel in the not too distant future. I like to make memory boxes for photos and stuff from trips and special times so your Route 66 stencil would tie in perfectly.
    Have a wonderful year ahead and next time you are in Toronto . . .

  148. Happy Birthday Donna,getting older does liberate you from a lot of things, just wait til you hit 60! Love all of your stencils but the bingo stencil brings back lots of great memories of playing at the local bingo hall with my mom and sister. Making them each an old sign with it would be fun. Thanks and have a great day!

  149. I’d have to go with the coffee sign… hoping to remodel and have a coffee area in the new kitchen for the hubby… a pallet sign with that stencil would be perfect! But I also really love the Farmer’s Market sign… and Route 66… oh decisions!

  150. Oh how I absolutely adore the Farmer’s Market stencil…of course I love them all! I want to wish you a happy birthday, hope your day is spectacular and that I share in your special day be receiving the FREE STENCIL!

    I have actually worked at our local Farmer’s Market and love everything that it emboddies! Fresh produce, farm to table, fostering small local businesses and family businesses…I could go on and on…local honey, native plants are all the things that I think of when I think about the Farmer’s Market!

    Again, enjoy your day!

  151. Hi Donna, I love all the stencils but I guess the Bingo is my favorite. I like that it comes in two sections so you can use the “Bingo” by itself if you want. I would make a sign and also put it on a table maybe. Happy 53rd. I’ll be 61 this year and I just keep learning new things. I mean…who goes back to college at this age!! I wish I had your photo editing skills. YOur pics are always awesome. Hope I win. But I’m placing an order just in case I don’t

  152. Ha!! I have you beat by three years (56 in Feb) and I agree – getting older is strangely freeing – isn’t it wonderful ??
    I’ve been following you for quite a while now and I love all the stencils but the Route 66 is my favorite one although the Farmer’s Market comes in a close second. I would love to win them to use to make more signs for my (fledgling)small craft business.

    Happy Birthday Donna!!

  153. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day! I will be 52 this year.
    I would love to make a table for a coffee station like the one you made. I just love it.

  154. Happy birthday to you! My ultimate favorite stencil is and always has been “Farmers Market” the words, the different fonts/script/look always feels so very country/ primitive…warm and inviting 🙂 and it fits perfect in any room with any decor! What I would like to create with the Farmers Market stencil is – stencil it on a pallet I have in our garage and turn the pallet into an herb planter and mount it to the siding right outside our patio door! Not only will it function perfectly for using fresh herbs in dishes-the look of the weathered wood (I will white wash the pallet) will totally compliment the backyard decor/look of primitive country 🙂 the Farmers Market stencil gives such a wholesome inviting vintage look ! Love it!

  155. Wishing you the happiest birthday today and all year through.
    It is extremely difficult to pick a favorite stencil as I love them all and want them all and could find lots of uses for them.
    Today I would pick the coffee stencil as lately, I am all about making pillows and crates that look like either old grain sacks or old coffee crates.
    I guess I better go place my order.

  156. Happy Birthday! You really do look great! Last time I checked I think
    I was that old too. (forgetting helps! haha)
    I like the Route 66 sign the best. We were just on Route 66 a few weeks ago. Great historic road.


  157. Do I have to pick just ONE stencil that I like???? I guess it would be the Farmers Market, no wait, maybe it is the Bingo stencil, or the Grocery stencil. I would say that my favorite is the Farmers Market stencil if I had to choose just one. I love them all and they would all look great on signs in my yard and inside my house (either directly on the wall or create some fun chippy wood signs), as well as other projects I dream up. Would it be fair to the other stencils if I picked just one???

  158. I have always loved the Farmer’s Market sign, even before it became a stencil, so that would be my choice!! thank you and Happy Birthday!!! you are ten years younger than I am, my birthday is on the 30th!!!

    Angela from NJ

  159. These stencils are all wonderful. I would love the cut your own tree farm stencil. Could use it so many different ways and all would be great Christmas gifts.

  160. Happy Birthday! I like the “You Cut Tree Farm” stencil. We are making our family gifts this holiday season, so I would make a cool wooden sign for my siblings using this stencil!

  161. My 50’s were great!
    My how our priorities change.
    My favorite is the coffee stencil.
    Happy Birthday!!

  162. First off, Happy Birthday! Glad it was a good one! I understand about photoshopping yourself, I am at that stage too, lol.
    My favorite stencils are the Grocery sign, the coffee sign, Farmer’s Market and the route 66. I have several different signs in my kitchen and would add some of these.
    Thanks for a chance to win and once again “Happy Birthday”.
    Also, I’m following on instagram.

  163. I love the Farmers Market one. I would put it over my dining room window which is next to my kitchen. I love to garden and can and make powders from onions, tomatoes and peppers. Happy Birthday to you too!!!!

  164. Happy Birthday Donna!!!!
    You look Beautiful at any age!!! I hope that you have many, many more Birthdays, filled with Love and Joy.
    Your stencils are Stunning, and are so helpful for so many people.

  165. 53? Are you kidding? I don’t care what kind of editing software you have. I would have guessed late 30’s. Sheesh!

  166. The time you spent on photo shopping was so worth it … you look like 35 instead of 53! Congrats! And any time you get cake is a good time.

  167. Hi Donna!
    Happy Birthday wishes to you! I’m a follower of you’re blog because I also like to make “stuff” from junk and cast offs and rather walk through a Hardware store than the Mall any day! I love your stencils….my fav is a toss up between your “Coffee” stencil or your “BINGO” stencil. Enjoy your special day!

  168. Happy birthday!!!

    A great excuse to go to your store! I purchased the 66 stencil and the coffee stencil – love them!! I can’t wait to receive them and use them on misc pieces of wood, boxes, trays and so on.

    You are an inspiration and happy birthday Donna!

  169. The Farmers Market sign. I would put it on reclaimed wood and hang it in my kitchen (to my husband’s dismay!)

  170. Happy birthday!
    With the Route 66 stencil, I could make a sign as a reminder that there is life after teaching. I plan to take that very trip as my first vacation after many years of teaching. It is something to look forward to!

  171. How fun! My great-grandfather owned a grocery store (Dyson & Calvin) and then my grandfather and dad owned a grocery store (Calvin’s store) in tiny Manilla, IA. I have lots of ephemera from those enterprises but needed a header. The “Grocery” sign would be perfect. Hope I win! And am excited to explore new ideas with the other signs too.

  172. I love the coffee stencil. I have so many different ideas for it although I think I would start with putting it on a crate. Thanks for the giveaway.

  173. I love all your stencils but I’d say my pick would be Farmers Market.
    It would look great on our barn. Happy Birthday and blessings for many more.

  174. Happy Birthday! Mine is on monday…I will be 53 also! Started following on Instagram! Love the stencils and your blog!

  175. I think I really like the Route 66 the most. It makes me dream of the ultimate road trip! I have an oak stool I am re-doing and this stencil would look great on it!

  176. I am really having a hard time only choosing one BUT…beings I can only choose one I have chosen Farmer’s Market. It reminds me of a place where I have gone since I was a child and now go with my own kids today. A place to find so many wonderful items, meet new people and being able to support my local community as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  177. Happy Birthday Donna!! Sounds like it was a perfect day. I will be 53 next month and can’t agree with you more about the clothes, the forgetting and becoming brave. So hard to choose one stencil I love them all. I think that the coffee one would be my choice. My best friend just bought a new home and loves her coffee like you do. I have a table I would fancy up for her. Thanks for all the years of great reading and awesome tutorials.

  178. Happy Birthday♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ to YOU!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ to You! ♥ ♥ ♥♪♫•*¨ Happy Birthday *•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Dear Donna, ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪…Happy Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸ to YOU!.•*¨*•♫♪ Hope you have a great day!

  179. Hi Donna,
    I think all the stencils are great but my very favorite is the Coffee Roasters. If I won it I would make a sign for my kitchen because you can’t start a day properly without at least one cup of coffee! After that I’d make sign for my coffee drinking friends that would like one! Happy Birthday!

  180. Only comment on one stencil. Can’t do it….I love them all. Gonna get me some fun going and order some. My birthday is in April so will buy my own present like I always do. OK, so I’m going to be 62 but that doesn’t bother me one little bit. I’m so blessed to still be able to do everything I want to. Including running a nursery, digging holes, working at another job and much much more. I’m truly blessed. I love this site cuz it’s about treasures (I don’t call it junk!!) My grandson told me, “Grandma, I think I’ll change my middle name to “junk”. Now that’s a perfect grandson, right! Anyway pick me for the shopping spree. The Farmwoman (Lorna)

  181. I find that I love my life more with every birthday I have. And I’ve had a few more than you 😉 Love your stuff and now I’m following you on Instagram.
    Happy Birthday! Lindafedw

  182. Happy Birthday 🙂 The Coffee sign is my favorite…. bit of a coffee addict here 🙂 Starbucks junkie and got a little spendy so I am now making my own cold brew and creamer 🙂
    So, I am planning to use the stencil for a coffee cart station I am planning for my new office, ( I purchased it a few weeks ago) we are in the construction phase now. Second favorite would be the Farmers Market. Love your stencils, cant wait to see others as they become available.

  183. I really love the coffe sign…. I would put it on some of the chopping boards I make and put a sign up in my kitchen above my coffee machine.

  184. happy birthday to YOU. I turn 55 this year and couldn’t agree more with how freeing it is. Out with the clothes fetish and in with the junk fetish. Let’s give them something to talk about. Speaking of aging…love your BINGO stencil. sharon

  185. I love your website, your creativity, and your wonderful instructions and pictures. I sure would like to win the Coffee stencil. I already have a few ideas on how I will use it.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  186. Happy Happy Birthday! Love this post as I definitely feel I’m much more content at present age and don’t fight it. I wouldn’t turn back the clock (except to have a little more time with my kids).
    It’s soooo hard to narrow down the favorite stencil cause I LOVE them all. The farmer’s market (straight) would be the one I would be making a sign ASAP …of course with some salvaged wood 🙂

  187. I like so many of them…… I think my favorite is the You Cut Tree Farm but I really like the Bingo also.

    Happy birthday !!!!

  188. Happy birthday! Never in a million years would I have guessed your Agee! You must have found the fountain of youth! The Route 66 sign has to be my favorite.

  189. I’ve been wanting the coffee stencil to use on top of a small dresser that I’m turning into a coffee / beverage station. The dresser is one of a pair that was stored upstairs in the house we have redone, the other was used for our hallway bath as a vanity! Lovin me some funky junk!!

  190. Donna,
    Happy Birthday to you! I’m turning 50 this year and to prepare myself I’ve been mentioning my age frequently so it won’t be so shocking. I admire how you left your job to follow your passion and I hope to spend more time doing the same to help with my daughter’s student loans. Love the Coffee stencils so much!

    Tracey from WA state

  191. I just LOVE all the stencils and how you used them!! I have some rustic, old wooden boxes that I got from my dad’s house when he passed away recently, and I would use the farmers market stencil on the sides of them and put fruit in. (I’d share with my twin sister too) I also have a larger wooden box that I’ve had in my kitchen with a small lamp on it and think it would look so neat with the stencil on that too!! Thank you SO much for the opportunity to be in the drawing!! I can’t tell you enough how inspiring you are to me each time I read your posts! You are so creative and talented, thank you again and God Bless,

  192. I love the large farmer’s market stencil. I would use it on the back of 2 of my primitive shelf units that I have at my antique booth–to make them look great from the back so I can place them that way! I would also use it on trays and boxes, and on rough pallet boards that I can hang in my kitchen, in my garden, and at my booth. I love your blog and look forward to every post!

  193. Happy Birthday! I agree with so many of your comments….about growing older…. with grace….and quit fighting it! (although, i do think that it snuck up on me faster than i thought it would!) I love the Tree Farm… because we had one! 🙂 And I have lots of old wood waiting for a stencil. I’d hang it pointing to the woods.

  194. I LOVE the ‘Farmers Market’ stencil and I would totally use this on some old barn board or pallet wood signs for my kitchen! Our favourite Saturday activity is visiting the local farmers market so this would totally point us in the right direction! 🙂

  195. I like the Farmers Market sign best 🙂 We downsized a few years ago and have a 36 acre farm. I would like it for my back porch.

  196. Oh my…and a Happiest Birthday to YOU!
    Wishing you MUCH joy and adventure!!
    I love first, the “Coffee” stencil…then, “BINGO”, and then, “Fresh Cut Trees”! I would use them on signs (of course!), but also furniture & tea towels!
    I love more that you are embracing your creative, 53 year old self, with a whimsical grace. It’s never too late to live the life you imagined. 🙂
    Best Wishes!! LA

    p.s. Have you considered a truly Canadian stencil? Maple Syrup, snow, cottage, the lake?

    • Hi Lori-Anne,

      I LOVE the Canadiana suggestion, especially cottage and lake suggestions! We may need a mix and match Oh Canada collection yet! Thanks for the wonderful suggestion, it’s on the list!

  197. My fave is definitely the coffee one! Happy Birthday to you! Good luck to me! Some cabinet doors would look cool with this on them!

  198. First off I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! Secondly, I love your website and all of your crafty projects. Lastly, it is so hard to decide but I think my favorite stencil is the Farmer’s Market. I would make a sign for myself and then make a few for my friends because I know they would absolutely love it as well. Thanks again for sharing!

  199. I love them all! But I think if I had to pick, it would be the Apple Farm/Christmas Tree Farm ones, because it reminds me of how much fun we’ve had over the years going apple (and pumpkin) picking with the kids, and also, for the past five years or so, a few families have gotten together the weekend after Thanksgiving (USA) to cut our own fresh Christmas trees. It’s always a lovely day, that starts at a bakery, moves to the tree farm (complete with tailgate lunch), and ends at a local winery! I look forward to it every year. I think I would use the stencils to make pegboards for the families we go with each year, as a Christmas gift.
    Happy Birthday!

  200. Hi Donna Happy Birthday to you. I absolutely love the large Bingo sign- it has so many potential uses and is not Country-specific. I love the fact that I could use it in so many ways- definitely have a few around the house in frames and on the back deck on a decorative table amongst the potplants, plus I’d also make one as a key holder. Great to make one as a housewarming gift for a friend too. Hope I win one as even more ideas are coming to mind!

  201. I LOVE the Farmers Market stencil. We have loads of old wood and the stencil would look great on them. This is our second year of having a garden (we enlarged it this year) and the sign would look great on the barn by the garden.

    Good job!!


  202. Ok so first of all Happy Birthday! I can not even believe you are 53 Donna! You are one hot momma and don’t you forget that! I have been dying to hit up a conference that you are at since I missed the one in September…. so sad cause I am in Attica New York and it was just so close for me. Hope you have something soon. You are a true inspiration and wonderful person! BTW I loved your barbie house creation and have a 6 year old daughter that I know would be obsessing over it! Thanks for your amazing words and creativity!

  203. Donna,
    I just started receiving your e-mails, again. I was without a computer again, until recently (found it too hard to view everything on my iPhone), so I’m getting familiar with your stencils and like what I see! Your ‘Grocery’ stencil would make a nice hook board for my aprons and pot holders, in my kitchen. That’s what I would try to make.
    We are 53 for 6 months together, both enjoy coffee, see potential in junk and live in Canada. Only I have a dog, and no cats. You have a positive attitude about your Birthday, and for some it is a privilege. :)Plus, you are generous to gift others on your special day. I’m glad you were born….

  204. Well you either look REALLY GOOD or your photo editing is superb! I like the coffee sign and route 66 but really I’d be happy with any sign 🙂

    Happy birthday. You are truly an inspiration.


  205. I love the Farmer’s Market sign! Well, all of them really but that one the most. I’d do a big, old sign for my front porch. And yes, I am 1% envious that you are 10 yrs. younger than I. sigh
    Happy Birthday!!!

  206. Hi Donna,
    I have been following you for almost 3 years. My home is full of upcycled junk inspired by you! My very favorite is my old hand drill handled tool box. My next project is going to be some wall art. And because I’m on a very tight budget, I’m hoping to win the stencils! I love the coffee and bingo. Hoping to use on some old barn wood I have…sign will hang from an old wooden pulley attached to an old yoke and mounted to the wall. I’d love to win because u have helped me find my creative side and given me so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story and for this opportunity!

    Kelly Hatch

  207. Hi Donna, I’ve just ordered 4 stencils from your shop- thanks to the birthday discount it has made it more affordable for me! I am so excited I can’t wait to follow your stenciling tutorials and give it a go! Cheers A.

  208. im i love with the “you cut tree farm” and the “farmers market” i have been Stenciling for 30 years and all of the stores i used to go to are gone your are my new favorite thank you for your inspiration Happy Birthday to you and mine was April 3rd

  209. I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, looking good at 53. It’s my Birthday today as well and I turned 60.

  210. I love them all, but my favourite would be the Coffee Roasters. Would love to make a portable coffee cupboard in my home.
    Happy Birthday again as we share the same Birthday.

  211. Oh dear…I wish I would’ve gotten to this much earlier…please forgive me for being late to the party, but I am here, dressed in my finest, and ready for lots of cake! 🙂 Sending all of my HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY wishes your way, Donna!!! I’m sooooo glad to hear you had a great time on your special day…you deserve at least that much for all of the hard work you put in daily! I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your attitude about getting older…you are right…we can’t stop it from happening, so why try to fight it? We should embrace it and make the most of it! At 53, you still have a lifetime left to live and that is something to celebrate! And I also need to add here that you rook maaaahvelous, daaaaarlink! You look at least 30 years younger than your real age suggests and NO it is NOT due to Photoshop, either…you are definitely doing something right! One day, you will have to share your secret with all of us, k? PLEASE…I could use some help here…hehe!

    Oh, I love all of your stencils, actually…having seen your projects which utilise them makes me feel they would kick any project up a notch! Hey, I just thought…wouldn’t the BINGO or Route 66 sign look nice on a little handmade handbag? hmmmmm…got my wheels turning here…sometimes that isn’t a good thing…but this time, it is a epiphany! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DONNA!!! 🙂

  212. Happy Birthday from Alberta, Donna! I have a few on you and I LOVE every minute of it! Like all the stencils, but my fav is the Farmer’s Market–I would give it to my daughter, who is a vendor at our local farmer’s market, to make a sign, 🙂 Thank you.

  213. I would like the route 66 stencil so I can do up a sign for my husband’s garage. He is working on an old ( 🙂 ), ’53 truck and it would be a good gift. Happy Birthday Donna.

  214. Wow, there’s a billion comments! I like the Coffee Roasters and Farmers’ Market stencils. The Coffee one because I love drinking coffee, practically every day. The Farmers’ Market because I like going to those when ever I get a chance; they are a fun experience. I would love to use it on reclaimed wood, however, I have to read up on how to find and prepare it first! If you ever have Photoshop questions, feel free to ask me – I’ve been a graphic designer for over 17 years.

  215. I love your all your Stencils and I have already bought the Farmers Market Stencil. If I was lucky enough to win one, I would like the Bingo Card Stencil. I have an Ikea wood cart and I want to redo the top chopping block and make a cool coffee station,for my Mom. She loves Bingo and is moving in downstairs in the next few months.


  216. Happy Birthday Donna!

    I really love ALL of your creations, including the beautiful stencils and especially the coffee one. I am a junkaholic too, and have been immensely inspired by your work. All the things you make give off a wonderful, positive energy! From the stencils you’re offering on your birthday my favourite is Route 66. I like it because I love road trips (we have some very long roads in Australia:-)

    I would paint it on one of the doors of the old sideboard cabinet in our dining room.

    yours amongst junk,

  217. Oh, I LOVE the coffee stencil, I’ve got some canvas calling out to be made into a pillow !
    Fingers crossed !!

  218. I love the Route 66 stencil and would use it to make a sign for my husband’s “man cave” in the basement since most of my decorating resources and attention usually go toward the rest of the house… Time to show that room a little love! 😉 I’ve also followed you on IG as both @tlynnkash and @turquoisetrash
    Happy birthday!

  219. LOVE!! The Route 66 stencil. I’ve been looking for one to use on an old storage cabinet that needs a new life!

  220. Happy Birthday Donna!!!

    I really love all your creations, including the stencils. I am a junkaholic as well, and I find your work emanates an immense positive energy which is very inspiring.

    The coffee stencil is my absolute favourite, but if I win I would choose the ‘farmers market’. I’ve created a mini chicken farm above our kitchen cupboards and the sign would go perfectly with this.

    Yours amongst junk,

  221. I love yur stencils. Especially the Coffee, Farmers Market and Grocery signs. I too just celebrated a special birthday – hit “freedom 55” and will retire at the end of the month. Being retired I will now have time to make all those pallet signs I’ve had no time to make. The coffee stencil would be perfect in my kitchen.

  222. First, Happy Birthday!!
    I absolutely love all of the stencils, but I think my 2 favorites are the coffee and Farmers’ Market ones. I love to make old junk feel new again, so I would use the coffee stencil on an old cabinet door to hang in the kitchen area where coffee is made. The Farmers’ Market would be put on an old barn door where I have painted a bushel basket filled with apples or veggies on it. I have old barn wood where I could use any of your stencils to make signs. Thank you for having such great ideas and for taking time to share them with all of us!!

  223. I am planning on doing a coffee bar. Love to have the roasted coffee stencil. Happy Birthday to me!!!

  224. I would choose the coffee stencil-I have the beginnings of a coffee station and need a sign or something to jazz it up. This would be perfect.

  225. Wow! Just one? It’s a toss up between the Farmer’s Market and the Coffee Roasters! I am moving from our 110 year old farmhouse after 28 years to a 70’s ranch! I need to transition and your signs may just do the trick! I love how you have the Farmer’s sign over the kitchen window! And of course, coffee is HUGE in Portland Oregon so a cool coffee stencil can really be used in MANY spots in our new kit/family room! might just make a shelf from some 110 year old boards we are bringing to the new place! Thanx Donna, And HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

  226. 1. Happy Birthday to you!

    2. Best quote I’ve Read all day ” it’s my birthday, and I reserve the right to reduce wrinkles, whiten teeth, and take a million shots to land one I can live with” I hear ya sister!

    3. Coffee stencil for future project

    4. @straightupl

    5. Last but not least..your theme song should be ” uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars!

  227. I would love to win! I like the apple farm stencil as I would like to make a crate for my sil who grew up on an apple farm.

  228. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Donna! You are beautiful and it’s been amazing to watch you grow/re-discover yourself over the last several years!

    I absolutely LOVE the coffee stencil set… thanks for giving me time to debate, I’ll probably end up purchasing before the day is out. 😀

  229. Looks like you had a great day Donna. That is exactly what I would do for my own big day. Love all your signs and your website. So hard to pick. I guess Farmers Market, anything to do with coffee or gardening. I’m good at collecting “stuff.” Keep inspiring me to get busy and do some CREATING! lol Have a great day!♥

  230. Hi Donna..happy belated birthday..so I love the farm market and the coffee stencils..Thanks for sharing so much of you and your style and techniques with us all..

  231. Luv the Groceries Stencil,
    Luv your Blog,
    Luv getting older, cause it sure beats the alternative!
    Happy Birthday 🙂

  232. Are you kidding me? I love all of your signs! My two favorite are the Route 66 and the Bingo. I want to hang a pallet wood sign on the porch with the Route 66 stenciled on it. With the Bingo, I would use it on a little pallet table and then make coasters with the stencil for the table. Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Birthday!!

  233. Oh, that’s so weird…my Happy Birthday post to you never showed up. 🙁 Let me take this opportunity to wish you a now VERY HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, DONNA!!! I love that you celebrated in such simple ways, but in ways that make you happiest…as you seem to be finding out for yourself, life is much too short to not make happiness our #1 priority! You have such a great attitude about it all and I have to feel it’s that attitude that will carry you wherever you want to go! I sooooo hope you had a wonderful time on your special day! And, I also have to add, you rook maaaaaahvelous, darlink…you really do…if I didn’t know better, I would’ve pegged you as someone in her 30s…and NO it isn’t Photoshop doing that, either, thank you very much…I’m heading you off on that pass! 🙂

    I think all of your stencils are amazing…you really did a wonderful job creating beautiful and unique stencils that are also very functional, too. As you have showed us, we don’t always have to use the entire thing…we can use pieces of them and we can mix ’em up, too, which is very cool! I’ve been thinking about that BINGO stencil for a long time and I think I’m going to go ahead and order it now using the code you very generously supplied…thank you for that! I’m in need of a headboard and I’m thinking one of those old printing press drawers along with some crates on either side would make a good headboard and would provide lots of storage. I could use parts of the BINGO stencil to pretty up the little nooks in the printing press drawer and then use the entire stencil inside the crates or even maybe pick up the Route 66 stencil for that?

    Anyway, I’ve chatted your eyes off here long enough…maybe that’s why my other post didn’t show up…too wordy? hehe! Keep on shining just as you always do, superstar…I have a feeling that this is going to be your best year yet! All of my best wishes…~Susan~.

  234. So difficult to choose, but Route 66 it is. The hubs has a thing for Route 66 and history. This can be used at our ‘new’ old house. Thanks and I hope that your birthday has been fantastic!

  235. I really love the Farmer’s Market stencil, but the Route 66 stencil is a close second. I’d love to make some crates and coasters. Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  236. route 66 since i grew up in so california,drove on,by,through.I like your b’day attitude,amazing what things become more important as we age.I’ll be 59 in about 2 weeks.glad you had a happy birthday 😀

  237. I’ve always loved your creativity in all things! I too am grateful for my (soon to be) 58 years, especially after a cancer battle. Every day is a great day. I would love the farmer’s market stencil. My husband is an awesome gardener and it would be great over the barn door in the kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity and I wish you continued successes!

  238. First Happy Birthday!!!! Your cupcakes look yummy!!!! I love all of the stencils but I guess if I won one I woud pick Farmers Market because I live on a farm 🙂 Enjoy your birthday week and have a great weekend!!

  239. I love the Bingo stencil and would use it in whole as well as parts on shelving and wall hangings throughout my home.

  240. Happy, happy Birthday, Donna! Wishing you a year filled with love, health and happiness!

    I love the Bingo stencil and I think that I might use it on a small table that I just garbage picked. I think it would look awesome!

  241. I love the ‘Farmer’s Market’ stencil, I would likely use it on some pieces of reclaimed wood I have stored by my shed 😉 But what I REALLY need are old fashioned, large, number stencils for a large round piece of wood that I have, so I can make a super, duper cool clock for my dining room wall….have any of those? 😉

  242. Love the coffee stencil most, because I am a confessed coffeeholic! Would use that for a “coffee junk” sign to put on an old door made into coffee station. Happy Birthday Donna!! I just celebrated my 54th on the 4th of April. I have enjoyed your blog for years now and look forward to reading it in the morning, with my coffee of course! Fun way to start the day.

  243. Wow it is a toss up between the farmer’s market for and old original window in my 1947 cape code or the coffee roasters for my dresser turned coffee bar. They are all so beautiful.
    Thank you for the offer and Happy Birthday! !

  244. I love the Farmers Market sign and so to win that one would be amazing. My husband us a minister and we just redid our kitchen by painting cabinets whites, putting in an old refurbished barn wood floor and new counters. He did all the work himself and it looks fantastic. We saw the farmers market sign and knew that’s what we needed in our kitchen to round it all off. We have yet to find anything like it that we love just as much. If I would win, I’d hang it over our kitchen sink for sure!!!

  245. From a fellow Canadian! Loving the Farmer’s Market sign with arrow – I am in the process of “farmifying” my kitchen and this sign would go a long way to accomplishing that!

  246. First of all happy birthday! I would love to win these stencils. I love them all!