FJI may end soon… so let’s talk computers, quick! Poll added.

Welcome to the major headquarters of  Funky Junk Interiors!

Behind the scenes, this blog is a major congomerate, reaching all major cities. Networked to millions of databases for those searching for all things funk, this is the place that it aaaaaall happens. 

Come on in, won’t you?

Yes indeed, to keep things humming along, this impressive executive office is run with 3 computer stations to keep up.  FJI delivers high end in your face funk at a rate that quickens the ‘ol ticker!


Ok. I cannot tell a lie. The above 3 workstations above have the most pathetic reason attached. Ever. Award winning pathetic even. Ready?

I can’t get even one of these dang computers to work right, so I need up to 3 to make a decent post! Feel better now?

I have a love/hate relationship with computers. When my son was born, I focused on raising him and downsizing my sign biz. And didn’t keep reinvesting into the biz. And if you don’t upgrade your computers on a reg basis, well…

Sadly, my heirloom white dinosaur computer stations in my work area will not allow me to blog. So I started with laptop #1 on the left, my very first ever hand me down.

When that went down like burnt toast, in came hand me down #2 in the knick of time! 

But all things must come to an end do they not? The screen is too dark to work on, leaving me with NO idea what my photos looked like to the rest of the world. The screen’s too small for my aging eyes. It’s running out of hardrive space. It’s getting slower. It’s starting to chug. In panic driven mode, enter hand me down #3.

But #3 was only a tower. With no monitor. So I bit my bottom lip and head for a place that sold monitors.


Well let me tell you, it was like 5 Christmas morns when this baby came home a couple days ago!  23.5″! Bright! Cheerful! And guess what. After working on it for 6 hours, I found out I can’t get it to it’s full potential because the harddrive isn’t new enough for it.


(bad mood bad mood bad mood) Where was I? Right!

So I started whining online to a few places to gain some empathy for my dismal plight.

Just so happens that my buddy Dan had just written this article on a related topic. He’s been bugging me forever about how wonderful his Mac is. And I’ve silently (not very silently actually) ignored him, despite his best intentions on selling me to the ‘dark’ side.

Sorry Dan, I’d love to throw in your blog button, but it’s on the ‘other computer.’ (What. EVER!!!)

As if that wasn’t enough, Dan gave me a call after one of my online cry fests. No sympathy folks. None. Just a sales pitch. To the max. Same ‘ol.

“Get a Mac!”





… x this by about 100. We act like adults after all.

Allow me to back up just a tad. I’m not computer guru material. Aren’t you amazed? I know how to turn it on, off and unplug it. And apparently build a kinda sorda blog. But tech stuff, it’s not ME. And when you don’t troubleshoot well and you live in the boonies, you need something that actually works. 

Basically, Dan’s story went something like this. The PC industry is tremendously huge. Because it’s so vast, it’s difficult to regulate what works with what. Yes indeed I could go ahead and get a new PC, BUT what will happen eventually? I already know the answer because I will download and experiment.

Macs have limitations for good reason. You can only do so much, so they tend to maintain their streamline quality.

Ok, that part sorda made sense. Did I just say that out loud?!? Shhhh!!! I cannot admit I’m thinking about it!

So, I spin over to Dan’s office to view my blog on his teeny weeny litto (not really) Mac. And my head bangs down on the keyboard. (I hope I broke it!) Amazing quality. Better than my NEW monitor. I cannot be undersold! This will NOT do. This is a high quality operation here. Dan cannot beat the likes of ME. NO!

(I have an iPhone and he doesn’t. Just putting that out there..)

So I go home and sleep on it. And then comes today for a Sunday night post to be fresh and ready for Monday morning. Cuz that’s what I like to do. Because. And what happens?!?

Can you GUESS which computer I had to download my pics on? HELLO?!?!? What was the point of that amazing monitor again?

I’m razzed. And undecided. Go PC so it talks to my universe in my work stations too? (maybe not.. win 98 you know)  Or go Mac and rewrite the book on all things familiar?

So my dear friends, let’s talk computers. What’s under your hood? Laptop? Computer? Monitor size? Happy with it or sadly miserable like me? I’d LOVE to hear the pros and cons of whatever you’ve got to deliver. Because at this point, I’m going to close my mouth and listen.

Ah yes. I forgot to mention. To add insult to injury, I got an autographed copy of that mag artical that says… 

Ha! Like HE can predict what I’m gonna do! Riiiight….

Unless you all say you love your M_ _ of course. I can’t even say the word. He can’t be right! He just can’t! Can he? 

I might have to move if he’s right. Just so you know. Or.. hmmm… perhaps he’d better be afraid… VERY afraid if I do get a Mac…. I mean.. a real computer plus a real camera one day plus a super real video camera too???

Look. Out. Mr.

So, whatcha got?

*Edited to add:*

<br /> <a href=””>Which is your computer preference?</a><span style=”font-size:9px;”><a href=””>online surveys</a></span><br />

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77 thoughts on “FJI may end soon… so let’s talk computers, quick! Poll added.

  1. Hi Donna, I am sorry about your computer problems. I live with two computer geeks, one 49 and one 19. Neither one would be caught dead with a Mac and the reason is that you cannot up grade one particular part of your computer without starting all over. My son has built his last two computer, it sounds more impressive than it actually is. It is a little like Lego’s. The parts just plug into one another. My son does a lot with graphics and so he like to have the update graphics card and he can do it. I on the other hand do not need the latest and greatest graphics my laptop allows me to do all I need to do to run my blog. you probably need more storage than I do but the Macs operate on a whole different system that looks nothing like windows or vista. Are you ready to learn a whole new system? Will you be able to transfer your current files to a Mac and have them work seamlessly? Good luck with this situation.

  2. Donna – I have a 6 1/2 year old Gateway desktop. My grown son is very savvy….he installed a bunch more memory on my motherboard. (or whatever) The left side of the original mouse has the finish worn down by my finger work. Original keyboard with the M,N and E nearly faded into oblivion. But it works and I can’t afford anything else right now.
    P.S. Thank you so much for the sidebar feature. How exciting that was to see it; I’m flattered! Looking for your I was Featured button and can’t find it?

  3. My brother owned a Mac once, eons ago (the older version) and he loved it. Now he has a regular puter and he has a love.hate relationship with it. He lives in Thailand and connections there are slow. So he can’t change to a Mac (not there at all) and he can’t loose his puter. I have a “normal” computer with Windoiws XP and LOVE it. No trouble whatsoever (besides the normal hick-ups). I would not want a Mac because of all what Traci said as well.Is this help?? NO I don’t think so lol

    Hugs…(and love your blog)

  4. Haha! Old computers. I still have my laptop from….1999….it’s so huge and if I pat it and love it and tell it it’s good it will even still turn on!

    When I first taught yearbook we were using Macs and pretty much every day I wanted to stab my eyes out with blunt pencils. I just didn’t know how to use it and it was the most frustrating thing ever. If someone can teach you how to work the thing, then I can see it being an okay option.

    Good luck!

  5. I’m no blogger Donna, but ya, Mac is the only way to go! I have an iMac here at home for 3+ years now. I’ve been involved in the print industry for the last 20+ years on and off and have worked on nothing but Macs. Seriously they are the best, they aren’t perfect, but they are definitely better than PCs. It really depends what your purpose is though, if it’s graphics related, Mac is the way to go, but if you want something for crunching numbers then go with a PC. I’ve managed to convert my husband and mom to Apple, but I think my brother is hopeless, but that’s because he’s a PC programmer, I don’t even try to argue with him. I can’t wait to see what you decide.

  6. I think it really depends on what you want to use your system for and what frustrates you. Any old computer (even an old MAC) in this day and age of faster, stronger, better will frustrate you. I think lots of my artsy, graphic design, photography type friends LOVE their MACs. Whereas almost everyone else I know has learned to put up with and configure their PCs to do what they need. Like others mentioned before, I live with a computer geek who wouldn’t dream of ever owning a MAC because PCs ARE that easy to build and modify and upgrade as you need for pretty cheap. He never has to “send in his computer” because he can get the parts easy and go to town.

    I’ve wanted a Apple products (I have an ipod, want an iphone and/or ipad) but beyond the ipad, I’d want to stay PC. Some of that is habit, the rest is just that all the rest of my world functions on PC and while there are MACs that can do double duty, I didn’t want to have to buy my software twice (MAC and Windows versions) so that ended that pipedream quick.

    Good luck to you. Love your blog. Sorry about the computer drama.

  7. Hi Donna – My husband got a MAC a few years ago and kept raving about it and when my old computer was messed up by the kids he wanted me to go to a MAC also. We fought about this decision and I finally went with it, I had a guy come over for $35 buck and transfer my files (I have Word for Mac on my computer so that helps) and it really was no big deal to get going on it. This fellow sat with me and showed me a few pointers and helped me set it up – it really was a total of 15 mins. and I was on my way. I have to say that it truly was the best decision and I can now say
    I LOVE it!!!!! This one has a huge monitor and the colour is fantastic and everything about it is easier. Iphoto is amazing for anyone who takes pictures and you can still add Picasa and Adobe onto a Mac and it will work the same or better than it did on your PC. And if you have an Iphone you just plug it into your MAC and it automatically syncs your calendar, contacts, ipod, etc. No turning back for me.
    Good luck with your decision.

  8. GET A MAC!!!!
    I can not stress this strongly enough. Especially, since you are into graphics. I’ve used a mac since 1990. My first a Mac IIci still runs perfect…its useless because it’s so old but I churned out lots and lots of ads and logos and newsletters for years with it. I then got a mac powerbook in 97. It still works too like a dream and used it to build websites and tons of graphic design work…till things changed….and I needed to be able to use a flash drive with it and needed a super fast modem.

    The time it will take you to get use to the mac will be minimal….You’ll be doing stuff easily in an hour…in a few days you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch years ago.

    I have used a pc at a job I used to have for about 6 years. Still had the mac at home. I can use both. I hate pc’s. They break all the time. All my friends are replacing their pc laptops every 1 and a half years…because they break and they lose everything on it.

    This has never happened to me. You’ll spend a little more money on getting that new imac but it will last you until you decide you just need a faster one or one with more memory. (like 8 years down the road, maybe) And as for adding memory and speed, you can do both to a mac….no problem. Although I doubt you will ever need to with the new imacs.

    The only down side is…you will have to purchase new software…illustrator, photoshop….but just bite the bullet and do it and don’t look back.

    I don’t know a single person unhappy with their mac and I know many pc users unhappy with their computers all the time. Don’t you just want to do the work and not worry about fixing your computer all the time? There is your answer….buy the mac.

    Plus macs are cool and pretty…he he!

    I do occasionally get on a pc at work – brand spanking new ones and always am amazed that they still seem so clunky compared to my imac.

    Just do it.


  9. You think a PC is expensive when it goes bad, wait until your MAC goes bad and they do go bad! There has to be someone who can help you replace your tower for not to much money. I don’t know, I don’t MACS. I don’t like their programs and I don’t like their price tag! Seems like a lot of hype for the cost.

  10. I have a newer MacBookPro (it is 1 year old) and I have a 5 year old Dell…I’d take the Dell any day. The Mac has been to the Apple store 5 times for really ridiculous things…I dreamed of having a Mac and my dream is sort of a nightmare.

  11. So the people who have said they like PC’s seem to never have owned a Mac…but the people who owne a Mac did start with a PC..and are now Mac users and LOVE them. I am a Mac’er..I got it for my photos..the screens and I-Photo are amazing. I got the program so I can use all the files from my Word so it’s great for that too. Mac customer service is fantastic…especially if you are near a store! They will transfer all your stuff for you.
    Yes..initially you will be wondering if you made the right decision…just give it a few days of playing around. I have the desk top with a BIG screen…LOVE IT!
    The other thing that is go home, take it out of the box and plug it in..and you go…no set up no nothing!!! 🙂

    GET IT!!!

  12. Everyone I know with a PC experiences problems on a regular basis and whinges about it. Everyone I know who has a Mac raves about it and would never go back to a PC.

    I have a PC… but once I am no longer a poor student, I am upgrading to a Mac. That is 18 months away so I hope this current laptop lasts the distance!

  13. I was introduced to Macs at work and was fortunate to have a laptop for work and home use, then changed jobs and had to work with a Dell PC …hated it, it felt so clunky in hardware and software. In the end had to buy my own Macbook pro laptop for myself…absolutely love it. I know I would never voluntarily choose to work with PC again.

  14. Hi Donna,

    Love that story. Wow, that’s a grown-upppy thing to do: just get a computer that will work for you. You go, girl.

    I worked with taught the use of all kinds of computers… Both Mac and PC are good these days.

    Macs are easier for graphicky/musicy kinda people & apps, and PCs are superior for heavy techy apps. Truth is, we need both in today’s world.

    My story: First I had a PC, then I had Macs for decades, now we have laptops, a regular PC desktop and I guess, we’ll add a Mac again in a year or so, just to stay up with it both.

    Actually, it’s a good idea to check your work from time to time on both platforms, as well as with different browsers because it comes out quite differently.

  15. I use a Mac…after much hand wringing…and would NEVER go back to a PC. I agree with everything Nita said….pay someone to transfer your files, and give you a quick lesson….and then you’re on your way. For creative uses, you just can’t beat them.

  16. Good Luck with your choice. I used a MAC in the beginning but have had a PC since.

    I have to say the story about you was one of the most inspiratinal stories that I have read in a long time. It was meant for me to read it today, I needed to. Thanks for sharing your life with us..God Bless and keep it up!

  17. Hi Donna,

    I was a PC user for years and I am now loyal to MAC. When I first thought about going with a MAC everyone kept telling me how difficult the transition would be, etc. I am no computer geek and I can tell you it took about half an hour for me to begin zipping along on my MacBook Pro. I have VMWare software (less than $100.00) installed on my Mac so I can use my Windows/PC programs. I believe the most important aspect of owning a MAC is having a dependable repair person —which it sounds like you have.

    When I get a virus on the Windows side of my system, the Apple side still works flawlessly.

    Hope this helps,

  18. I don’t know what everyone is doing to their PC’s?? You have to keep up with maintenance. Just like your car. I have a PC and no problems. Intel Pentium is my running system…Now as for graphics and the like…I can see owning the Mac. And that would be the only reason I would go to Apple. For the creative side of it. So you have a decision to make there girl. Good luck!

  19. Hi Donna! I have a PC at home and an iMac at work.
    I do graphic design for a newspaper and also work on their website and blog.

    I have to tell you, I love macs more than pc’s. Mac capabilities are endless (yes, they cost more money, yes, you will have to buy the appropriate software…)

    But it will be worth it and there is such ease to using a mac. (And you won’t have to worry about viruses and your computer crashing and such…)

    Anyway, just my 2 cents. You’re on my DIY Blog list, btw. Love your blog! 🙂

  20. Hi Donna
    I have a hand me down Dell that works fairly well other than spontaneously shutting off on me every ten minutes or so for no reason. My husband has a Mac and I agree that for using photos it is amazing. I would suggest going all one way or another, I find it hard to switch between Mac and PC because they are so different! Good luck choosing!

  21. First, thanks for featuring me on your sidebar! What a great surprise to see!

    As for computers, I think the key problem is that your previous ones were hand me downs which means they had a lot of stuff on them, less memory/RAM, older system. You can talk to the computer people where you will buy a new one so you get what you need. All PCs are not a like. Some are more for business, some more for gaming, some more for photos, etc. I think if you have the right kind, you would love it. Having said that, everyone I know who has a MAC loves it.

  22. I understand. My husband has had an obsession with apple since the 4th grade. When I first met him in college he told he that he WILL work for apple one day. My first job out of college was selling Dell computers, while he worked at a bookstore selling apple computers. We would always argue over who had the best computers. Then we got married and he only allows macs in the house and after 6 years of interviewing with apple he finally got a job with them. He is now a Engineer for them. And I have to admit I like Apples better.

  23. Computers are like a love-hate relationship. Some days you love them other days you hate them.

    Our house looks like a computer store. LOL!!! I have a desktop with a 19″ monitor that works great. I also have a laptop; 17″ screen, both are HP products and they both work great.

    My husband is a stock trader and has a desk top computer and also a laptop.
    He also has the same desktop set up in the office he works in and we also have 3 additional monitors at our home that we winter at. So the addition goes like this 5+4+3=12, yes 11 monitors. How many does one house need, that is still the unanswered question.

    We took have some computer problems, well more my husband than me. Luckily we have a guy that comes to the house even on weekends. Recently my husband’s laptop has been causing problems and yesterday on QVC they had an HP, 17″, with 6GB ram and 500GB harddrive for a great price with 6 easy payments….yes I ordered one as a backup when my husband’s dies all together and he doesn’t have a heart attack. He takes his laptop everywhere.

    So don’t feel bad because you have more than one computer. The important this is to get something you will be comfortable with and that works for YOU! Have a great day….

  24. OMG Donna, I ALWAYS love your posts, but today I laughed out loud, REALLY! I feel your pain!
    I have a MAC and am having a terrible time with it – just posted yesterday about my frustration in loading picks of Lucketts n meeting Miss Mustard Seed… grrrr I hate technology and I think it knows. For me, getting TO the Apple store is also a major pain. It’s not close! I’m going back to a new (cheap) pc laptop for less money. But this time I’ll pay for the Best Buy “geek squad” repair service b/c they are closer and I expect to see a LOT of them, no matter what I buy…
    So sorry for your frustrations. Maybe your awesome advertisers/sponsors could get together… ? ;-0
    hugs n junk,

  25. PS – Just saw that Paypal link and thought I’d use it to say THANK YOU! for all the inspiration. I’d rather give you a tiny donation than buy another overpriced magazine! Hope it helps a wee bit towards a new computer- whatever you decide on. If all 2000+ followers SAW (hint hint) that link at the top, when you mention the end of FJI I bet you’d have a Macpro in no time!
    <3 Leslie (beagler1776)

  26. I’ve been reading everybody’s posts.

    I have a dell laptop and desktop since 2009… they’ve been good to us so far!


    I was a fashion stylist for TJX (TJ MAXX, Homegoods) for their online store (before they shut it down) and all the graphic designers got to order Macs. We probably had about 20 of them lined up in the studio. They said it was the only thing to use for graphic design. And tried to convert us all!

    Some of my family love their MACS which they do business on (but not graphic design.)

    You have to be in learn mode when you get one because it’s TOTALLY different than a PC. AND I do hear that it is best to have an Apple store nearby because it’s hard to find anyone to work on them when they have issues and it can be very costly if you do (or at least where I live.) Something to think about and maybe ask your friend…

    Hope you find something… don’t let FJI go DOOOWwwwnnnn!! 🙂

  27. My dad, who is a complete computer geek, tried a MAC. He was so frustrated that he changed back. I think a lot of it is what you learned on. If you want to avoid frustration, I would stick to what you know…unless Dan wants to give you hours of lessons. You could really make him pay for converting you…just saying…LOL!

  28. Dan’s right…get a mac. Have had mine for almost 3 years and LOVE everything about it. Plus, you have Dan to hold your hand and teach you the tricks and tips about easy use. AND…I have microsoft word and excel on my Mac and they work like a charm, so I don’t have to worry about sending things to others (who don’t use a mac) because they can read all my files.

    Just do it!

  29. I have worked on both Mac and PC platforms. When I was in college getting my degree in graphic design, of course they want to cut where they can, so I had to use a PC. When I got out of college and got my first job in graphic design they had Mac, so I had to learn quite quickly how to navigate in Mac. That was the EASIEST transition EVER! I LOVE MY MAC! I now have an iMac desktop and a Mac Book laptop. I also have a Mac at my office where I work. It is a G4 from 2002 with a 24″ cinema screen and still cooks just as good as when I first got it. I have had only 1 problem with any of my Macs. On my laptop, the warranty had gone out and the hard drive crashed, so I called Mac and they replaced it, because others had the same problem, for FREE! All I have to say is “thank goodness I backup files.” They are so extremely user friendly. My husband has gone through 2 PC’s to my one iMac. I purchase my iMac in 2001, he bought his PC 2 years later and has gone through it plus another. Mac doesn’t have the problems that seem to plague PC’s (ei: viruses, worms, etc.). Once you go Mac, you never go back! Did I mention I love my Mac????

  30. I already mention to you Maclove here 4X over…4 people in the house, makes sense to me..ok…but I think there’s a bigger issue here for you whatever you choose….I think a good therapist could help with the competitive issues you have with Dan. Love you always!

  31. About a month ago I went back to a Mac after a 13 year absence and in all honesty I am so glad that I did. I won’t lie though…I miss some of my programs, mainly because I haven’t purchased them yet, because that would require $$. But I did purchase iWork (the equivalent to Word) and it opens all my .doc files and everything else I need to have access too from my PC.
    I bought the Mac b/c Hubby was sick of listening to me cry over how much I wanted one and b/c the PC was just driving me nuts with the way it was freezing up all. the. time! I have yet to have a problem with this new baby.
    Yes, it does take some getting used to the new way of operating, but there are tons of sites out there listing the shortcuts, so really it isn’t that big a deal at all.
    The only problem I have had…is going back to the PC (still have stuff on the old one and that’s what we use at school) and am trying to use a Mac function or shortcut on it. It just won’t work.
    It does take a bit to get used to (or in my case remember) but if you decide to get a Mac I think you will love it! And…unlike PC, a Mac doesn’t seem to be outdated the minute you take it home. The platform is so stable and great that it’s usually a few years before you see the next one come out…that’s a good thing in my book.
    Most important part…get what you will be comfortable with.

  32. I love my Mac. I will never go back to a PC. A Mac is so much more user friendly. I’m not constantly having to ask my husband to figure something out for me anymore. Definitely recommend a Mac.

  33. I have a 2006 Compaq notebook (notebooks IMO are the only way to go). I’ve seen Mac, have friends who swear by it but I love my PC. Have been using windows since the old DOS days and am really happy but…..I do sometimes wonder why all the MAC users make a big fuss and us PC users are so quiet….hmmm.

  34. I’m also married to a computer geek of sorts who’s job is computer related, so he keeps our PCs up and running in an excellent fashion.

    One thing I have to throw out there is that MANY of the operating problems people have with their PC’s are from viruses/spyware/adware. My hubby is a huge proponent of regularly running the programs to de-bug your computer (there are lots of free ones out there) and he’s taught us all how to be very careful with regards to downloading anything.

    Good luck on your quest! I have to recommend a newer better PC. Make sure you keep it bug-free! 🙂

  35. Dear Funky Junk Interiors,

    I recently stumbled across your blog and it was love at first sight, so when I saw the title of this post FJI May End Soon… I have to admit that a bit of panic welled up inside me! Personally, I know more people that absolutely love the dark side, er, MACs, although even if you have to carve your blog onto the side of a cave wall, please continue to do it as readers like me enjoy it so much!

  36. MAC’s!! We were replacing our computers every 1/2- 2 years with PC’s!!! We have had our Mac for 3 years without ANY PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER!! It did take a week or two to get used to it but I can’t tell you how much I love it! I made fun of my sister for getting one and now look at me?? You will be so happy you bought a Mac if you decide to do so!!

  37. I am a proud owner of a Mac and I love it. I had a really hard time with a PC and find it easier working on a Mac.

  38. Macs. Period.

    I have had several Macs. They never crash. They never get a virus. They are fantastic quality. And…they wrote the book on user friendly. Truly. Many of Apple’s original innovations are now part of the PC world. They are that good. And I’ve never needed virus software.

    I have worked on PC’s – I would never buy one for myself.

    There is a reason Mac users are diehard fans.

  39. I concur with all the Mac lovers out there- get a Mac. So easy to upload and store photos. I have to admit that I am very computer illiterate and the Mac is very user friendly. I have a sad PC laptop in my closet that I am afraid to turn on because it is riddled with spyware and viruses. I love our Mac and love how my IPod touch syncs with the computer and I can read my blogs/ write posts from it as well!

    Good luck with your decision, may I suggest you but a lottery ticket?


  40. We have a Mac, one of the snazzier versions because my husband is a video editor. Before we married I had only used PCs but once you get the basics they’re really not that much different in terms of how you use them. We don’t have any problems with the Mac and I don’t have to worry about viruses when I download because there’s almost none for Mac. I say go with Mac 🙂

  41. MAC all the way! After a million PC headaches, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Mac and I LOVE it! Actually, that’s an understatement. Don’t believe any of the the wives’ tales you may have heard. Macs are VERY easy to use, they do everything you think of and everything you don’t think of. Once you go Mac you never go back!

  42. As a photographer, I have to say no to Mac 🙂 If you have a “real” camera, and want “real” video, then you’ll get to the point where you’ll want to edit it… and unless you drop thousands for decent programing for HD (lets face it, if you buy a video camera and don’t get HD now… it’s like buying a VCR), you’ll need a PC. I’ve been researching this TONS lately– I’m actually going to post about it today– but seriously, I don’t read good things about Mac+HD. If you have huge files, go PC.

  43. I’m another Mac lover. We’ve always had PCs. For years and years. And they were always getting viruses (even with anti virus software and firewall protection and all that junk we spent extra for). They were slow and obnoxious and just never worked the way we needed them too. My parents got a mac a couple of years ago and I thought they were ridiculous. Everytime I looked at it I couldn’t figure out where anything was or how to use it. And then I actually sat and played on it for five minutes and realized how completely easy to use it was! And it WORKED RIGHT! And I fell in love. So we finally splurged for macs a few months ago. My hubby got the laptop and I got the desktop. By the way, no tower. Space saver! Love that! And the smallest desktop screen? NUGE! And so clear! And did I say it works? I haven’t had a single problem with it. Not one. Since the beginning of the year. Set up was a breeze. Customer service is helpful and they always speak english that I can understand. (Not that I mind other people’s accents, but when you’re trying to solve a problem and you can’t understand what you’re being told to do it gets sooooo frustrating!) Sure I can’t download certain things, but it’s never anything worth it anyway. It’s kept my computer happy, me happy, and honestly, I believe it will have SAVED us money in the long run. Because instead of buying a new computer every few years because ours dies, I will have my loving, pretty, functional mac forever and always. We will live happily ever after. 🙂 Moral of this story? Get a MAC.

  44. I’m having all sorts of problems with my PC right now and my husband keeps threatening to go Mac. Our friends that have already made the switch say, “Once you go Mac, you don’t go back”. Great. Feeling your pain. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear what you decide.

  45. WOW! This response is amazing. Looks like your chosen preference means alot to you! I’ve added a poll in the post which I should have done from the getgo.

    Kolein, will you be my therapist too? 🙂

    Honestly, Dan and I egg each other on all in good fun. We don’t even do the same kind of work, so there IS no competition. But spurring one another encourages us to move ourselves up a notch in learning new stuff is all.

    And yes, I’ll be scraping blog posts on the side of a cave wall before this baby goes under! NOT a chance! I won’t let it! 🙂 Thanks for the kudos.

    FJ Donna

  46. I have had a MacBook for about a year and a half. I have found it to be very user friendly. My favorite part is how FAST everything is. My husband’s pc laptop just annoys me now b/c it is so slow. I have only been blogging for about a month but I don’t think it is much different than blogging on a pc. I don’t have any special software or anything. Any pics that I’ve adjusted I have done in picasa or in the iphoto that comes with Mac. Also, I’ve never had to take it in to get fixed or anything (knock on wood) and I have never had it shut down on me. Occasionally there is a document I can’t open or view but that is pretty rare. Good luck with your decision!

  47. once you go mac you’ll never go back.
    i’m a computer idiot and it took me a while to figure it all out when i went from pc to mac but i will NEVER own another pc.
    i love it. love, love, love.
    i do have to save files as a pdf if i want to send them to a lot of different people but it’s easy peasy to do.
    go mac!

  48. FJDonna–

    Don’t panic. I switched to a Mac for a million different reasons and I could not be happier. We do everything with our mac. TV, DVR, Netflix, blogging, amazing picture stuff, we’re never turning back. While it seems scary to switch, Macs are made to be simple to use. AND there are VIDEO TUTORIALS online for anything you’d possibly need. AND they’re really good. Plus, if you’re local to an Apple Store, you can get personalized tutoring. So go on and get one, and watch some tutorials and you’ll be hooked. Good luck!!!

  49. We have both at home & work. I only use the PC laptops because the fabulous macs are desktop models.

    I find mac so much easier & never have overheating, virus trouble or other PC glitches

  50. My heart rate is back to normal now that I read the post, but I was close to panic and emotional break down before I read the whole post. Way to get someones attention Donna! Dang!

    I have PC’s but sounds like if you’re going to invest, your readers have given you great advice.

    Are you going to begin a “MAC for Donna Fund”?


    “MAC Funky Junk Fund”…oh I could so go crazy with this MACstuff!

  51. Donna,
    I am sorry to have to tell you this…..but there really is nothing like it….by “it” I mean a Mac.
    My first computer ever was a IMac….then there was a period of true darkness….I call it the PC era, when I almost lost my mind….I married poorly, divorced, needed updated security, remarried and eventually found salvation….yes, my new Mac is a work of art. If you love photos, and I think you do…Aperture is the way to go too….so much easier than Photoshop (thought I would never say that).
    Please do yourself a favor….sell the car, pots and pans, even the sofa…just go to the Apple side….smiles.

  52. I’m having so much fun being your assistant…I can wear another hat..sure why not?

    Consider the THERAPIST IN!!!


    ps It’s so cool that you have a Dan!!!!

  53. Sorry if this is long & confusing, just had to add my two cents before I run out the door!! We switched over to a 15 inch Macbook Pro laptop about 8 months ago & I love it!! We still have our old Dell desktop (XP), but use my Mac everyday. This is our first laptop & I love the freedom it gives me to surf the internet, etc. (via wireless router, which is also a backup drive) anywhere in and around my house. I do wish we had bought the 17 inch screen. I thought the 15 inch would be easier portability wise, but I don’t take the Mac out of the house as often as I thought I would.

    I thought the Mac was easy to get going on, plus they have free classes for about everything. You can also pay $99 a year to have unlimited one to one instructors work on projects with you, teach you about your computer, programs, etc. Also, as another person mentioned, they have fabulous video tutorials for everything online.

    With the Dell/PC, it was getting to the point that we were having to replace them every few year because of breakdowns, locking up, slow performance & viruses. I have always been a pretty safe person when opening attachments or downloading and I am vigilant that our Norton Antivirus was updated (p.s. you don’t need virus protection with a Mac), so it is frustrating that the repair shop found 5 viruses when it was in the shop. After paying $200 to get it fixed, it is working as slow as it was when we brought it to the shop…..after about 2 weeks. Unless you have tech savy children or you rent a room to a Geek Squad repair person, you are out of luck when it comes to PCs. A lot of tinkering to keep them running smoothly. When our Dell is done, we will buy a Mac desktop (with a huge screen) & eventually get a cheap PC laptop if we find we miss having a PC. We both use & have access to PCs through our jobs, so I don’t think it will be a huge issue.

    I think you live in the Twin Cities area?? If I’m correct, I highly recommend going to the Roseville Apple store & have them show you a Mac. We dealt with Leanna(?) and I cannot say enough positive things about the shopping experience we had at this store. No pressure (in fact she encouraged us NOT to buy a Mac until we did our homework), extremely informative, they don’t talk down to you, they are so professional and respectful & you can just feel how much they truly respect the Mac brand. I’ve been to a few of the other stores (for classes & to purchase my newest ipod) & although they are all fantastic, the Roseville store is by far my favorite. I know the stores offer a free class (weekly) showing what a Mac can do. When you buy, they will transfer the files from your PC for free, so that’s another positive. Also, from what I understand, you will get so much more from your IPhone, etc. since they are so easy to integrate.
    If you are not in a hurry to buy, check out the MacRumors website for the best times to buy each Apple product.

    Got to run. Best of luck. It’s an investment, but I don’t think you will regret becoming a Mac user!

    Blessings, Tracy

  54. Mac all the way, I will never get a PC again! Think of your iphone x 1 million! It was so easy to learn how to use, I had no trouble, and I am no techno junkie at all, and you have all of us, and your buddy Dan to help you on your new journey! I won’t take you long to learn it at all. You will LOVE it!

  55. #56 Rustique Art,

    LOL!! Sorry for the scare tactic! Whadda way to get your input though, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂 I could never quit blogging at this point. I’m utterly in love with it and in it for the long haul. TRY and get rid of me! 🙂

    I won’t be starting a Mac fund persay, however a lovely reader did made a donation today. And I promised her I’d put it towards bringing better quality to the blog, and it very well may be Mac based. Thank-you again my friend! Any income made from the blog will go back into it for better equipment for a higher quality output.

    I am planning some other strategies to bring in income with the blog, so it will all help getting me closer to my goal. But thanks for the kind thoughts!

    Kolein, you be ready for that therapy! If I go Mac, I have alot to contend with in my neighborhood. Things are gonna rumble! 🙂

    Thanks sooo much for all you input! It’s invaluable! I hope it’s equally helpful for any of you shopping for a computer.

    FJ Donna

  56. I voted, so not long comment
    have a pc. that’s all i’ve used.

    now, i must say, your title scared me!!
    The end of FJI???

    Pleeease, not that!! whatever computer you use, just do not leave us!!

    hugs and blessings

    barbara jean

  57. “They are just sooo expensive!”

    When you compare “Apples to apples- or anything comparable” you will find they cost about the same. A MacBook laptop is about $1000, a comparable PC laptop is gonna be at least $1000 (not talking about the Wal-Mart ones for $300) My custom 24″ iMac was $2100, a similar Dell was $2300. Using a program like Parallels, you can run a Windows OS inside the Mac OS– 2 computers for the price of one!

  58. I caved and bought a Mac in September. Here is my totally unprofessional opinion, but being someone who resisted the switch for a long time I think it will come in handy.

    I love love LOVE my Mac. But honestly the things I love about it (big screen, fast, etc) I would love about ANY new computer. It is just the first new one I have had in a long time.

    I have worked on a PC since I was 12. I know how to do a LOT on a PC. Work/Excel. I was pretty handy. After 8 months I still can’t figure out half of the stuff on a Mac. It is mostly because I don’t need to use it as much so I gave up 20 years of computer knowledge.

    If you don’t really know how to do a ton on the PC, then it will still take you a while to adjust to the Mac.

    If you have any other Apple products (Ipod, Iphone) they work 100 times better with a Mac. And are easier to use/sync/share calendars and contacts, etc.

    They are great computers, but I would say if you don’t have a reason to make the switch, you are going to be just as happy with a PC. If you have a reason to need some of the features than do it now because it will only get harder the longer you wait!!

    Good luck making the choice!

    Oh, and beware that the things that ARE better on a Mac will drive you CRAZY if you try to go back to PC! Some of the shortcuts I love on a Mac I try to do on my husbands laptop all the time and of course they don’t work!!

  59. I forgot to say that a LOT of blogger templates hate Safari. Of course you could use Firefox or whatever you want on your computer ,but Safari doesn’t like to let me leave comments very easily on Blogger!

  60. I use a PC, but both of my kids have Macs for school and they are amazing machines. Work great right out of the box. They can do amazing things without adding any other stuff.

    If I had it to do over again, I’d definitely buy a Mac. They’re more expensive initially, but I think they’re worth it.

    Good luck Donna!

  61. I run my entire life with a 13″ Macbook – I have used both, and completely prefer Mac’s. I work with a group of video and graphic artists and they will use nothing else. I run my blog from it, using wordpress. I haven’t had any problems interfacing with anything I need, in fact – a Mac can even run Windows if you get the ap for it!
    Ok – there is my 2 cents!

  62. Just do it. Get the Mac. Be done with it. Go ahead, it’s gonna be okay. You can do it.

    And what does little Jessica say, “I can do anything good.” haha just thought I throw that in there. (hopefully you have seen the youtube video of this little girl dancing in from on the vanity mirror. so cute)

    Seriously, I bought a Mac because I use computers for creative things. I sinks perfectly with my iphone, my itunes and next on my list ipad. It’ll be great. You love it.

  63. My advice is to go to the local store where they sell Macs (and PC’S) And spend a hour there giving them a test drive. Make sure you test comparable models with similar specs. Price out everything you need…. an iMac right out of the box with a comparable PC, monitor, keyboard, and other stuff you need to rig a similar system. Don’t forget to add in the antivirus program you will need for the PC. Take a long hard look at the monitor on the Mac compared to the PC.

    As far as learning the new Mac system (should you decide to go that route) I’ll bet for someone as smart as you it will take all of five minutes. REALLY. The buttons and keyboard shortcuts will take a little getting used to without a doubt and will undoubtably frustrate you for a while. I’ve got the how-to books on the Mac here waiting for you when you need them. And I already showed you where the videos are to show you even faster.

    I didn’t buy a Mac because they do things any differently than a PC. I bought a Mac because they could do these things without thinking about my PC.

    Most of the folks who chimed in above are big Mac fans for a reason. It plain old works without much fuss. Those who love their PC’S generally have a computer dude handy or aren’t afraid to take off the side cover and tinker. I’m NOT one of those folks. I don’t change the oil or tune up my car either. I just want to get in the car and drive. Imagine a computer world where you don’t have to think about a computer… only do the work you want to do.

    I didn’t go to the Mac side without a fuss or reluctance – as you know. I started with a Mac laptop, then went whole hog after two years of bliss. And I’ve always had the best PC systems I could buy, not second rate bargain stuff. Read my article again just for fun.

    I’ll still be a loyal friend no matter what computer you decide to buy. Have fun with your decision. May the force be with you. 🙂


  64. Hi Donna, I’m one of the Both users. I have an Alienware Laptop (for work) and a Mac Book (home). For blogging I would never consider anything but the Mac. LOVE IT! VERY stable and fast. I never have to re-boot and have never had it crash. Did I say never? Because I meant NEVER!
    That’s my input! 🙂


  65. I too, have used both Macs and PC’s and both have their good points BUT, I love my Mac. And it did take some getting use to but now that I have I am perfectly at home on the Mac. I love it. I rarely use my PC anymore.

    I can’t wait to see what you decide but with all this advice you might want to consider a Mac. Just sayin’ 🙂

    Love to you, you are an inspiration.

  66. After being a devout PC user forever, we went computer shopping at the beginning of April and the sales guy lured me into the Mac section. Got my MacBook and I could not be happier. I love it, I love it, I love it!

  67. ADDA , , OLLIE, ED SHAND……all going to…with DOT…Nevada mob calls it ” quits”!

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