A flower filled outdoor patio office

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors

 Home again we are from camping trip #2! Unfortunately, we returned home to a dead main computer. Boo. So I grabbing the laptop, and taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather, a flower filled outdoor patio office became my main stomping grounds.

To be honest, I can’t stand being indoors on a nice day. But I wanted to catch up online. So bringing the works out onto the covered patio was just what my extended vacation ordered.

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - trunk computer desk

The setup is really nothing too fancy. A low rider old trunk coffee table was swapped out for a taller trunk desk, and sitting on my pallet wood sofa, I was ready to roll.

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - mouse pad

Gotta share this mouse pad with you. I picked up this thing awhile ago and I’m crazy about it. The mouse pad has a hard top and metal bottom. I just love how substantial it is. It truly feels like a platform and allows a Mac’s magic mouse to glide wonderfully. Brand name reads as Allsop and was found at Staples, in Chilliwack, BC Canada.

The tray is a Bingo tray I made quite awhile ago. It’s still alive and well and gets reused for various things. Some projects are simply keepers.

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - flower bouquet

My neighbour Janette did a little neighbourly swap. I handed her an iced coffee while she was suntanning and the cup was returned filled with gorgeous blooms. Ever do that? Something is offered one way, but the dish never gets returned empty? 

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - flowers in junk planters

Remember my 2013 clean patio reveal HERE? The flowers are doing so well in all the junk styled planters! I’ve been busy keeping them watered nearly daily along with a good shot of Miracle Grow once a week.

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - blooming geraniums

At one point, the geraniums had stopped blooming, but the boost of food created all these brand new blooms and buds. That Miracle Grow is truly something else. I get the powdered type, mix it together with water in a big jug and feed after the plants have been watered.

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - vintage bottle hummingbird feeders

I only have one complaint and have NO idea what is wrong. These two fantastic vintage bottle styled hummingbird feeders are beautiful! Trouble is, they haven’t attracted even ONE hummingbird yet. Any idea why? Is it off season for them?

Edited to add: feeders were found at Rona and Canadian Tire, both in BC Canada.

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - vintage bottle hummingbird feeders

The sugar water mix is 1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of water, boiled just until dissolved. Oh well! They are so pretty to look at anyway, kinda like garden jewelry. I’m just stumped, with all those amazing flowers surrounding them, you’d think they’d be in Hummingbird Heaven here.

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - coke crate hydrangea centrepiece

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - coke crate hydrangea centrepiece

Also had a little flower fun with a quirky hydrangea centrepiece in an old coke crate with vintage pop bottles. 

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - coke crate hydrangea centrepiece

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors - twig whisk

Right before camping, I spotted these adorable whisks at Fortin’s Hardware Store. (Vedder Road, Chilliwack, B.C.) They even had a full sized broom in this style. I immediately fell in love and had to have a little one.

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors  - flowers in bloom

Wow. I’m just in love with all the flowers, sunshine and nature in general. And am so happy to be home to enjoy it!

A flower filled outdoor patio office via Funky Junk Interiors  - laptop on wooden tray

This broken computer stuff isn’t so bad after all…
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51 thoughts on “A flower filled outdoor patio office

  1. Your garden patio is fab! I’d love to know where you found the hummingbird feeders. They are great. You’ve make the correct mixture for feed. Your are right that it is a bit late in the season. You need to attract the hummers in April and put the feeders away about now, mid summer. The birds need to migrate for the winter and won’t if the feeders are still full. Be sure to change the mixture often. My feeders empty quickly and the birds battle to be the only one feeding, even with several outlets. Be sure to clean the feeders well with very very mild bleach and rinse really well.

  2. I love your outdoor spaces! The thing with the hummingbird feeders. Do you think the “flowers” where the birds get the nectar from are bright enough? They are beautiful feeders but the feeders I see here in Kansas have really bright red petals on the flower. Does that make sense? Maybe it needs a more realistic color?

  3. I have the same red bottle feeder, and put mine out early in the season. They noticed it and have been coming to it since. I have put it out late some years & find they don’t come to it. Maybe also you need to hang them out further on the edge of your deck, they might be scared to come so close?

  4. I love being able to work outdoors on a laptop. Unfortunately, where I am now doesn’t have a screened in porch. In Louisiana mosquitoes will eat you alive. Love the cup returned with flowers. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous.

    • I debated on screening the porch to keep the cats in but chose to screen the doors instead to keep them in. We luckily don’t have mosquito issues here. I’d love to come south again and experience your issues though! haha

  5. I love those hummingbird feeders. They were one of our best sellers at the garden center where I work ( Lancaster County, Pa ) I am not sure of the migration season in your neck of the woods, but don’t get discouraged, as for next season, in the spring, put them out and I am sure you will see some hummers. Love the outdoor office. I am known to use my sun room for that very purpose. Miracle Grow is something else, isn’t it? I love it and use it weekly.

  6. Love your blog! I am having a problem attracting hummingbirds this year too, usually not an issue! I have tried different feeders, even up-ed the sugar a bit. A local garden writer here in Michigan wrote an article that because of the early frost last year/late frost this year, the bird population is low this year and hummingbirds are one of them. I am in Michigan. Don’t give up though! Your garden patio is gorgeous and you have more than enough color with flowers! Like someone else suggested, maybe hang them out in the open a bit more? Thanks for sharing the pics and good luck!

  7. Love our outdoor office! I have those feeders, here in Missouri,too. I got them years ago at Walmart, believe it or not. The problem was, they never, Ever used it! I had a cheapo plastic one in the same area and they were on that all the time!
    I keep the glass ones out, anyway. They’re so pretty with the sunlight shining through.

  8. Donna, Your outdoor office space is a pure delight! I’d be out there day and night. 🙂 I always put my feeders out on tax day here…April 15th. And within a day or two the “scouts” come by to check it out. I always wonder if I have the same hummer family every year. 🙂 I did a blog post yesterday on our hummingbirds. Hope you can come by for a visit to see them. Watching the hummingbirds and the bright yellow finches at their feeder area each morning, along with my iced coffee, is my daily routine. 🙂 xo Lynn @thevintagenest

  9. When I make hummingbird food I use about 1 part sugar to 2 parts water. I don’t boil it. I just dump it together, give it a stir, and let it sit. I go back and stir every once in awhile and when it’s all dissolved I put it in the feeder. I usually make more than I need and store it in a fruit jar in the fridge. I have hummingbirds all day long. Maybe you aren’t using enough sugar.

  10. What a beautiful way to catch up and ease out of time away.
    No longest yard sale for you this year?

    I have to catch up and read a few posts. I have also been outside and taking advantage of summer weather. The season is too short here.

    I have to get myself a laptop or notebook or some way to stay in touch outdoors, but then again, time unplugged has its own rewards.

  11. The weather is perfection here as well. I’m sitting out on my side porch as I read and comment on your post. What a great way to blog… right?

    YOur porch and especially the hummingbird feeders are fabulous!!! I hope the little birds find your feeders… what a pretty treat!

  12. The hummingbird feeders are beautiful! Hummingbird populations seem to be down this year. I have heard a theory that the spring storms caused nests/eggs to be destroyed. Not sure if that is why you aren’t seeing any or not though.

  13. I love your patio! Mines feeling a little underused right now as I seem to be having my morning coffee with my computer and it’s not set up in a way to make it comfortable to sit out their with my lap top 🙁 Thinking there will be some big changes out there next spring…

    I’m really loving those hydrangeas, do you know how much shade they can handle???

    As for the hummingbird feeders it could be one of two things…the first being that there are currently lots of natural options for them to feed off of, not just in your yard but in all the yards in your neighborhood. The second could be the lack of red food colouring… I know they say it’s not good for them, but in my experience every time I’ve left it out I’ve gotten zero hummingbirds…I’ve also found that you have to be super consistent, and every year you will attract more and more. It starts slow but once they know they can count on you they will come.

  14. The hummingbirds haven’t found your feeders because there’s nothing red on it to attract their attention. Try adding a strip of ribbon around the glass. Also, I didn’t see any flowers with long necks, like trumpet vine, morning glory, petunias, sweet peas and zinnias. They seem to be especially attracted to red, orange and purple flowers. Also, the mixture can sour in the heat, so make sure it’s fresh. Once they find the feeders you’ll have plenty of hummingbirds.

  15. You’ve got a little piece of heaven there! I was just sitting outside in the sun yesterday WISHING I had a laptop instead of having to come sit in the house to write a post. How great would it be to write a garden post while in the garden?! Ah well, maybe someday.

    My mom always taught me to never return a dish empty. The flowers in the mug is too cute.

    • If you’re use to a larger desktop, a laptop feels pretty minimal… but it sure is nice to catch up and browse for certain! And especially nice for a trip to Starbucks. 🙂 Santa, get this girl a laptop please!

  16. What you have is pure gorgeousness! If I were a hummer, I’d certainly want to be there! I’m in WV (Middle South), and my hummers usually come mid-May (that’s when I hang my feeders, although it’s recommended to hang them a few weeks earlier here in my zone 7A). It’s only been these last two weeks that my feeders have been nearly drained in my landscape (I change & clean at least 2X/week regardless, esp. if the water gets cloudy from heat).

    I use the same mix as you, my feeders are the old plastic (red base, clear tube). The only other suggestion I would have would be to plant either a perennial that they like (butterfly bush, bee balm – check your zone for cold hardiness). Or, you could plant penta in lieu of geranium in a couple of your containers – hummers like pentas (I do all of these mentioned).

    Great post – enjoyed all the eye candy!

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