Vintage headboard turned towel rack

Vintage headboard turned towel rack / with house numbers / via

Can anyone ever have too many hooks in a bathroom? I’m thinking no way. Hence… this vintage headboard turned towel rack with all those hooks will not go to waste!

Towel bars flat out don’t work in our home. With too many towels and clothes to hang up, hooks have long worked for us.

wall hooks with numbers / before via

This was the little system that was working for us for a long time. But I kept glancing at that less than perfect drywall job behind the hooks.

So I cranked this towel thing up a notch in preparation for the Christmas tour happening here in less than one month. It was time to create once again.

headboard turned towel hooks / before via

I had this headboard hanging around for a rainy day. I loved the classic vintage lines.  

I cut off the longer posts flush with the bottom of the headboard, and gave it a coat of white via brush, to capture an old hand painted look. I then lightly glazed it to catch all the nooks and crannies. The glaze is ‘barely there’ as I wished for the board to maintain as much whiteness as possible.

 Tip for glazing: if you want a softer hue to your glazing, use a lighter colour glaze and a damp rag so you can take more off.

headboard turned towel hooks / before via

 To mount ~ first I found where the studs were via a stud finder. Then I drilled screws right through the base into the wall where I knew the hook bases would hide them. To install the hooks, I first screwed in the backer boards where a hook would cover the screw. Hooks got attached over top exposed screws.

house numbers / before via

I had just found all these numbers IN PACKAGES no less at the thrift. All for $3. I was ecstatic most were all different. Love that eclectic’ just found’ feel of it all coming on.

house numbers / before via

The large brass rusty numbers were from my neighbor’s front lawn. He’d just ripped them off and they were bound for the trash. But I beat him to it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I sprayed them with some matte black leaving some of the natural rust exposed.

Vintage headboard turned towel rack / with house numbers / via

How cute is this?!?


Vintage headboard turned towel rack / with house numbers / via

 See it in the entire bathroom HERE.

It’s an ultra productive piece that lends itself towards art as well.

Juuuust one more issue to conquer…

Now I have to train my son to USE it. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what’s your style with towels? Hooks? Towel bar? (floor?!?)

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See the entire bathroom tour HERE.

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38 thoughts on “Vintage headboard turned towel rack

  1. Love it! I may borrow a portion of this idea, at least, for the cottage bathroom. I want a towel ‘rack’ asap, and blacksmith hubby is way too busy right now with a new job to create me a new one. This is SO cute, and doable – for me! Thank you for always inspiring me ๐Ÿ™‚ -Tammy

  2. Oh Donna,

    I love your “Funky Junk” style! You are so inspiring and I love your blog “how too’s”.

    The painter is showing up tomorrow and flooring is going in next week so I should have some towel ideas to share soon! Love your Blog! Thank you so much!


  3. this is SERIOUSLY FANTASTIC. I’m so with you….the hooks are so functional & (if by chance they happen to be empty) I think there is such beauty in their lines. LOVE LOVE the mixture of numbers.

    Good luck with the actual training of the fam to use it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I love the towel hooks….we’re a mix of hooks and towel bars at my house. That headboard was a great addition to the wall…thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Oohh I love that. We had a towel bar, replaced it with hook, took down the hooks and now the wall is just sitting empty (with holes in it still!) I really need to get in there and do some clean up work before my MIL comes to visit.

  6. love it! My bath is so small, I don’t know if I could pull this off, even with a twin size headboard. ๐Ÿ™ But I am done with the whole towel bar thing, I think… It just bugs me so bad when those darn towels get crooked! I hope to redo my bathroom before Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed!

  7. I thought the original was really cute, but your really took it to the next level! Great job.

    In fact, I have a headboard in the garage that I’ve been planning on selling…and I just realized I’d be crazy to do that! Between all of the amazing headboard benches out there and your new project, I think I need to start thinking about reinventing that headboard. Thanks!

  8. I love how those turned out! I am a huge fan of hooks in the bathroom. I think towel bars are a waste. How can you possibly train your entire family to fold and hang towels evenly? Hooks are so efficient and yours look chic as well.

  9. Ah, that last picture looks familiar! The headboard looks great as a towel bar, and I love the numbers (what is it about numbers that make our hearts beat a little faster). Amazing what a little spray paint can do to brass. We recently ditched our towel bars for hooks too.

  10. Awesome! What a creative upgrade. We have hooks on the back of the bathroom door. Kinda boring, but there’s no wall space in the kids’ bath for hooks. I’ll just have to covet yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. April, I used Bamboo Beach, by Cloverdale Paints. I think this outfit is only in Canada but I could be wrong. I went with this colour throughout the entire house, then added pizzazz on feature walls. I love the warm softness of it. It’s a very soft taupe that is right in between the pink and green undertones. It totally shines ‘taupe’ which is hard to do. Love the result.

    FJ Donna

  12. I love it! The numbers really make it pop! Are those hooks from IKEA? I think I just used the exact same hooks on a coatrack I finished a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I love the hook choice!

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