Make a 2×4 pencil holder in 5 minutes!

Make a 2x4 pencil holder in 5 minutes! /
Here’s a super easy, cheap and quick way to create a pencil holder in minutes, out of a 2×4.

My son needed an emergency homework station in his room we’re working on, so I smacked up a costco folding table, but was stumped on what to put his pencils in.

Pencils in a cup felt ‘boring’. I wanted him to be able to fiddle with stuff to entice for longer sits. (tricky, huh?)

Burlap and denim / succulent planter

Inspired by Burlap and Denim’s wood planter… (thanks Amanda!),

I set to work using a 2 x 4.

2 x 4 pencil holder /

Sand a 2×4, then with your cordless drill, go to town creating little holes with a spade drill bit.

I just eyed the holes and drilled. No measuring.

Makita drill bit kit /

They came in my awesome little tool kit. I love this kit! But it needed to come with a cardboard insert with info, like boxes of chocolate, so we can sound somewhat educated for all things blog.

(I promised to show you how to work with tools… I still need to do that.)

2 x 4 pencil holder /

I used a 3/4″ for fatter highlighters,

2 x 4 pencil holder /

and 1/2″ for regular pencils and pens.

Make a 2x4 pencil holder in 5 minutes! /

And here it is! The 2 x 4 pencil holder runs nearly the entire length of the 6 foot table so it’s crazy fun to fiddle with!

Once the room is more complete, it may get hit with some cool treatment. More to come.

And yes, it was that ‘easy’.

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19 thoughts on “Make a 2×4 pencil holder in 5 minutes!

  1. Donna, that’s bit is called a spade bit. Love your idea, and I also love your inspiration. Might have to make one of each, I have tons of hens and chicks AND pencils! I even have some my grandfather used, really old ones, they would look cool on ‘display’ in your holder.

  2. We call it a paddle bit, but spade sounds right. Anyway the idea of putting fiddly stuff in there for a kids work station is brilliant! Kids definitely need that. Can’t wait to see what else goes in the room.

  3. I’m making one! Not for my son (who would probably REALLY love one) I’m making one for ME! I’ll make holes for pens and pencils and markers and paint brushes, my Exacto knife maybe some scissors. Wow, I can see this becoming an all day affair with several drill bits and maybe sandpaper. Okay…fine…then I’ll make one for for my son, too. Geez, kids get all the cool stuff. xo

  4. Down South we call it a paddle bit Donna. I have a set of them in my drill bag along with
    my wood and metal bit sets. I like your take on
    a pencil holder. Looks like it works well. I have herbs in my sugar mold.

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