Hometalk Meetup / Milner Village junky toolbox kits!

iPad for slideshow

Today I’ve been busy today getting ready for the Hometalk Meetup MIlner Village Garden event.

iPad for slideshow

I found a multitude of junky garden photos to share, as well as social media info for the two talks I’ll be hosting. Thank-you for saving me yet again iPad… this thing is FAB for photos!

toolbox kits for the Hometalk MIilner event

But as I was packing up some cool old relics to use for my garden demo…

toolbox kits for the Hometalk MIilner event

I took a good look at the homemade toolboxes and realized, I’d surely be flaunting them, but little else.

Funky Junk Interiors building toolbox kits

So I did something about it! I searched out my reclaimed wood pile for my favourite pieces, then measured and cut.

toolbox kits for the Hometalk MIilner event

And created funky little toolbox kits! All the parts are premeasured and ready to sand/put together. They are totally in the rough and ready for a special touch to bring them to life.

I did have a method to my madness. I want to see other girls build stuff, because I know myself what a valuable feeling that leaves one with.

toolbox kits for the Hometalk MIilner event

Every toolbox has some kind of junk jewelry to go with it to entice the idea of further personalizing them.

toolbox kits for the Hometalk MIilner event

Like I did on mine! 🙂 This is why you collect weird junk. Junk is personality and transforms anything plain into a work of art.

toolbox kits for the Hometalk MIilner event

Never underestimate the power of the tiniest piece of junk, such as this rusty old wrench. Yum!!

toolbox kits for the Hometalk MIilner event

Every kit is uniquely different and also has a cool handle to go along with it. Except for the sign one. That’s going to be just a cool box.

The saw is even packed, so if I have time, I’ll demo one from scratch so others can follow suit once home if desired.

business card holder in sewing machine drawer

I also came up with a somewhat creative way to display our event and offer up my Funky Junk Interiors business cards.

business card holder in sewing machine drawer

The works is sitting inside an old sewing machine drawer. Easy to move, as well as providing the perfect repurposed card holder.

I cannot WAIT to meet up with so many junker / gardner types! But no worries if you aren’t local, I’ll attempt to share whatever photos I can get ahold of, as well as give you a show and tell of Milner Village itself. It’s pretty cool. 🙂

Follow the event tomorrow via:

Funky Junk Interiors Facebook


Twitter with the hashtag #HTMeetupMilner.

Cya tomorrow! I’m sooooo excited!

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29 thoughts on “Hometalk Meetup / Milner Village junky toolbox kits!

  1. Wonderful!! I wish I wasn’t living so far far away…
    everything it is so right spot on the equipment and the card it is a touch of finess Can I name them “chic junk bundles”?
    lots of loves from a misunderstood-in-homeland Italian furniture recycle junker.

  2. I got so excited for a minute. I thought you were going to be selling those toolbox kits online. I just love how you put such totally unrelated things together. Enjoy your time at Milner Village. It sounds like a great place. I can’t wait to see photos.

  3. Donna, you have taken creativeness and inspiration to the next level. By bundling these toolbox kits for others makes these projects tangible and doable while perhaps sparking stimulation for oneself to create on one’s own. Carry on!


  4. Hi Donna!

    Love your blogs, you inspire me to look at junk in a whole new light! I have been an avid yard saler for years…I love to buy unusual things and make them a little more interesting, perhaps a little more beautiful!

    Your tool kits are wonderful! I want to make one. 🙂
    Keep up the good work, Donna…We all look forward to your blogs!


  5. Oh how I wish I could come to this event! It will be so much fun for those who do and those tool box kits are ahh mazing! Pure Donna genius! Have a great day!

  6. YOU are so creative! I know…you have heard that a million times over, but sometimes you just amaze me. What a GREAT idea and I have to say that I absolutely love your business cards and the business card holder! Good luck, safe travel and know you are in my prayers!


  7. I wish I lived closer.
    I would Love to meet you.
    Those tool box kits are amazing!
    What an awesome idea!

  8. You are GENIUS!!! I would scoop one of those kits up in a second!!! How fun!!! We just cut down a bunch of chunky tree limbs this past weekend…..I’m feeling a tool box or planter coming on!!! You are so inspiring!

  9. I’m sure we’d all love to be there, making our very own FJD tool box! You’re on a roll! Go for it!

  10. LOVE what you did with the toolboxes! You know your business card looks like real wood? At first I thought you were showing how you made wood business cards! 🙂 Have an AWESOME time today!

  11. I, too, live too far away. . .in the piney woods of east Texas. I want one of your kits!!! I am too lazy to try to make one on my own.

  12. Tamara’s place is one of my favorite places to go. I always, always come away with great things. Sadly I will be working when you are there and will miss out on your creative meet up.

  13. I think it may already have taken place, but I just wanted to wish you luck with your presentation today. I’m sure it was splendid and you inspired many people with your talk and presentation. I was a little confused as to whether the tool box kits were going to be for sale at the event, or if you were making them up as some kind of raffle/prize give-a-way at the event. It would appear from the comments that you could sell these faster than you could put them together. Hey, summer job for your son!?!

  14. Awesome. Wish I was closer so I could attend. Can’t wait to see all the photos. Have a super grand time.

  15. Hi Donna,

    So glad that you brought these today. I got the one you are holding in the 5th photo…it will be a fun project!

    Great to meet you and thanks for a fun day.


  16. Man!! I wished I lived nearer to you!! I would live to be able to make up one of your tool kits! Guess I’ll just have to go and cut my own and find some good junk to put on it!! Thanks!!!

  17. It was wonderful meeting you yesterday and I cant wait to start some new projects. I actually have three in mind from some junk I have in the yard. Loved your tool boxes! When I told hubby I may need to use his tools, I got ‘THE’ look. He’ll get over it.

  18. Hi Donna, oh how very sweet of you to share your junk jewels and treasured wood. Enjoy your time. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

  19. can I say you are the smartest fun junker around and how smart are you, to put this together…in this format…DIY with help….you need to write this book…here is the title Junkin and Rust for Dummies….LoL and keep inspiring us!

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