If you came over, what would you want to do/see?

As if there wasn’t enough on my plate, this weekend the entire town is invited to my house. 🙂

The event being held is called the Yarrow Studio Tours. All the local artisans in my little community are opening their doors for the public, showing their work in progress this round. (it’s a VERY artsy town so I fit right in) There are pottery shops, a glass place, gift store, and the local Grille is having lunch specials. And my Funky Junk environment will be hosting an open house as well. 🙂

The event is being held Sat and Sun, April 24 and 25, 10-5, so if you’re near Yarrow, BC, come on down and look for the red balloons! Here is a post on how I set up my Christmas Show so this isn’t the first time I’ve done this. Yeah, that’s why there’s a wreath on the sign too. 🙂

This is what I have planned so far:

The following rooms will be open for viewing with how-to info attached to projects.

Front entry

White Trash Bedroom

Living room


Old sign playroom

Brick and stars bedroom

There will be a continuous slide show of project befores and afters in ‘the kitchen office.’

I’ll be doing demos on painting techniques, and maybe decorating

I was thinking of having some piece of junk on display with a sign to watch for what I create with it in the future. And have them guess what it’ll be as their entry to win a prize. 🙂

Maybe have some sign blanks and stencils I create ready so they can try their hand at an easy stencil if desired. (this would appeal to possible local workshop participants)

Thought of having a sign saying…

“What would you like me to show you today?”

– how I set up displays

– painting/glazing techniques

– stenciling to make things look old

– how to make a rumply crumply bed

– how I come up with creating a new piece


I haven’t had much time to prepare for this event so I won’t have much to sell this round. I would have loved to create some ready to sell pieces or old signs, so I’ll be pricing some pieces inside the house to let go so we’ll see how that goes.

I’d love your opinions!!

What do you think of my ideas so far? What would you want to see or do if you came? What else could I add to this list to make the visit for a newbie enjoyable and wishing for more? And perhaps, even wanting to hire me? 🙂

If you’re local, come on down for fun! I’ll have the coffee on. 🙂

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41 thoughts on “If you came over, what would you want to do/see?

  1. Girl, you are brave to let all those people just stroll through your house! But your home totally rocks so everyone will love it!

    Thanks for linking up to my blog roll!! Sorry it’s taken me so long to stop by and say thanks. Busy busy!

  2. Your house just blows me away!..and the confidence to throw open the doors!! wow!
    I want to be you when I grow up…I’m 62…I guess it’s time to say, “this is me, take it or leave it”. I think you may be helping me turn a corner here…

  3. When they see your home they are going to want to know how you did everything! Who else in the world is as Creative as YOU! Your ideas are great and they will have so much fun and learn at the same time. Hope you have fun.
    Blessings, Vicky

  4. I’m loving all your ideas, and I can’t wait to stop in. Do you have any items for sale or is it all display/demos? I’m good with that too, just wondering. See you on Saturday!


  5. I wish I lived closer to you. I would love to see all your amazing creations in real life. Have a great time. I’m sure people will have tons of questions on how you did everything.

  6. This is fabulous! I think your ideas are wonderful and I would want to see it all! I like the demo idea too. Sounds like you have everything well in hand.
    Good luck and enjoy

  7. I’m sure many of us wish we didn’t live so far away. All great ideas and your community is so lucky for this opportunity! I hope it’s a great time!!


  8. Man how I wish I could be there, great idea. I think you should do a large print out and artfully display (as you know how to do so well) your blog post featuring your inspiring “ALL ABOUT ME – MY STORY” post.

    It’s what I read when I first found your blog just last week. It inspired me, and I know it will inspire others and if your town doesn’t already know you blog I guarantee, you will have more readers and lovers of what you do after reading your story.

    Sounds like a blast…Enjoy!

  9. Wow, I can’t believe you’re taking this on already! Good for you.

    I think people will be equally as impressed this go around as the last time.

    Are you planning on passing out brochures that explain your interior business, along with fees? If not, I’d definitely add that to the list.

    If I weree a newbie to you and didn’t know that you had such a fabulous blog, I think it would be nice to be handed a print out of one of your blog posts, with an invitation to visit it.

    How about this? Remember we talked about your photography via email once. What if you went and had several of your photos printed out at the copy shop and sold those at this show? That would be something of substance that you could sell, quick to do, and will constantly keep you in the mind of potential customers each time they see it in their home. Have one on display that you make your own custom frame for to show how beautiful they look in ‘junky’ frames.

    Oh, and you might want to put a large piece of foam at the bottom of your stairs to catch people when they fall over backwards after they see them! That, and drool rags…………

    Good Luck!!!!!

  10. i am so bummed that i can’t come.

    I think a demo would be great! I would pick one idea and set a time so that those interested don’t miss it and you don’t feel like you are on loop all day long.

    Hope you share how it went!

  11. I just recently found your blog…and I love it!!!
    I live in Calgary and I am a little disappointed that I was in Chilliwack (visiting family) for Easter…but would have loved to have come to your open house. I would have definately liked to have seen a painting furniture demo since my hubby and I recently built some end tables.

    Good Luck and I am sure that everything will go smoothly.

  12. Polly has some great advice!!! I was going to say the same as Angela, can I be you when I grow up? Can I be your best friend too? I was at Good Will (GW) yesterday and was trying to think through your eyes… what would Funky Junk Donna do with this? you can check out my blog to see how I’m trying to become more funky!!

  13. Donna! Are you serious about that “would you hire me” comment? Are you thinking of doing “virtual design”? I didn’t realize that you live in beautiful British Columbia :0 and so far away in miles, but just a click away in blogland to so many of us! I love all your projects–just AWESOME! Hope your Open House yields lots of rewards 🙂

  14. Thanks all for your suggestions and comments. I’m totally drinking it all in!

    Based on your comments, I can see where what I do could really appeal to DIYers rather than simply buyers. This is where I have to decide which way I’m going in order to focus on the right type of ‘client.’

    I think a series of real life hands on workshops may be the ticket. I’m going to have interested participants fill out a form and what they wish to learn. Much like the sidebar list I have on my blog.

    Or maybe just write a buncha ebooks. 🙂 Ok, maybe both!

    The transition of one career to another is a very steep hill to climb indeed…

    Love your input so very much!
    FJ Donna

  15. First I want to scream: “I LOVE POLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She cracked me up! Awesome ideas!!!

    I was going to suggest: Making up some numbers/letters to sell a la Funky Donna style! Put them on a small slab of wood OR do a decal or vinyl jobby. People seem to like their family initial, numbers of their kids, etc. I know NOTHING. THIS IS JUST WHAT I’VE READ!

    Sell food. (now if I was there I could be baking or cooking. I found an amazing recipe for asparagus/asiago cheese wrapped in filo dough as an appetizer – oh well, maybe next go around, huh?)

    Sell some of your junk that you don’t want. Wait. That’s not even a sentence in your head in your world. But if it were…$

    Like Polly said, put those cards up about your blog, your business, your talents etc.

    If I was visiting your home as someone who didn’t know you I would want to take something with me. Either purchase something you made or a card, something. I would need a constant reminder of that style of yours not just the name of your business. Visuals!

    And as someone who knows you (from your blog) I’d first want to hug you so BIG, give the presents that I’ve been wanting to send to you and your son, take my shoes off, take the tour of your house, lightly touch all the real things I’ve been admiring on your blog, examining every detail up close, probably play with your pets and then tell everyone who entered about the talent you have to offer not only in the tangible but in spirit as well!


  16. Wow, I wish I could be there! I’d love to see how you do stenciling/creating something in person. I think people will love it no matter what you do! I love lots of things in your home, but esp the entry. It’s awesome!! I’m thinking about doing something similar with an old door and bench in mine.

  17. Oh my goodness! I would definitely like to see you in action working on something… anything! I just hope you have enough room for all the visitors! Good luck and have tons of fun while I waste away in Iowa pining over missing another open house at your house : )

  18. Well, if I could magically be there I would definitely want to see those awesome window screens/gates that you created. Those just blew me away. Then I would insist upon walking on those nifty stairs that you made look like parts of old crates. Oh, heck. I want to see it all!! Enjoy reading your blog very much

  19. WOW Donna, I just know your house will be the hit of the tour. I wish Texas was not so far away. You have so much creativity and talent going on that I am quite sure whatever you have planned will be a huge success. Trying to think as someone who is local to you and seeing your creations for the first time, I think I would be asking if you would hold workshops. Don’t know if that’s something you have an interested in doing but it could generate some additional income. I’d be signing up! Best of luck

  20. What a great idea. I would really be into that but I am not close bu. At least I dont think. Where is Yarrow?
    If I could come I would just want to walk around and see what you have done. I like the idea of having tags on items with instructions.

  21. Hi Donna-
    I always love Polly’s comments, she leaves the best ones. I am excited for you, Donna. Having taught DIY decorating, did decorating consults, and wrote a decorating book published by BH&Gs I think your Funky Junk style is so unique and your talent so great that you should create a line of furniture and other funky pieces to not only sell, but complile not a e-book , but a full fledged big name publishers DIY step-by-step project driven book. I can give you the name of the agent I worked with. I know you are asking for insight into your open house but I had to tell you that.
    For your open house I think you should have everything out and see where the most interest is in your area for your talent and expertise. Include your prices on everything. I found that when you have a price list of your services, propective clients will be more apt to use you as they will know up front the costs. Most people are afraid to ask the cost and will make assumptions instead. Good Luck – you will do great – can’t wait to hear all about it.

  22. I’m sure you’ll have lots of people taking pictures. I bet you could make write a book! “100 Fabulous Junk Transforming Ideas”…Just a thought. 🙂

  23. You’re ideas are fab as they are! I’d be just happy ooogling around your funky junk interiors!! 🙂

    Where do you get your creative sparks from? Is it innate or acquired through being surrounded by such fun, junk?!

    I don’t think I have it..

  24. Oh my goodness, I wish I could come! 🙂 Your home is just beautiful, and I know your house will be a hit on the tour!

    My one suggestion would be to save your sanity and have a schedule posted of the times you’ll be giving which demonstration. That way you’ll not be pulled in so many different directions and be feeling frazzled. Have a sheet available with your name, a funky photo, and info on signing up for a future workshop. Could have a signup board there by the demo area too, that way you’ll have a head start on getting new people in!

    Good luck & have SO MUCH FUN!

  25. i wish i could come for real not just virtually. thanks for sharing your creativity! have a great weekend

  26. I grew up in BC and had to google Yarrow to figure out where you were-your near Chilliwack right? Too bad I won’t be coming home to the Shuswap until summer. Your front entryway is a great source of inspiration and it didn’t take much to convice hubby that it would look great in our house-now if I could just get him to start it..By the way-don’t change a thing in your house it all looks great. Hope the weather cooperates for your open house.

  27. I just adore pictures of your house! Can never get enough.

    I’m off to explore your kitchen. 🙂
    I desperately want metal countertops in our new farmhouse and am not sure we can afford it or make it happen…

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