Create your own wooden gate window screens

Make your own old wooden gate window screens via
Wooden gate window treatments from privacy screens on

And I’ve had these privacy screens as my window treatments for my large picture window forever. But it wasn’t until I created old wooden gate window screens out of them, that I truly fell in love.

Make your own old wooden gate window screens via
I much prefer screens in our home over curtains due to pet hair, however I always had visions of making them look like old gates.

Make your own old wooden gate window screens via

Working from this inspiration just down the road, I liked the curvy top and came up with a plan.

pine planks

This wood fit perfect! The slats are 3.25″ wide and the boards are very thin, which was important so the framework remained as lightweight as possible.

Make your own old wooden gate window screens via

Using an air nailer, I attached the tongue and groove pine boards direct to the screens. What a treat to use brand new wood for a change, but cha ching! $15 a panel x 6 = $90. Youch when you’re use to spending nothing! I suppose I’m worth it once in awhile. πŸ™‚

A special thanks again  to Manual Replacement Guy Dan for teaching me how to use the nail gun in a red hot jiffy. πŸ™‚

Make your own old wooden gate window screens via

Using vehicle pin-striping tape, I created a curve along the top.  I then followed along with a pencil line and cut through the boards with a jigsaw, then sanded the edges with a palm sander.

Make your own old wooden gate window screens out of pine planks via

I laid the fancy trim boards on top and penciled in my cut marks, then cut them on the compound miter saw. The air nailer again was used to attach the boards. I didn’t bother to fill the holes from the nails as the more dents the merrier. πŸ™‚

Make your own old wooden gate window screens out of pine planks via

I jumped for joy when I got to this point! It was working! Yes, I do doubt my projects all the from time to time. And just so you don’t think I get by without issues, my first trial had these things too tall to stand up in the room so I had to shorten the curvy top. πŸ™‚

spray painted black hardware

Authentic gate hardware was added. I found hinges for half price in white, so black they became in a flash. I aged the works by the high tech method of dragging the pieces over the cement driveway. πŸ™‚

Make your own old wooden gate window screens out of pine planks via

The screens then received a bonding primer, semi gloss white latex paint, then a glaze. The glaze was simply made with water and a deeper colour latex paint. It isn’t the right way, but I was in a hurry and it works in a pinch. Brush on, wipe off with a damp rag, leaving darkness under cross beams etc where natural shadows would occur.

rusty old lantern

A rusty old lantern was mounted on the inside of the gate handle for a little extra rustic outdoor charm.

And here’s the finished result!

Welcome to my cottage style old gate window screens!

Make your own old wooden gate window screens out of pine planks via

Make your own old wooden gate window screens out of pine planks via

Light and bright, and casually charming that would suit most any decor.

Make your own old wooden gate window screens out of pine planks via

The two gates resemble one large entry gate, appearing as if it was simply carried it into the house and propped in place. They provide lots of impact, but in a texture kind of way, as the white just adds brightness to the room. The curvy tops add some architectural interest to an otherwise very square window frame.

Make your own old wooden gate window screens out of pine planks via

Here’s the closed version. We rarely close them anyway, however if we wish for extra privacy or block out sunlight when watching a movie, the option is there. Felt liners run along the bottom of the screens for easy shifting.

Make your own old wooden gate window screens out of pine planks via

I love the end result and am ecstatic to finally have my old gates. πŸ™‚

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  1. holy moly, i LOVE these – it looks to me like they fit the style of your house better. I love old gates/doors all that stuff – it looks so good – i am so very jealous that i cant totally copy you (we have plantation shutters on all windows)but maybe i can use the idea some where else πŸ™‚

    Sausha @ {show & tell}

  2. these are amazing.
    but i’m not surprised coming from you. in love with the “gate” look. so unusual, but works & LOOKS so well.
    i feel a gate window treatment trend coming on!

    in almost every post of yours, i shake my head in amazement or my mouth automatically drops open in awe. – just so you know!


  3. Yes, you are worth it! πŸ™‚ I have been wanting shutters for my windows, but they would have to be custom because of the size, and that is not in my budget. I could totally see your technique working for me. Do you want to help me with that when you come over to do the stairs? πŸ˜‰ And my shed is finally done so you would have a place to work. And I will bring in a palm tree if it would help. πŸ˜‰ You are over the top once again in design and inspiration. Love it!

  4. I’ll echo what other comments have said…WOW! AMAZING! Seriously, I love them! I pictured having these in my living room then I pictured my son knocking them down. haha

  5. WOW…you are amazing..I can’t even begin to think I could accomplish something that nice on my own..its gorgeous..I don’t comment much, but I take all your ideas and have actually done some on my own..lots of inspiration in yoru blog! L just love it!! marlene

  6. donna, donna, donna…these are so awesome!!!

    i’m curious…what does the other side look like? did you paint the black frame too, i’m assuming you did?

    love your home

    judi πŸ˜‰

  7. Goodness you sure know how to make a DIY chick feel good! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!

    #40 Judy, yes, I did paint out the black screen on the back and the onion paper on them was already white. But at some point I’d like to remove that cloth stuff and spray the backs in white.

    If I were to sell them, I’d do that before I let them go. But for just me? I’d probably never do it. πŸ™‚


  8. Who would have thunk to do such a thing? Only you Donna, you have an amazing mind and a knack at making the wildest ideas come to a perfect reality.
    You totally ROCKED this one!

  9. I have to catch my breath. Those are amazing and beautiful and I so want some now. You are such an inspiration. I’m still trying to catch my breath.

  10. These are so awesome!! I love them. They are perfect in your room. And your tutorial is so easy to follow. Thanks and a hearty “well done”!!

  11. That is one of the best blog creations I have ever seen (someone did some crate stairs that were tied with this!!). Donna, you should be writing a book, or be submitting your things to magazines. This is seriously fabulous and original stuff you do!

  12. Donna,
    I just came by to say hi, and let you know I am praying for you.
    But look what a nice surprise i found.
    These are wonderful!!! What a difference!
    Just fits your house so well.

    Off for along walk, before it reains i hope.


    barbara jean

  13. Fantastic Donna, absolutely fantastic! This weekend I was looking at my curtains and sheers which are only three months old but look older thanks to certain feline members of my household and was wondering what I could put in front of my picture window. I love how they look but it seems no matter what I put on that window, the critters end up destroying. Blinds? Forget it! I have spent a fortune on replacing blinds over the years and when I began remodeling my home, I swore I was not going to put up more blinds. That window faces the street so I do have to have something to close for privacy in the evenings. I like your idea and, if possible, will copy it or do something similar. I wish I could let you loose in my house and give you free reign to create to your heart’s desire! I love your sense of style and that you are not afraid to try anything. I am still in awe over the painted crate stairs. I absolutely love them!

    ~ Tracy

  14. Is there anything you CAN’T do? What a great idea and fabulous outcome! I think I’ll spend my next vacation at your house because it is so wonderful.

  15. Is there no end to your creativity?! The gates look fantastic and what a bonus that they can actually be closed. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  16. HOLY MOLY!!! What a remarkable difference! I cannot believe how great they look — truly authentic and way way better than the screens. I love it. And now want to find something similar for my house. If only…

  17. Donna, these are just the best! You did a marvelous job and I just may be borrowing this idea!! Aren’t nail guns so slick?
    Sorry to hear about your Mom…your strength is amazing and inspiring…just like your mad carpentry/blogging/design/decorating skills!!
    I wanna be just like you when I grow up.

  18. Holy Cow! They jsut totally MADE that room complete! I cant figure out why you’re not being featured in any magazines. Seriously! Maybe after this trasnformation someone will get smart and publish you!

  19. Donna, your home is an absolute inspiration as are YOU!!! I LOVE your ideas and MUST visit your blog every day!! Would you be willing to post a layout of your home? I have a split entry home and I think you do as well. It is hard to envision the whole house and how it fits together! Thanks for considering this!! Keep up the great work!!

  20. Crazy amazing! Creativity at its best. I am looking at my Arcadia door and thinking how great these would look there:) You are an inspiration. Keep it up.

  21. LOve Everything you do !!!! Stairs and gate windows are just the bomb!!!!! Thanks for all your tips on blogging. I figured out how to put someone’s button on my to try to add you. Been following you for about a month! What a great gal you are! new friend friday. sillyfriend — terra
    Need to figure out how to make a button. ha ha

  22. Wow I just found your blog. I’m speechless. I have been a blog stalker for a long time and I thought I had seen it all until now! You are incredible!

  23. This project is one of my all time favorites EVER. Big loves!

    Thanks so much for linking up to The CSI Project’s hardware Store Challenge! We hope you will come back next week for the Martha Stewart-inspired challenge — The MS Craft Department are our guest judges!!!


  24. If I haven’t already commented on these then I have to say…I love them! They gave me an idea for closet doors that I want to make. I blogged about it and posted your screen on my blog with a link back to you.

  25. The wooden gate screens look amazing! I adore this idea. So creative. I will be linking to your amazing screens. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Just found your site and will follow you often. Would like to know where you got the planks to make these screens. I have looked on line and could not found them. Love your project and would like to make one for our home.

  27. #136 Anon, the planks were picked up at either Rona (in Canada) or Home Depot, I don’t remember! πŸ™‚ It’s just tongue and groove pine planking that comes in packages. Often used for ceilings, creating paneling or walls. Very lightweight and easy to work with.


  28. These are just so awesome. I just keep staring at them and calling to my husband to look at this stunning invention. We don’t even have a window like that, and I am trying to figure out how I can utilize this great idea in our home. Thanks so much for sharing! I am truly amazed.

  29. I just love these old gates. I think they look better with your interior. I love the cozyness of this room but it’s still so open and bright looking.

  30. Hi there…I’ve been on your site before, but never so thoroughly as today. I have that same screen you made into window shutters…very ingenious! You’ve got me thinking about my own idea for shutters in our bedroom…Thanks!

  31. Love the shutters at the window, and the fireplace. If it was me I would of put the tv in a cabinet to hide it.

  32. YOU are my kind of designer!! Thinking outside of the box, fearless, and creating amazing, unique, fantastic products. I love everything you do!!!Congratulations on all your success.

  33. donna, these wooden gate window screens are fantastic! They do fit your home style so much better than the privacy screens. I’m going to add this to my FunkyJunk list of things to do! You have some really great creativity!

  34. I just happend across your blog due to pinterest. Great stuff here!
    I’m so loving this idea, hoping to talk the hubby into doing this in bedroom to keep the dogs out. I love the doggies, but we need our space.
    Thank so much for sharing. Great stuff! Tina

  35. OMG I’ve been driving myself CRAZY thinking of a way to get more wall space in my Kitchen/Dining area!!! We bought a house 6 yrs ago that was built in 1964 & two of the largest walls in the kitchen/dining area are nothing but windows that are only about 20 inches from the floor. Our kitchen is tiny, has a lack of counter space etc, I was thinking of closing up the largest picture window 102″ across, so I could put cabinets on that wall however it created a BIG issue. The outside of the house is brick we wouldn’t find any to match, we were looking at a large expense in painting the brick etc. with your idea I can create the gate put a long dresser in front of it & not worry about it looking tacky on the outside!! YAY you’re my hero..BTW I HATE this house (long story) I’m determined I can learn to love it if I keep looking at other people’s inexpensive ideas to fix it up!! Thank you!!!!

  36. I LOVE this idea! I have 2 sets of sliding glass doors that drive me nuts and lose tons of heat in the winter and bake you in the summer. This would be an incredible way to combat those problems!

  37. Hello Donna,

    I love your blog and inspiring ideas. You know very few people do what they love, something like 3%. Scary sad, isn’t it?

    What part of the world do you live in? My husband and I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your grit and gumption.

    In community,

    Angi Simon – Monroe, Washington (about 200 miles south of Vancouver, B.C.)

  38. Hi Donna,
    Just found your site, and love it……
    One question, did you attach the wood to the black screens? So the screen is visible from the street? I am confused……
    thanks for replying…..!

    • Hi Donna, yes, that’s exactly what I did! But because I never close the screens, the backs never show to the outside.

      If you wished to close them and have the backs show, you could always cover the backs with wood or just paint it out the same colour I’d think?

  39. Wow! I’ve been looking to get bypass plantation shutters for our patio door, but this is preferable in cost and appearance. Thanks for the inspiration – what talent you have!

  40. I have been looking for old Barn doors for a while now, now I can make my own. Unbelievable!! Thank you so much for taking the time to show how you created them!!

  41. These are great and ditto to all the other comments. I do have a question though…what does it look like from the outside of the house. You stated that you nailed the panels to the screens which were black. I just wondered what it looked like. The inside is over the top. Great job.

    • Hi Julie!

      Thank you! The backside is covered in the original white rice paper, but it doesn’t show anyway, because the screens are against the wall, not the window. I never close them. πŸ™‚

  42. WOW!!!! I love it! You are so gifted and inspiring! I’ve always wanted to do some wood projects! As soon as my garage reconstruction project is completed, then I’m going to this. I just ordered custom indoor shutters for front windows, but I can try this for the side and rear windows! Thanks!