Inspired by Pinterest


I recently discovered a website that provides amazing inspiration.

Pinterest is a site that allows you to ‘pin’ any picture on the net, and place it in your own special collection. You can even pin other’s pin choices to your own.

The neat thing is, not only are all of one’s pins shared with others, the photos all link back to the originator.

I had trouble signing in, so I’ll try and mess with it another day.  Hence, not all the pics will be linked back to their originators this round. However all these photos did come from Pinterest.

Enjoy my own personal tour of what made me go WOW.

While this isn’t a real bike, I could see plant madness on a vintage special.

These remind me of soap bubbles. How could you not smile?

The pastels remind me of an icecream store. Isn’t this pretty?

Now this is one unique wall collection!

 Great wall and desk! Wonderful texture.

Adorable dollhouse shelving.

What a great drafting table.. AND stool.

Check out this fabulous kitchen island.

Eclectic lights, random chairs, tons of texture, what’s not to love? The vaulted ceiling makes this space extra special.

Crate drawers!

Simple yet effective shoe storage.

The dark wall is so striking against the whites.

Tea tins for plants! Sweet!

Love the chalkboard and the sliding door.

Pinterest. Fair warning.. it’s addicting. 🙂

UPDATE: No idea how I got it to work, but I did! I can’t wait to add more more more! Can’t wait to start pinning from SNS parties. 🙂

My so far small but inspiring board is HERE

So… once you join up, jump on back here and tell us about your new addiction. I see MANY of you on there pinning like mad! 🙂

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54 thoughts on “Inspired by Pinterest

  1. Love, love, love that kitchen island. I thought of you the other day when I found some old wine crates in my garage left by a previous owner. I thought…I should do something with those…Donna sure would. I might bring them into the house.

  2. These ideas are so creative and the photos beautiful. Love the “ice cream” kitchen! I’ll have to check this site out…thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh my eye-candy goodness! I think you’ve hit the motherload!
    Each picture is better than the last. I HAVE TO HAVE that teacup light fixture. No doubt.
    I love that work area with all the different lights above it, and the desk that looks eerily similar to your new one.

    What I’d like to know is, did you use a search word to find these images on Pinterest, and if so , what was it? Or, is this like Tumbler where you go find the pictures yourself and just ‘pin’ them to your page?

    The minute I get time, I’m going to check this out.
    What a fantastic assortment of pictures you’ve posted! Swoon, swoon, swoon.

  4. Hi Donna-

    I found the site a few weeks ago and had trouble getting an account, also. I forgot all about it. I think it looks like such a great site for all us visual girls to share beautiful images.

    My best- Diane

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