Let’s build… a TOOL TOTE! – Part 1 (inspiration)

Everyone LOVES tool totes. They are incredibly versatile, look so vintagy awesome and they come in all shapes and sizes to suit any decor.

While the vintage varieties are indeed findable, it isn’t always easy to find exactly what you’re after. And they can be expensive.

So, let’s make one!

Funky Junk's Workshop Series

~ Let’s build ~ a tool tote! ~

Part 1 – inspiration

to come:

Part 2 – how to build one

Part 3 – Fri June 4 link party to celebrate your new creation!

A gorgeous weathered white washed tote is perfectly charming as a centerpiece.

By Secret Cottage Garden.

Here’s the same design with a longer length. What a fabulous way to organize a desktop! The distressed white finish is equally wonderful.

By French Larkspur

Here’s a non antiqued look with removable slots. Brilliant idea!

By Playful Learning

No reason a tool tote can’t be square. Note how high the hande is on this one? Perfect for tall plants or flowers.

By Elizabeth’s Embellishments

 And here’s a cutie all dressed up in the most primitive of ways and is a fine example of using a branch as a handle.

By Riverhouse Rustics

 Did you catch this dreamy little unusual number on SNS over the weekend? That handle placement is pretty cool.

Shannon, make sure your non junkin’ hubby sees how we’re all drooling over your fab finds here! 🙂

By A Southern Bell with Northern Roots

 And here’s one I played with.  I literally dumped old rusty tools out of this one (sorry Gord!) and plunked it onto my friend’s dining room table when I went to stage for them one day. I love how shallow it is and how the color only hits the end pieces. Truly authentic and unique.

As you can see, tool totes can really be anything YOU desire.

~ Homework ~

Walk around your home or yard and dream up where you could use a tool tote of your own. This will help guide you on what size/height to make it.

Here are some ideas that may help inspire you..

  • office supplies
  • craft storage
  • pen/paper storage beside the phone
  • crayons for the kids
  • centerpiece for flowers or candles
  • TV remote storage
  • magazines
  • plants for outdoors or indoors

~  next ~

Supply list and tutorial is up tomorrow.

Link party – Fri June 4 on SNS

As well as our special builder guest who’s going to help us build. 🙂

Funky Junk's Workshop Series

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So, who’s in? Wanna come out and play? 

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17 thoughts on “Let’s build… a TOOL TOTE! – Part 1 (inspiration)

  1. Toolbox! I was standing in my garage looking at all my cast offs today trying to figure out how I could build myself a potting bench out of the stuff in there. Unfortunately there is no table. Anyway…I was thinking what would Donna make one out of?…I know pallets! And I’ve seen a stack of these behind a store close to my house but I have not drummed up the courage to find out if they are trash or not.

  2. Well the toolboxes are awesome…and I’d love to make one…but…the real reason I came over to your blog today was to say…CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING THE JEANNE OLIVER GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!! GO YOU!! Can’t think of a better person to win it…(except me, that is! lol)
    Hope you have the BEST time shopping over there!!
    yay for you from downunder
    luv jessie xx
    p.s. such a perfect time for you to get something extra special 😉 blessu!

  3. Yes I am in! I’ll take the challenge. I even have one that I have been meaning to makeover for some time now. So maybe I won’t go the handmade route, but just the makeover route. Or I’ll do both…. Can you give us a bit of a time frame here. I so need to plan my activities and put stuff in my calendar or I won’t be able to do it.

  4. what a great idea – I love the distressed looking ones – I know what I’ll be doing this week – and I’ll use old crates – so it’ll look really old.


  5. Marianne, I’ve just posted the dates above. Tutorial will be posted tomorrow night and the link party will be Fri June 4. LOTS of time so there shall be no excuses now. 🙂

    Weeee! This should be fun!


  6. Fun post Donna, I have kind of an obsession with old tool boxes. I think it started with my grandfather’s old toolbox my Mom has. Since she is not ready to part with it, I started collecting others. My girlfriends always ask, “where are you going to put another tool box?” But I always figure it out! Take care, Laura

  7. I saw one of these at Goodwill yesterday! picked it up and everything…didn’t buy it, though. Now I have to go back for it!!! It’ll need some serious aging/whitewashing though…

  8. Your blog gives me serious inspiration! I have an old wood toolbox, a couple of old wood berry boxes (I think that’s what they are), and rusty metal tool boxes. Is that enough? I don’t think so, lol. I have lots of old fence lumber that has the perfect patina for me to try my hand at one .. hopefully I finish it by the party and actually post something on my blog (2 posts in 3 years, lol). Looking forward to seeing everyone’s boxes.


  9. I am so excited to see all of the different styles of tool totes..My husband will be cranking out a couple of these this weekend..LOL..Along with my help of course..Love..LOVE..LoVe your blog..

  10. oh Donna I am so going to show him…and he will know to be impressed because I talk about your blog all the time! These are some fantastic uses!! I didn’t think I could love tool trays more but…..now I do! thanks so much!!

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