Maui junk, we are on our way!

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15 years ago, I was in Hawaii for an entire MONTH.

My son was about to enter the picture, and I had an inkling I wouldn’t be back to Maui for a good long time afterwards. 

My gut feeling turned out to be right. Motherhood became my ultimate hobby, and then hard times hit. So all my son’s life, he’s asked me questions like…

“Is it hot all the time in Hawaii? Are there sharks in the water? Does it rain there?”

Well… after 15 LONG years, my son is going to get all his questions answered in person. Because we are fullfilling a massive bucket list and going back to Maui… this week! AAAHH!!

We aren’t going for a month, because 16 days is expensive enough these days! And a good trial to see if my son will be thrilled or bored out of his palm tree. 🙂

We are staying on the North Shore where beach meets condo head on. One of our places is ground level and steps from the ocean. My boy is gonna have his own private snorkle bay 24/7 while I sip my Kona coffee. Sweet!

DKNY tshirt / Maui junk, we're on our way! via FunkyJunkInteriors.netTo even BREATHE the word of Maui has me dancing around, humming tunes and acting like an overall scatter brain in the very best of ways. Hawaii use to be my old stomping ground back in the day, so I know it pretty well. But after 15 years... who knows what lays ahead.

I even heard there’s a local flea market near by… Maui junk? Imagine….

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I travelled a fair bit with my parents. My first adventure to Hawaii is rather hard to forget. I remember slathering myself with baby oil on very bluish white Canadian legs, and laying on the lanai for a good long while. For the remainder of the trip… my legs wouldn’t bend. 🙂

Once I reached adult hood, I knew I had to go back and experience it without fried legs. I’ve been there several times over the years because it’s a quick 5 hour flight from Canada.

tie dyed tank top / Maui junk, we're on our way! via

I’ve done a few pretty cool working trips through blogging. What a joy that has brought! But I’ve yet to actually travel for a true family vacation. So needless to say, we are pretty pumped! This one’s all about us.

denim blouse / Maui junk, we're on our way! via

So I did a little shopping and picked up a few new tanks and shorts for both of us. It’s hard to make out, but that last shirt with the denim top has a black house underneath it. It’s very cute! (everything above was found at Winners, Target, Target, Winners in Canada)

My kitties will have a live in house sitter. Grace is taking over the place and is going to spoil them rotten, just the way I like it. 🙂 

Funky Junk Donna Willaims / Maui junk, we're on our way! via

And I even got a sassy new cut and root touchup. Thank-you Jolene Vogt Hair Stylist!!

I do have 2 new posts scheduled to go out, so stay tuned for new projects! But am unsure on how much I’ll be posting otherwise. Will feel it out. Kinda looking forward to some downtime off electronics and just enjoy what the tropics have to offer.

Feel free to follow along on my Instagram and Facebook for instant Hawaiian highlights for sure!

I cannot wait to take you to Maui with us! Until then… 

Maui junk, we are on our way! Aloha!

(did I really say that?! #surreal)

If you have any recommendations on what we should see or do, please share!


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43 thoughts on “Maui junk, we are on our way!

  1. Wow, so exciting! Hawaii is on my bucket list…looking forward to going vicariously through you for now.

    Your hair looks good…sassy and sexy!

    Have fun in the sun!

  2. My daughter surprised me with my first trip to HI in Feb. One of the best things I took (and always take on trips since they are flat & easy to pack) was a big scarf, which worked great as a bathing suit cover-up, to cover shoulders from too much sun, and in cool eating places plus it’s perfect to use as a blanket on the plane. Enjoy every minute of every day there and don’t worry about us…we’ll be waiting to hear all about it when you return home.

  3. Oh!!!!! Jealous!!!! We went to Maui a year and a half ago and fell in LOVE! Enjoy yourself and show your son the wonderful places on this beautiful island.

  4. Soooooo jealous and happy for you and your son. Can’t wait to see some pics on IG. ❤️☀️

  5. I hope that you and your son have a wonderful wonderful time. You deserve it. Love the new hair cut and it is an awesome photo.

  6. Pack an empty suitcase into your big one. A great way to bring home your new-found treasures! Have a great time!

  7. Donna – I am so excited for you and your son to have a family vacation! Will be praying for a restful trip and some fun Maui junk 🙂


  8. Donna, you look fantastic !!!!! Have a fabulous holiday…Hawaii is so beautiful. We will wait but we want stories. ENJOY!

  9. I hope you and your son have a wonderful fun filled vacation. Don’t forget to use the sun screen. I look forward to your vacation photos and can’t wait to see what kind of junk you find. Love the haircut, really cute.

  10. Hey Donna!
    Get out there and make some great memories with your son. don’t worry about keeping up the blog, we’ll be okay til you get back!
    Don’t forget the sunscreen!
    (Love the haircut!)

  11. Sounds like an AWESOME trip! We are going to Hawaii in exactly a month, for the FIRST time! It’s also a family vaca, and I’m looking so forward to it. Please post or Instagram any great finds!! Have fun!!

  12. Aww, Donna I’m so happy for you! That’s awesome!
    I just went and read your post ‘all about you’. Loved getting to know you a bit better and I have to give you a hug thumbs up and a virtual hug for all that you have soldiered through. God bless you with a wonderful vaca with your son!

  13. Have a wonderful time. Spent 3 weeks in Waikiki in May (my favorite spot)and am already wishing I could be back there. Biggest problem is going to be figuring out how to get the Hawaiian junk back home lol.

  14. YYyyyaaaayyy!!!! HAVE FUN, Donna!!!
    Enjoy your vacation with your “little boy”!!!
    My son is 19, so we need to enjoy while they WANT to go on a trip with us!!!

    Looking GREAT to hit the beach!

  15. Aloha my sister, enjoy, relax, sip, indulge, swim, tan, meet new people, eat, meet new people and enjoy. Repeat for 16 days- ALOHA Wendy

  16. I’m just across the channel on the Big Island! It would be so fun
    to take you to my fave junkin’ spots!

  17. I just wish you both a truly fantastic trip!! I want it to be full of new discoveries and lots of shared experiences!!

  18. Hi – sorry, we can’t remember the name (might be Kula Lodge), but about half way down from the volcano there is a wonderful place for breakfast where they serve macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup – YUMMY. If you want to go to a luau, the best one is the Old Lahaina Luau in Lahaina.

  19. Fun! There is a nice flea market on Maui. Can’t remember exactly where but they advertise so you will easily find it. There is also a Salvation Army in Lahania. I hope you have as much fun as I did looking for treasures in Paradise.

  20. Hi Donna,

    One of your blog followers told me this morning about your website and that you are visiting our island of Maui and looking for recommendations for things to do while you are here.

    May I suggest our Hana Creation Christian Tour? My wife and I are locally-born and raised professional biologists here on Maui. We have recently started an all-day van tour of Hana and East Maui in which we journey with our guests as we explore God’s beautiful creation and share about the amazing history of Jesus Christ in Hawaii.

    We operate the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger van which is very comfy and a good choice for the back roads of East Maui.

    Your blog follower and her travel companion are coming on this tour with us tomorrow.

    I would like to invite you and those who are traveling with you to join us on this tour, for free, either tomorrow or another day while you are here on Maui.

    May God bless your visit to Maui.

    Marc and Aly Hodges
    Hawaiian Creation Adventures
    (808) 281-3508

  21. Have a great time and enjoy, you deserve it. You work all of the time and just go and enjoy your son.

  22. Sweet!! The best of both worlds – time with your son and junkin! Life doesn’t get better than that. Hope you two have a fantastic time!
    Hugs, Sharon

  23. I live here in Maui on the North Side also. You will have a great time 🙂 sounds like you may be right next to Mama’s Fish House. Have a wonderful time. And keep your hair up it is really really windy this time of year. Just remember that if its windy on this side then you can drive to Kahanapali or Kihei and it will be nice. Always sunny on those sides too 🙂

  24. Visited 3 times and nature still trumps all the touristy places…but the flea market has cool finds & GORGEOUS tropical flowers at a decent price. My kids did NOT want to go to a flea market but after making the trip early that morning by myself I KNEW my kids needed to visit the place…they did & both found treasures. oh and those little roadside produce stands are oh so good! Can’t wait to see these pics! Island hop on over to Kauai if you love beautiful greenery and outdoor activities. My favorite for outdoor fun, rural and incredible views…Calgon take me away!

  25. Oh Donna – how wonderful for you and your son – sounds like a heavenly vacation – and I don’t think he’ll be bored for even 1 minute!!!

  26. ahhhh, I wish I would have seen this earlier. I went from a mission trip on Boundary Waters to a family vacation. I used to live on Maui and could have given you lots of tidbits on things to check out. It’s so fun to see pictures from home. With the cost of airline tickets running at least $1,700 a piece from Michigan, we don’t make it back very often anymore. Looking forward to reading your other posts on your stay. a hui hou! Shelly

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