My incredible, lovely, "I forgot" day.

 My incredible, lovely, I 'forgot' day. A guilt free all day pjs, coffee and computer kinda day via Funky Junk Interiors

Today started off as any other day does. You get up and think you have big plans. Yes, absolutely, but let’s just start off with a coffee before we get going, yes?

But not for too long now, I have so much to do! I’m gonna go for that brisk daily walk that will help me kickstart better 2013 health, and make this day count!

Well.. I forgot. 🙂

My coffee was fresh and hot and I somehow never seem to forget that! But I kinda just forgot about plans and dove into conversation and other stuff on the computer. I even forgot about an afternoon town appointment… oops! Bad!

But honestly? Aside from the missed appointment, and staying in my pjs all the live long day, I didn’t feel bad about any of this. It was just the perfect nice rainy (did it rain? no idea!! but it is now) day to forget.

My incredible, lovely, I 'forgot' day. A guilt free all day pjs, coffee and computer kinda day via Funky Junk Interiors

I forgot to finish this room too. Yeah, my pie in the sky plans were to deChristmasize and rewinterize, but… well…

My incredible, lovely, I 'forgot' day. A guilt free all day pjs, coffee and computer kinda day via Funky Junk Interiors

Ok, to my benefit, I played around with a new ladder plant stand! Cool, huh? I like it!

And the top picture is a bunch of crates stacked one on top of the other as a trial for new storage.

And I yanked out some flannel pj’s with patterns I like for possible winter pillows.

And I even found my (gasp) sewing machine! (I reserve the right to change my mind and stroke this one off the list if desperate for continued 2013 happiness)

I’m so on it! I’m going to winter decorate for certain! 

Tomorrow…. yessiree, tomorrow. My coffee maker just buzzed me.

(excuse the fuzzy iphone pics… I forgot where my good camera was too)

So, how many pj days have you snuck in this season?


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11 thoughts on “My incredible, lovely, "I forgot" day.

  1. I’ve snuck in far too many of those p.j. days than I would care to admit lol
    Menopause and pajamas are like chocolate cake and a glass of milk for me
    Or wine and cheese!
    Love your plant stand – can’t wait to see the crate storage

  2. Do yoga pants, sweatshirt and hair askew count as a pj day? Had one of those New Years Day. Doesn’t happen often but, I had earned it!

  3. YES! So glad you had a relaxing day! We all need them. Mine was on New Years Day – which is also my birthday. Stayed in my pjs, drank Mimosas, and was introduced to Downton Abbey. It was a perfectly lovely day. By the way, I’m completely hooked on this series! All of a sudden I want to craft with lace…..

  4. I often have pajama days, or take naps. I’m lucky to get a walk every school day, though…as soon as my older kids are at their bus stop, I take about a 45 minute walk. When I get home, my husband has started getting our youngest ready for school and then I take over from there.

    You say, “But how can you get ready for such an early morning walk?” Aha! I get out of bed and put on yesterday’s clothes and then truly get ready for the day after the youngest is off at school, or I shower at night so I’m ready for new clothes. It’s been working great.

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