My junky little lamp gets some new bling

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It really appears that many of you love the simple ‘slam it together and be done’ projects. So here’s one I whipped up today!

This is my lamp in the bedroom. 

The shade is nothing more than ripped strips of loose cotton material draped over the top, then held in place with a tied strip around the works. The glow it casts in the evening is pretty cool.

The original tutorial is HERE.

I just wanted to add a bit more bling. So I layered some stainless kitchenware type pans together. A pizza pan, one for flann and the top one is just a heavy duty serving plate. It was fun to pile them up to see what they’d look like.

And a special touch was adding two of my fav necklaces created by the awesome Rochelle from What Lola Wants Lola Gets. 

JUNK GIRL appears to be a flattened out spoon head. Am I right Rochelle?!? I LOVE IT!

You can see more of Rochelle’s beautiful work from a photoshoot I did HERE on Fieldstone Vintage Market.

Hey, I’m all ready for Valentine’s Day too! 🙂

Why stick with normal when you can have this?!? 🙂

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21 thoughts on “My junky little lamp gets some new bling

  1. No idea! What’s normal anyway. I sure ain’t. Love that little romatic lamp with the rustic pans. Add a seastar and it would qualify for my industrial coastal cottage thing.
    Love those necklaces! I have a spoon necklace and bracelet too. And I love them.

  2. Cute, different and just what I would expect from Funky Junk Interiors. I can’t wait for Cody to look for the pizza pan and finds it in the bedroom….I would love to see his
    face. I know by now he expects anything. {{{Chuckle Chuckle}}}

  3. so cute, I love me some bling…keep up the inspiration. I just got a cute bird house table lamp at a thrift store for my outdoor space 🙂 It did not come with a shade so I have to come up with a creative one or go buy one. I prefer the first option. It just has the light bulb to hold the shade on no metal thingy. You are so crafty any ideas for me? I will be sharing on my blog when all done. From your new follower & new blogger Lori@ Color It Simple. Would love for you to visit and join me!

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