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There are soooo many wonderful inspiring pics on the net. However, I felt it was high time to pay homage to my own quaint little neighbourhood. I like to go for dyke walks along the riverbank with my dog in the AM, so here’s what I came across today during my morning jaunt.

Isn’t this the coolest idea ever?

So beautifully funky! Big giant green thumbs up there, neighbours Corinne and Rudy!

This is a hazelnut farm I like to walk (trespass) through on occasion. It’s a little beautiful and a little Harry Potter on a dull day, all in one. Luckily the sun shone today.

The overhead lacy umbrella effect. It’s really exquisite. I love meandering through here on a rainy day too.

Strung all along a roadside. Really really gorgeous…

Here’s the river dyke I was referring to. You’re always greeted with streams of glorious wildflowers.

And the dyke gradually leads to these hidden garden type trails to the river. Wanna see what’s just around that corner? Me too. Let’s run! It’s abit of a Harry Potter path, don’t like that part. DOG, OUTA MY WAY.

Ahhh… wonderful, isn’t it? Dog shown cooling off her sore overworked feet from the creepy Magical Forest run.

This is so unique. In fact, every square inch of this house is ultra unique. You cannot buy one thing ready made that is installed in this yard.

Last two pics from the same yard. I could take pics forever in that place but didn’t want to come across as a crazed stalker with a killer (non barking) dog.

Quiet cottage quaintness. Isn’t this sweet?

Um… yeah. We got outa there pretty fast.

Now, brace yourselves for these next pics.

SHABBY CHIC CHIPPY RUST ENHANCED WHITE DISTRESSED truck. Did I catch all the hip yet deathly overused bloggy tagnotes on that one? This truck sure did. I know. Got me going too. Hang on, it gets better.

Holey what the heck is about to hatch here?!? I’m so not stickin‘ around while these incubate!

Don’t even TELL me. These guys are now on swings?!? Creepy! I’m so going home!

Welcome to my backyard grapevine. Isn’t it glorious?

The yield will be spectacular once again. Come Sept/Oct they’ll be vivid purple. I allowed some to also freeze on the vine last winter and WOW were they ever good!

Ok, time to de-stress in my pool from all things creepy from the morning walk today. I just have one pondering question left.

Why SMURF BLUE for these things?!?

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16 thoughts on “Neighbourhood walk pics

  1. What a great visit and tour of your neighborhood!!! What creative people you are surrounded with! I love the tire planter idea~ what a great way to recycle… those flowers look sooo pretty in bloom… just like the ones along that terrific wooden fence!
    I’ll check back in on you!
    Christina xx

  2. That was a fun walk! Thanks! I don’t know why, but those ugly tires look so pretty with the flowers in them! I wonder if I could make a fence of the tires standing up – all connected together with plants in them. Hmmmmm.

  3. Your neighborhood walk was glorious! I just posted about a peaceful walk as well but there wasn’t anything near as funky as what you’ve shown. How fun and thanks for letting us go with you!

  4. Awesome photos, Donna. I stumbled across your Blog – somehow, not really sure how I ended up here. But it was a pleasure to walk through your neighbourhood with you. Namaste. You are welcome to check out my blog if you like: Yemalla’s Moon.

  5. That was a beautiful walk. I think it’d be beautiful on a rainy day too. Tire planters are awesome.
    I think the pool would be cool in black, so it’d feel like really, really deep water.

  6. Fun walk, thanks for taking us along! You are funny, I was cracking up at the creepy Harry Potter comments, LOL! There are some creative people in your neighborhood, for sure. And that truck was kinda cool!

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