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New Upcycle Ideas 641


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Happy weekend! We just broke through a recent heat wave and I’ve never been happier to see overcast skies and feel the coolness of the air! Deep breath… exhale! I feel alive again! 

However I’m just gonna give myself a big pat on the back for a moment, because while the heat wave was in full force, I spent some time in my photo studio which resembled a green house to create these projects…

vent holes dresser and cupboard

Funky dresser plant stand with stenciled vintage vent holes

I had the most fun flipping a tall, skinny dresser into a plant stand! With a few vintage twists. I desired to create vintage vent holes in the piece, so I came up with a unique Vent Holes stencil that not only incorporates various furniture ventilation holes, but you can even achieve punched tin looks!

This post shows various ways to use the look. And now I’m hoping to find the perfect spot for this dresser because I love how it functions!

And now that the heat has dispersed, I’d like to work on the house once again and get caught up with a few undone areas that are LONG overdue before fall sets in.

What’s your own weather been like this summer thus far? Is it slowly changing to something completely different over the years for you too?

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s check out these super cool upcycle ideas from last week’s party…

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tin can pumpkins

Tin can pumpkins


Upcycled tin can pumpkins by Little Vintage Cottage

As most of us have a few tin cans in the recycling bin, grab a paint brush and some orange paint instead, to whip up these adorable fall pumpkins! Oh goodness, those faces are painted beautifully, and those stems and leaves really bring them to life! Adorable.


Light pendant cloche


Repurposed pendant light plant cloche by Sadie Seasongoods

I personally will never look at a light pendant the same again after realizing that yes indeed, it can act as a cloche for plants, or anything else desired! What a fabulous idea.

Decoupaged tin can with bottle top by Purple Hues and Me

Decoupaged tin can container


Decoupaged tin can with bottle top by Purple Hues and Me

This tutorial shares a dual repurpose using a tin can and a surprise item to create a lid! And not to mention the beautiful pattern that is also easy to do! Love the warm colors.

Vintage argyle shelf and drawer by Homeroad

Stenciled argyle shelf


Vintage argyle shelf and drawer by Homeroad

Being a fan of pattern in unexpected places, this piece that could act as a cubby, shelves or organizer really got ramped up with this sweet, rustic argyle look! This tutorial shows an easy way to achieve an argyle pattern so you can add argyle to any of your own projects too!

Repurposed vintage pillowcase hangers by Fresh Vintage by Lisa S

Vintage pillow case hangers


Repurposed vintage pillowcase hangers by Fresh Vintage by Lisa S

Who else collects vintage pillowcases? I have a stack, but never did I ever imagine how adorable they would be as decorative vintage hanger covers! Wow! Sure would make a nice keepsake kind of gift, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Love the yard lights and the “flowers”….what a neat and cheap project that looks so cool in the garden. Thanks.

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