New Upcycle Ideas 711

Visit 20+ NEW Upcycle Ideas 711 – Tin Valentine’s Day heart, vintage market sign on a winter mantel, paper lanterns, agate rock window, plus more unique repurposed tutorials!

Visit 20+ NEW Upcycle Ideas 711 - Tin Valentine's Day heart, vintage market sign on a winter mantel, paper lanterns, agate rock window, plus more unique repurposed tutorials!

New Upcycle Ideas 710


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Greetings all!

We are finally thawing out here on the west coast and I think it’s safe to say, we’ve now had a real winter so I’m personally ready to move on! I miss being outdoors, but I know those days are coming, so I’m trying to be patient, and continue on with my cleaning efforts.Not very exciting, but I’ve made a ton of progress with gaining more room.

And by continuing to loosen up space, I’m getting closer to working on my laundry room which will be quite a remarkable before and after at some point! So I do have a goal.

Visit the entire garage workshop series HERE

One of my fav cleaning projects that has stood the test of time is my garage workshop series, where I morphed a single car garage into a fully operating workshop that allowed parking!

It sounds too good to be true, but the concept is simple. Park where you want, then set up around it, so all you have to do is pull out your vehicle when you desire to work. This way you can’t horde stuff, everything must be put away each time, and there’s always space to work. Best idea EVER!

This project took a few months but I’ve documented all the steps from planning, making new shelves, creating a ladder wall plus the final reveal all decked out with my fav vintage tools! Get inspired with the Garage workshop series at Part 1 HERE

But after this round of upcycled projects, I’m really craving to make something cool! You’ll soon see what I mean by this fabulous group of upcycled project highlights from last week’s party… 

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Vintage market antique sign and terra cotta trees

Vintage hand painted sign on a winter mantel


Hand-painted vintage market sign winter mantel by Homeward Found Decor

Imagine wishing you had a fireplace. So not only did Deb just go ahead and build one, this gorgeous winter mantel with a beautiful vintage market sign is hand painted. What?! It sure looks authentic to me with that fabulous patina! Head on over to this tutorial so you can see how this ‘faux mantel’ came together!

tin tile Valentine heart

Tin Valentine’s Day heart art


Faux tin tile Valentine’s Day heart by Artsy Va Va

This gorgeous tin tile Valentine’s Day heart has a secret! This supply was picked up at the dollar store and it is not what you may think! All I know is I’m heading there next time in town to find this because I want IN. Check out what to look for in this Valentine’s Day heart tutorial.

paper lanterns by Pillar Box Blue

DIY paper lanterns


Paper lanterns by Pillar Box Blue

Could your spaces use a little cheerful illumination or color this time of year? Here’s how to make charming lanterns using the paper of your choice! So charming and imagine them being hung from a string illuminated with lights! It’s possible. Learn how in this paper lantern tutorial.

agate rock window art

Colorful agate geode rock window art


Agate Geode rock window by Selep Imaging

If you’re one to gravitate towards art from nature, boy is this rock project up your alley. Head to this fabulous tutorial to get the goods on how this gorgeous agate geode rock window was made so you too can achieve this wonderful stained glass vibe in a completely natural way! Isn’t this amazing?

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8 thoughts on “New Upcycle Ideas 711

  1. i really do covet your garage, you know, Donna 😉
    ours is the one thing on my ‘to-do’ list that never gets completely DONE…
    just messier. sigh. i need to PURGE and then re-read your series for some motivation!

    thank you so much for including my new ‘mantel’ and faux ‘old’ sign projects in your feature this week!

    • Thanks Deb, I’m still floored the garage has been kept up! Every once in a while when my truck is out, I do a quick organize to keep it up, but it’s nothing like before when I had everything all over the place. It really is true, tight spaces make you much more disciplined! Not a bad thing really. And purge was way more important than just organize. It’s the only way you can really shuffle stuff to make it work better. I hope you go for it! You won’t be sorry. And thanks again for your project, that hand painted sign has my heart!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my “tin” heart. There are so many uses for those dollar store tiles!
    Glad to hear you’re thawing out. If it makes you feel any better, we are freezing down here in Georgia too! Thankfully, it’s supposed to warm up into the 70’s next week. But I’m sure we’ll get another burst of cold, although I could do without it!

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