Our Summer Adventure 5 – the TV fix

A vintage coat and a door - part of Summer Adventure 5 / the TV fix via Funky Junk Interiors

Recap: Part 4 / The Cozy LIttle Cottage

We finally settled into Karen’s quaint little cottage. Everything was gorgeous and perfect! But… where was the almighty important TV every 14 year old boy is addicted to? We were off to check the ‘suite’ in the other building…

– – – – –

Ask any man. What’s the best way to play games or watch a movie? You need a big, flat screen TV. With surround sound. I admit, I’d rather watch a movie like that too! Who wouldn’t? Too bad you have to look at the thing 24/7 once it’s in your living room though. You decorator types know what I mean.

Well, Miss Karen had one slick set up for her TV vacation needs (or lack thereof) in her home away from home.

The building next door is attached to the open drive through garage. It’s like the garage has a suite extension to it… totally cool idea for extra visitors!

While my son darted for his hopeful TV goldmine, I took in the new surroundings. This was sort of more of the man cave side of things. The furniture was a little more masculine except for the cute bedrooms dressed up in their finest, fun bedding. And then there was the library that filled one entire wall. Wow! Karen and Gary are readers, big time! I couldn’t remember the last time I read a book the right way… I mean, I BLOG. 🙂


This didn’t sound good…

“Is this it?!”

Cody was referring to the smallish box style TV. The kind where you have to sit up a little closer to. With no fancy dancy cables you need for gaming. 

“It doesn’t have an HD (blahblahblah something or other) cable… my game won’t work…”

Ah… I see. See, I let him bring his game but I had secretly hoped it wouldn’t work… or I’d have to wheel and deal a whole bunch with time limits and such. BINGO. And that would be miracle #3. It was completely out of my hands this round.

“Ahhh, it’s ok. Look, there are lots of movies! We can take one in every evening!”

“Yeah right… Disney stuff!”

He was kinda right… upon first glance, the movies would entertain the youngest with no issue. But after I dug a little deeper, there were a few that even I would enjoy. We were cool. We’d be ok. Plus, we had brought over 2 seasons worth of Duck Dynasty in a pinch, thanks to neighbour Janette!

I watched his reaction… I was pleasantly surprised as I expected worse. He was quickly enticed back to the main house for more new snacks. Saved by food once again!

Two lovely lounging cottage chairs - part of Summer Adventure 5 / the TV fix via Funky Junk Interiors
But we compensated. With the combo of the laptop and Ducky Dynasty that we brought, Cody brewed us some lipton noodle soup for mugs, (fabulous!) and we each snuggled up in our favourite blue/brown chairs with blankets, placed the laptop on the footrest and enjoyed a few laughs. 

Ya know, this is the way to do it. A family friendly controlled way to get a little TV time in. Nice… if you’ve seen Duck Dynasty, you know what I mean.

And then dusk fell. We flicked on some charming lamps, found the radio, Cody settled in with a bowl of ice-cream (topped with whipping cream AND two types of syrups)… when a text came in. It was Karen.

“Make sure you check out the full moon tonight!”

Fiddling with outdoor light switches, I found my way around, peering into the mysteriously dark night. Oh my word, the quiet was deafening. It was as if someone was sitting on you with a pillow pressing against your ears. Except for one cricket keeping me company. And then I saw it. The moon had never been bigger nor brighter. Were we that high up in the mountains to be this close?!

Grabbing a couple of lawn chairs and summoning the boy and his ice-cream, we sat out there to take it all in. And then head for bed.

But as I lay in bed, even in my exhausted state, I fidgeted. Grabbing the iPhone, I checked on my Facebook group Your Funky Junk on my 3G plan, peeked in on Funky Junk Facebook, then the phone suddenly read NO SERVICE. And that would be miracle #4. I just didn’t know it yet.

I kinda felt a little panic, letting my mind wander… remote location, just the two of us, with super glitchy cell service. We were either SO safe that no one in the world could possibly find us or so unsafe because of being in such a remote location. This was VERY different from seeing at least 6 neighbours while glancing out the front window.

Feeling a little uneasy, I reasoned. This was suppose to happen. The circumstances were too perfect for it not to be. Everything would be just fine. Trust Him! And then I was out.

The next morning eased in with quiet and calm.. and glorious sunshine!  I stumbled out of bed rubbing my eyes, and greeted Cody at the same time.

But his day wasn’t meant to start quite yet. It was rather early for both of us. He looked around, gathered his bearings where he was, and returned back to bed. It was then I knew it would be a very quiet, be by myself kinda morning. A very nice way to take in the new digs.

A sunbeam filled cottage kitchen - part of Summer Adventure 5 / the TV fix via Funky Junk Interiors

{ take the gorgeous cottage tour HERE }

Making my way out to the sun filled cheerful kitchen to brew up some freshly ground coffee, I pranced around like a little kid, all giddy like. Pinch me! Look at this place! Look where we are!

Heritage framed picture window - part of Summer Adventure 5 / the TV fix via Funky Junk Interiors

Carrying the coffee in a very pretty cup and saucer ensemble I mixed and matched together because I could, I glanced out the front window, taking in the pastures.

And then I spotted movement… and froze…

See what’s lurking outside in Part 6!

– – – – –

About “Our Summer Adventure”

A blogger who mentally can’t pause her social media world. A boy who lives for video games. This is the story of how an absolute miracle brought a mom and her son into a much quieter, simpler world, far far away from their own internet driven world. With no wifi. Will they survive? You’ll soon find out!

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15 thoughts on “Our Summer Adventure 5 – the TV fix

  1. Beautiful writing! It reads so nicely, like a song. I was ready for this to be the happy ending.

    What!!! Another mystery! More waiting?!!!! What will it be?

  2. Stop it! You’re killing me! I’m so jealous…only the whole spotty service thing, yeah, I’d have to panic. The rest..sounds down right AMAZING! I REALLY wanted to know what was outside…I can’t believe you did that to us! ~Tammy

  3. Wow…sometimes its so cool to see God give us just what we need, when we need it. I was just thinking about your moment of wonderin how safe you were and recognizing how God had brought you to this wonderful place, therefore it was gonna be ok…I had a similar situation recently, and came to the same realization…God ordained my stay, so I knew I would be fine there…how cool!!! Thanks for sharing your story with us all…you are an awesome writer…you keep me on the edge of my seat!!!

    • Yes yes and YES! Being in such a remote location pushed my faith to a new level. I really had to trust. And that’s hard for a security freak such as I. 🙂 Thank-you for tuning in!

  4. It sounds so heavenly and such quietness. Such great sleeping weather and no noise. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this and hopefully, you will get the chance to return in the future.

  5. Donna, I did the unthinkable a few months back and totally gave up cable! I got sick of the stress of my DVR threatening to erase shows I hadn’t watched yet because I didn’t have time, or it only recording 1 minute of something because it broke for the third time. I went through 2 faulty cable boxes in one year and swore if I had to call to get another replacement, I was breaking up with my cable company. I thought it would be a shock to my system because I’ve never not had cable but you know what? It was one of the best things I ever did. I never had time to watch tv anyway and it saved me a ton of stress trying to fit it in. And the surprise kicker – my electric bill dropped by $100! Those DVR’s are energy monsters. Anyway, this is all sounding so familiar to me and I’m going to buy some popcorn and wait for your next installment! I’m loving these cliff hangers. LOL

  6. Hi Donna! I have been so behind in my mail. Tonight I decided it was time to check in and catch up seeing what you are up to! I was so glad I had a “few” FJI to read through since each one left me with a cliff hanger! Then there was a break reading the one about your new computer .. congratulations! And your desk looks wonderful! I thought there was a mistake though, I was crazy for the next post of your trip, but I found the next post was coming .. yea! I read that one and was glad to know I had one more, ah, #6 and it’s another non-trip post! Aarrggg! I am waiting expectantly for the next post! Who needs TV when there is you and your family and travels 🙂 I love following your adventures and this one is no exception, it has been pure joy. I can’t wait to hear how Sky and Lake managed without you two… but first .. I am waiting to know what’s next …. 🙂

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