A pallet perfect little hideaway for a writer

pallet sofa outdoor patio furniture Funky Junk Interiors

I had not yet taken the time to do a thing with the pallet sofa or patio furniture. Our summer hasn’t hit yet so the patio simply became a dumping ground for a bunch of misfits.

But tonight the clouds finally blew over and the sun came out! Having also been suddenly gifted with an unexpected quiet evening of my son falling asleep at 5pm, I was left with a nice opportunity to work on a writing assignment.

messy patio

broken chair

messy patio

Alongside my misfits. Oh well… writing makes you blind to all else, so I got to work.

After a good amount was completed, I looked up and sighed. This really IS such a lovely area to write! So a few tweaks later, it went…

pallet sofa before

… from the land of sad and barren to…

pallet sofa outdoor furniture Funky Junk Interiors

… a pallet perfect little hideaway for a writer.

patio tables Funky Junk Interiors

I just put my land of misfits to work. Two oddball tables keep the computer safe from my never ending supply of coffee.

patio tables herb garden Funky Junk Interiors

This little table was the perfect spot to layer my portable kettle herb garden.

pallet sofa oversized pillows patio furniture Funky Junk Interiors

The mattress on the pallet sofa was wrapped with a sheet, a few oversized pillows plunked in place along with a few pretties…

patio furniture Funky Junk Interiors

and I called it done. The land of misfits all found homes.

I mean, all this stuff is very simple and not even all that much was used. But it certainly proves how just a little effort can transform your space from sad to happy.


I’ve been standing up for two solid weeks while blogging in the house, (trying it out for size, it’s interesting!) so it was a real treat to sit on something comfy and enjoy the warm summer surroundings for a change.

rusty gear cog

Even my rusty gear coaster found it’s way back into full swing once again. 

This spot really is a perfect little hideaway for a writer.

rusty gear cog herb plant

 The herbs are doing really well in their misfit kettles! They’ve also proved to be loads of fun to move around for various photo shoots. The kettle idea really works well!

happy dog

I’m always in good company. My dog just makes everything even happier, wouldn’t you agree?

pallet sofa outdoor furniture Funky Junk Interiors

I just may be further encouraged to deck out the rest of the space… maybe… ok, after one more coffee and chapter… 

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29 thoughts on “A pallet perfect little hideaway for a writer

  1. I love simple re-dos! This one is great! Did you make drainage holes in your kettles? Just curious as I have some I would like to put plants in but worry about root rot.

  2. Good morning Donna. I love your sweet decor on your deck. I remember when you built the pallet couch last year and thought it a great idea. You have fixed the area up to look so cozy and comfortable. And of course, you have that beautiful view too. Something nice to rest your eyes on while you are working. Enjoy the day and I hope you finally get some summer weather. Hugs, Pam

  3. what a completely LOVELY place to BE!! whether you’re drinking coffee, writing, enjoying the breeze – or all of the above! Awesome job putting it together with stuff you already had! WELL DONE! you were up early (or very late posting this!!!)


  4. Your deck really reminds me of the one we had growing up in the Lower Mainland. Same style roof & flooring. I loved that spot! I can picture my dad having an after supper “snooze”! Sorry, taking a trip down memory lane! Your deck looks very inviting & I love all the wonderful elements you have brought to it! Enjoy your writing and the beautiful BC summer!

  5. If you can read this…no text is appearing not even comments from others. It shows up and immediately disappears….is it just me? Not having this problem when I visit others. I thought you should know. Love the pics though! Anyplace would be better than here…we’re in the 100’s F! HOT!

  6. Donna, your porch and your pooch are both very cute!

    We are in OR, and we don’t have a real summer yet this year either-and after living in TX for twenty years, it’s quite the adjustment.

    We are finishing a fence made from concrete block ( to be stuccoed), 8′ lattice panels we found on clearance for 6 bucks each, and four posts we found in our local Habitat ReStore for a whopping two bucks. Misfits all, but together they will be awesome.

    Just like your stuff!

  7. So would you agree that decorating outside is almost more fun than inside? Maybe it just because that’s where I spend more time these days, outside. But there is so much versatility in our outdoor spaces.

    Moving and using things that you already have is half the fun too. Testing and trying out textures, heights and colors. You’ve captured the true spirit of the “cozy writing nook”.

  8. Donna, I just read a really fabulous design book called, The Perfectly Imperfect Home. It was so informative and very wise. A room of misfits all coming together to makes a perfectly imperfect spot has great allure! Your porch has “great allure”! Welcoming!

  9. Love this so much I am adding a deck this year. Starting at ground zero I want a solid deck floor rather than slats. Donna – what product did you use on your plywood? Have you been happy with it’s longevity?

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