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Welcome to Party Junk 264 – an upcycled link party

Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific

So… I was attempting to come up with a theme this weekend, until I looked through last weekend’s linkups. I just couldn’t bypass featuring these projects, so upcycled it is for this weekend! 🙂

Just check out these jaw dropping ideas…

Origami grocery bag lamp by A Piece of Rainbow, featured on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Grocery bag origami lampshade / A Piece of Rainbow

Ananda is a Trader Joe’s fan, but she just couldn’t bypass not using their bag as something special. So she, you know… just went ahead and origami-ed a lampshade out of one. Totally casual, just on a whim, when she had a spare moment…

Good grief… how outstanding is this?!

Hand painted dresser by Somewhat Quirky Design, featured on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Painted Inlaid Dresser / Somewhat Quirky Designs

Karen came across a dresser design she loved, at a tune of $2700. Ouch. 

So instead, when she spotted this dresser for FREE, she decided to give the design she loved a whirl.

This is gorgeous… but if she ever sells it, I hope she charges $2700 x 2! Can you imagine all the work?!

How to make a short, fat, faux Christmas tree by Penny's Vintage Home, featured on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
How to make a short, fat, faux Christmas tree / Penny’s Vintage Home

Penny was after a funky FAT faux tree, but couldn’t find what she was after. So the centre of an old one was removed, and other greens added to create this rolly polly cutie on wheels!

All I can say is… why didn’t I think of this? 🙂 LOVE it!!!

What have you created in the past week, or new to Party Junk? Link them up below!

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9 thoughts on “PJ 264 – an upcycled link party

  1. thank you dear donna – it’s such a HUGE honor to be featured right here where i was inspired to start a blog! (insert squeal)
    and a super happy coincidence that i featured you today too! (more squeal) hope you don’t mind being called a queen – something i have been dying to do for months… xx

  2. After a six week absence it’s so nice to be joining in on the fun again. I’ve been busy with our “new to us” 30 year old home. I hope you enjoy the family room transformation. It’s all decked out in plaid and family heirlooms.

    Thank you for hosting and have a lovely weekend Donna.

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