Rain rain… don’t go away quite YET

Woa. From hot and sunny camping weather bliss to rain and drizzle overnight! What a switch in gears.

I tend to change my agenda according to the weather. So if it’s hot and sunny in the Wet Coast, you can bet I run towards the sun in a real hurry! Hence all the camping lately.

But now… rain. Ugh. I didn’t expect this. So what will I do now?

Well, there’s a reason I went camping. I ran away from alot of undone projects begging me for attention. I’ll spare you everything undone, but here are a few outstanding indoor projects that I trip over hourly.

#1. Armoire Agony Project

I never did show you what I ended up doing with this armoire I use to have in my diningroom/kitchen office. For a reason. It’s in transition and it’s a big M E S S !

#2. Closet On The Floor Project

The thrift store cube van pulled into the driveway next door not long ago. Giddy, I enticed them to my own driveway where they took a large armoire, 2 side dressers, a desk, bench, and other riff raff. Basically what that spelled is, I was left with no storage for my clothes. Most of this stuff now sits down the hallway preparing for a garage sale or thrift drop off. But I’m still stuck because…

I don’t have a closet. When I painted it over a year ago, I never did put the hanging apparatus back because I threw it out. I need a closet. I really really REALLY need a closet!

#3. The Circus Desk Project

Oh.. .and of course, there’s this ongoing challenge before me. I totally need to finish my desk because every time the cats jump on the planks, they flip off. Quite the little circus production we have going on here.

Proof! Beethoven is sitting on the EDGE of the unattached boards no less. How that laptop isn’t on the floor yet is a circus performance in itself.

Project #4. FOR SALE project

Project #3 led me to this luxurious patio holding ground. How do you take your coffee paintbrush?

It’s full of great furniture with GREAT potential but no where to put it. So my plans? Decorate it up with Funky Junk flair and sell it. Yes, I’m going to start selling my creations! So if you’re local and desire a FJI original, it’s on it’s way! Watch the blog and Facebook for it.

Trust me. I could go on and on but these are actually in the way of leading a normal life, so they’ll be among the first I attack.

But, I  need help.

Which project would you like to see completed first?

Plus… I’m counting on…

GD4 to the rescue! 

Wed Sept 4 is the next edition. Are you climbing on board this round? Come ON. Pick an overdue project, any overdue project (does not have to be DIY related) and get it DONE. Save the reveal for this event so you can blow us away.

You can do it!! Yes you can so stop arguing with yourself and… gitter done. 🙂

And in other news:

Friday’s themed link is OLD.
Prepare to link up that old relic you worked with OR the revamped new to old project.

The amazing 10 winner Shaklee review/giveaway event is still on so don’t miss out! 

Click the button or HERE to enter.

So, help a procrastinator out. 

Which project above would you like to see completed in time for GD4?
Does the weather change your direction as well?

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20 thoughts on “Rain rain… don’t go away quite YET

  1. Gee, “I can’t relate to ANY of that!!” NOT!! Ok, so if you – totally awesome, super amazing
    Donna is stuggling with normal everyday, household stuff, then maybe I could be totally awesome, super amazing too!! You are truly an inspiration! Love your blog and your shabby, vintagey (probably not a word) style!

  2. I feel like this too. I have so many projects going and all needing my immediate attention. Plus I need to find a job. I vowed to myself to get one project done today if it kills me. But I need to do some paper work too….which I hate….and have been putting off. I think it’s great that you will be fixing up and selling things. I’ve thought about doing that…but don’t want extra projects all over the house.

    I do have to say that Beethoven is very very beautiful even for a circus cat!

  3. I love the pic of the closet where it says it doesn’t deserve a watermark! Hahaha. And thanks for the great mental image of your cat jumping on the boards only to have them fly off. I’m only laughing because I know the cat was not harmed =)

  4. I was laughing at this post several times. I said the same thing to Marian earlier, but now I’ll say it to you. Thank you for showing us that you are not perfect! Looking forward to GD4, got 2 projects!!!

  5. ok if it was me i would do the desk thing 1st cause it seems to be the most precarious, then i would do the closet because i can not sleep in a room thats chaotic. just me tho. believe me my house can get pretty messy 2 dogs ,im a collector and a husband who likes things handy [cluttered]. im a list maker, mostly cause i like to check it off 😉 and i have about 10 projects going at all times i get distracted.

  6. I have NO idea what you’re talking about; I never leave any unfinished projects…

    bwaaaaa haaa haa haaaaaa. 😉

    I am the queen of about 100 little unfinished projects here. Thankfully, DH is good about finishing his projects in a timely manner. I did 2 little things that were nagging me today, so that was something, at least!

  7. I would love to see the closet done first, but you can always close your bedroom door. My vote is for the desk since you have a good start on it already, and the old desk will soon be sold. Plus, I’m sure you spend enough time in the kitchen and family room staring at it, so it would probably feel good to gitter done!

  8. I don’t care what you tackle first because I know it’s all going to end up beautiful anyway. Do whatever makes you happy or reduces the most stress.

    I just want to be local!!! I’d love to get some Funky Junk creations!

    Okay, I’m going to step out into territory that takes all the bravery I can muster and attempt to complete a table redo by Sept.4. I found what I think is a very old and sturdy table for $5 at a yard sale. I immediately thought of you because it looks like something you would love. I definitely love it and have plans to turn it into my TV table. I’ve already sanded some, but it still needs LOTS of work. So, with great trepidation I put myself on this deadline. Yikes!

  9. I’m thinking that armoire, or the desk, or… I want to see it all! (sorry) I wish I could finish something by Sept 4, but kids don’t start school until Sept 7 and the little guy Sept 8, so realistically nothing is going to happen until after the 8th! Seriously!

  10. Donna,
    Just came by for a quick hi.
    busy with a garage/parking lot sale at the store.
    cleaning out the old, so I can gather new (or more old, whichever it is)

    blessings on your day

    barbara jean

  11. The Closet: Put the stuff you don’t want in garbage bags. Remove from house.(garage is okay) Put all sheets, etc in laundry basket type bin.Put in clean place where no one can see them. I like unused bath tubs. Put current clothes in other laundry basket type things. Stack. If you have a standing coat rack, use that for a few hanging clothes in your bedroom. Measure closet, go buy closet systems or figure out a shelf and a rod configuration.
    Now, go finish the desk. Take pictures, post, and enjoy the accolades. That should take a day.or two? For a break, mark where the closet things go. For another break, cut them. and so on. At least your room will be a little cleaned up.
    Invite a few people over to help you organize your patio. It’s a painting party. Have really good food that you can’t get all the time and that takes no preparation. S’mores? Beer, Moose burgers? Really good potato chips? Show your best friends one or two of your tricks for painting. Thank them, kiss them and encourage them to come back. Give them a piece of funky junk from your garage. Between you and Miss Mustard Seed, this is getting to be a full time job! (ha ha) Now I need you to encourage me. I saw that you are the first friend on Junk Architect’s site. I am so glad you found him. I was going to refer you. Your things are less multi colored and wacky than his are, but you could be siblings.
    Oh, the armoire? Close it up. Take ribbon or piece of twine and tie doors together. Wait, until other projects are finished. I guess I’d better go do something. Ann

  12. PS I forgot. Take a video of the cat jumping around on the desk. Remove the computer first, but put balls and other funny things on there for our amusement. Ann

  13. #18 Ann, will you marry me? LOL!!

    I’m being a good girl and working on the desk today. I have to give it another name now as all the planks are attached. Can’t give anything away here..

    Funny you should mention Mr. Junk Architect. I’ll be featuring him tonite on SNS. 🙂


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