Relearning to celebrate life

Disneyland castle at Christmas, unlit, on
Happy New Year’s Eve and New Year!

We came home from our Disney vacay on Tuesday night. While my son promptly exploded the luggage around us, I flicked on the Christmas tree lights, then sat in front of the computer to do a little catch up.

My, the world has been busy getting ready to celebrate the new year, purge their homes, with plans on eating right! Awesome!

But…. I’m not there yet.

I fully admit, I nearly did a total departure from the online world while we were gone, except to shoot a few updates on Instagram and check in to a few Facebook groups I’m a part of. But even those were few and far in between.

I intended to do at least one post on Disney while gone. But…

Disneyland castle at Christmas, unlit, on
It didn’t happen. I started, then stopped. I was being summoned by my boy to join him instead. So I did.

We were having a down time day at the hotel, watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV. Still in PJs, stocked with plenty of food, we clamoured under the covers and enjoyed. We didn’t even make it out for our daily hot tub run.

We were just flat out tired, and this proved to be one of our most enjoyable, memorable days while in California. Doing sweet, absolutely nothing, in a beautiful hotel room.

Don’t get me wrong. Our trip was remarkable, and I’ll be posting about the highlights and what worked for us.

But with New Years Eve and Day upon us, it’s time to get offline and do just a little more celebrating.

Maybe we’ll go for a walk….

Oh yes, get a few local groceries for sure!

Playing with the cats, a given!

Ordering in our fav pizza tonight? Sounds like a plan!

And maybe even pulling out a board game or hooking up the old Mario system? Love it!

My dear friends, the offline hiatus has been good to us. VERY good.
Visiting Disney this Christmas helped us focus back on life. Allowing yourself to morph into a land of laughter, and pure enjoyment. Entering make belief, and appreciating the good things that are built for us to enjoy. With each other.

Basically put, celebrating life and those around us, offline.

It’s my hope that you’ve taken some downtime to enjoy your surroundings without deadlines, the great treats without counting every calorie for the short term, and turning away from the dirty dishes, and instead relishing in the laughter and small talk that we are often too busy for.

But don’t forget to check back into reality soon… we’re about to fire up that Heap of Shame challenge… want your home back in an all new way? Me too!

Just… not yet. I have to unpack the exploded luggage first. 🙂

Until then, Happy New Year!

I’m with Breida. I’m off to go light the fireplace. First things first, after all. 🙂

What are your New Year’s Eve plans? Anything special?


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13 thoughts on “Relearning to celebrate life

  1. All sounds good Donna! We all need that rejuvenating, hibernating time to reflect, and make lists and more lists….lists of wishes, to do lists not in any particular order, and project lists. Also time to put away the lists, and just “let it be” as the song says. Sometimes I go go go for a period of time and long for a day or maybe two of just doing nothing but curling up on the couch in pjs and watching old movies…giving ourselves permission to just “chill”. Now, Disneyland is one of those perfect “escape” places to just get lost in all the joy, lights, and squeals of delight that surround you. That to me along with a curl up day in bed would rejuvenate my New Year!!
    Happy New Year to you and your son!!

  2. Welcome home, Donna! You deserved to get away and coming back is sweeter when you are rested and ready! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! I’ve missed your posts. Glad you were able to unplug and enjoy your trip.
    I’m looking forward to your Heap of Change Challenge. I’m planning on joining you to clean up a few horribly cluttered areas in my home. You know those places that turn into a “catch all”. I’m so tired of it. I can’t wait to get started.

  4. Can’t wait for the Heap of Shame Challenge to start, but we may be starting a little early. That’s okay, though…we have different stuff! It sounds like your trip did you a world of good. Best wishes in the new year!

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