Sat Night Special #92 – what can I do with ?

Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #92

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This weekend’s theme:

~ What can I do with ? ~

Care to help me brainstorm?

I’m rarely at a loss for ideas when it comes to wanting to repurpose something. You’ve seen a few of these items in my photoshoots before but I really want to make killer projects out of them once and for all.

So, let’s brainstorm shall we?

#1 – I thought maybe a handle for a toolbox…

#2 – I LOVE these fabulous US plates from friend Lori Ryan. I thought maybe birdhouse roofs…

#3 – Robe hanger on the back of a door?

#4 – Rusty crusty awesome cow feeders… I’ve used one as a birdbath. But what about the rest?

#5 – I LOVE my rusty cultivator blades x 2 from friend Iris at Treasuring the Journey. I’ve used one for a Christmas tree star and then just for display but I want a killer project. Perhaps a clock? Lamp base or candle holder maybe…

#6 – I love store storage racks. I used this for CD’s before but I was only eh about it. What would you do with it?

Let’s see how creative YOU are. 🙂 What would you make out of these items?

Have an itemyou have no clue what to do with?
Show us your photo on FJI Facebook so we can help brainstorm with you. 🙂

up next:
~ chalkboards ~

Got a unique board or creative way to use chalkboard material? Bring it along next weekend!

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28 thoughts on “Sat Night Special #92 – what can I do with ?

  1. #6 – if you could find a long cylindrical or square glass vase or (wait for a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby) that would fit the width- I would trim the metal piece down to the length of the vase and cut the little legs off, then wire the thing up to the wall and put some flowers in! OR use glass square votive holders (dollar store) and cut the metal piece down to fit the length of each one.

    #5 – I also thought starburst mirror! Especially if you could use a jigsaw to cut that pattern out of wood and attach the piece to the wood. Even a plain circle would do. Just to give it more depth and a bigger look.

    #4- I can’t exactly tell the shape of these. Maybe you could turn it upside down as a pendant light? Or nail it up outside as a wall planter.

    That was fun!

  2. I think #6 would be great for storing fabric pieces. I don’t know if you have much fabric but I do. I would attack #3 to a board along with other assorted hooks for a coat rack or to hang bags or whatever. You always have such great ideas, I’m sure they will all be wonderful projects. Thanks for hosting.

  3. #2- license plates wrapped around blocks of wood for bookends, or around boxes, or mailbox post. #3- hook for hanging watering can; #6- would it work for a plate rack?

  4. Darn have several “what can I do with” things but cant get my fingers around them as to where they are this minute!! Tickled to see that I will be able to join the party next week though as I have not 1 but 2 new chalkboard projects done!!

  5. The license plates would be great on bird houses…..I believe I have a few of those old Ohio plates in my barn…hmmmmmm…….
    Love your ideas!


  6. Thank you for hosting, I am so excited to have something to enter this week….it has been too long since I have been able to play along. I love all your find.

    Cha Cha

  7. I love that you are at a loss LOL! I am too! I have a bunch of license plates here and had this great idea to force them to rust and hang them up. BUT you can’t rust the newer plates! I tried, looked up different ways of doing it, but they are made to not rust. I even sanded off the plastic-like coating to show the bare metal, and na-da. 😛 I have seen licence plates as birdhouse rooves, I though about just painting them one color and displaying them on a shelf. But I’m still trying to decide.

  8. Thank you for hosting! I linked up my burlap dream project.
    I was thinking the liscense plate for bird houses too. I would use the organizer rack for mail or towels or would be a great place to organize fabric/craft supplies.

  9. Thanks so much for the opportunity to link to your party. This is my first one. I check out your party links religiously every week. Love, love, love the inspiration. I love to comment, but unfortunately can’t on some blogs because the name/URL profile isn’t activated.

  10. I would like the letters cut out of the license plates, then teamed up with different plates” letters to make funny sayings. The cultivator blade which I really <3, I would make a desk clock. The cow feeders or drinkers remind me of holy water fonts. However, if you could ever clean them up, or paint them with granite type paint, they would be good peanut or jewelry holders. If you could prop one up, what about a spoon holder by the stove? Another idea, sink them in a rock garden, but link them so that you get a waterfall when it rains. The rack might be good for reference books, depending on the size, or cook books. Could you see a dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, Bartlett's quotations, etc in it? Ann

  11. #4 Would look fantastic mounted on some old barnwood or distressed plank. You could hang it in the bathroom to hold items like cottonballs and snall soaps etc, or could be used in the kitchen for apples, potatoes, onions etc.

  12. #1 would be great if you could mount from the ceiling in the bathroom or kitchen. You could then hang potted plants or towels from the two ends.

    I think # 6 would look great filled with vintage travel maps and brochures as a display.

  13. I think the license plates, #2, would make an adorable purse…curve one for the top…think old time lunch box, and use one for the front and another for the back. You could stick with the car theme and use some old rubber from tires for the sides…think sidewalls ;O

  14. Thanks for hosting once again, sweet friend! Hope you are enjoying your long weekend (Civic holiday here in Ontario and I think BC weekend for you?) I’m curious to see the responses to the license plates. I have a couple of Ontario plates.

  15. Hi, Donna! I’m finally getting to participate in your party again since we just brought home a new computer today. Woo-hoo! I was having so much trouble loading up pages that I just thought, “the heck with it,”… not anymore, though. So, I’m so happy to get back over here, and link up my Alphabet Photo Wall. Hope ya like it 😉 Have a great weekend!


  16. #1 I would use as wall art if the last name was a “T” #2For someone who lives in Ohio, I would think of making a scrapbook using the license plates for the front and back of the book. Then inside would be of all things associated with the states milestones. #3 The robe hanger is good or how about a heavy pot hanger in the kitchen or pantry. #4 Can’t tell if those thingies are attached or not to the bowls. I would use them in the garden for a waterfall to a container pond for the patio. #5 I would use for a base to a candle holder. just set the glass/old jar with a candle in it. #6 It’s back in the kitchen with #6 for a plate rack. Hope you find just the right thing to do with them to suit your needs.

  17. Donna you are my inspiration….WHAT DO YOU MEAN…YOU’RE AT A LOSS FOR IDEAS!!! I love
    the idea of the license plates for a birdhouse.
    I have one I made with a license plate for a roof. Make a birdhouse using the license plate for the roof and the cow feeders for bird feeders on the same post as the house. The rest I dunno……Sorreee. Good Luck.

  18. Hey Donna! Thanks for mentioning my little blog! I am really glad you love the cultivator blades so much! I think the candle base is the easiest option and would look cool and easy enough to switch it out later once you were ready for a new look. The clock ideas sounds like a goodie as well. A small starburst mirror on a ledge/shelf would be cute too. 🙂 Thanks again, my friend!

    Iris @ Treasuring The Journey

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