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Old Windows link party!

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Gotta love old windows! But we aren’t using them as such any longer. Take a look…

This Fresh Cupcakes sign would be dangerous in my house. I fear I’d have to stop the DIY madness and BAKE. Isn’t it gorgeous?

By Miss Mustard Seed

What to do with old doilies? Mount them in an old window!

By Flea Market Trixie

This old window artist’s palette is sooooo pretty!

By Pretty Handy Girl

And then there’s this amazingness that went slightly viral on Pinterest. What’s not to love about this beautifully displayed family photo gallery with two old windows?

By Cottage Instincts

Twine wrapped around an old window is a very quick, easy and unique way to mount your favourite pictures. And it’s mine… all mine. 🙂

By (me!) Funky Junk Interiors (tutorial here)

And my old windows Pinterest board is HERE.

Do you have an old window project to share? 
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Feb 24th – Picture Perfect room reveals

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57 thoughts on “Sat Nite Special 120 – old windows!

  1. Hey Donna! thanks for hosting! Love all the old windows you featured here. I love to use them everywhere in my house-probably have too many. LOL Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Donna I always enjoy your party! I found a huge old window down in the basement the other week and can’t wait to do something fun with it. Will be looking at the linkies this weekend for inspiration!

    bee blessed

  3. So, I hope that you believe that imitation is the greatest form of flattery because tomorrow I plan to try to imitate you twine wrapped window!

  4. Hi Donna! Thank you so much for the link up! Been watching jealously as you post from your cozy spots lately. I linked up a junk pile makeover of a horse at 110, a huge kiss at 97 and my front porch window family est. sign is at 41! Shwew! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ have some good times and get some relaxing in too.

  5. I was so excited last week when I read that this week’s link-up would be all about old windows! My husband is a contractor so there is no shortage of old windows at this house! He made me a china cabinet using the two of his favorite windows as the doors and I LOVE it. Thanks so much for allowing me to show it off through your link-up! Now, I’m off to glean a few more ideas….:)

  6. I created and thoroughly tested my recipe for Cheap, Organic Facial Moisturizer that ends up only costing you $0.75 per 2.5 oz (standard facial moisturizer size)! Those are savings to take to the bank! Have a great week!

  7. Lots of fun inspiration out there! I linked up a couple of times…my metal ruler pin board, #135 under Home Decor…and my honeymoon windows hutch under Windows (#108). Thanks again for hosting…I’m going to go snoop through the windows 😉 Laurel

  8. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for hosting. I’m slowly getting back into blogging. I didn’t have a window project to post but I did link under Home Decor. Looking forward to reviewing some of the window projects.

  9. Donna I have a large skinney cabinet that was made around a long very old window, I made a cabinet with another old window for the door (I have my blue willow china in it) and I have half of an old cathedral window on my mantel for decoration. I also have one over my
    potting table outside and I have several in my shed I have to do something with. I also have a small green house (which I keep my collection of vintage flower pots in) made from old windows on my back porch. I think that’s all, not sure. LOL. I love old windows and recycling them into something useful.

  10. Hi Donna! Now that is really strange, I wasn’t even round a pc on Saturday and Sunday and someone has linked me up here at no. 20 with an old post from 2010. I was just checking my blog comments and found 3 new comments on that old post and someone commented she’s comming over from Funky Junk, that’s how I found out and I just checked my blog statics and had 50 people coming over from here reading that old post again. Is it possible that soemone else can link you up for a link party? Or are you transporting old link ups over here, because I think I linked this post up to a link party of yours in 2010? Just wondering!
    Great party btw!

  11. Thanks for hosting Donna! Now I new ideas for my old windows. And like Boxwood Cottage, I have had an unbelievable number of new visitors! You are the best!

  12. Even though it seems worthless, it would just take a little bit of imagination to change it all. Painting and adding photos to the windows is a good way to release your creativity and express yourself, since these can serve as a reflection of your emotions. Also, this idea can lead to new hobbies you might enjoy in the future.

    Anthony Blommel

  13. It is gorgeous, indeed – the font on the clear window sure illustrates freshness. The window that caught my attention most is the old window with pictures on it – that’s one heck of creativeness.

  14. Were those your personal designs, Dana? If they are, these are brilliant ideas. Good work! With this blog, those people that have problems disposing of their old windows will have an idea on how to recycle and make use of them. I love the old window that you used as a picture frame. That is really quite creative!

  15. Amazing! Now I know what to do with the old windows I got stuck in my garage. I’m thinking of putting the window frames on my living room and some on the master’s bedroom. Thank you for giving me an idea. : =)

  16. The third photo right there is fascinating. It must be nice to see this on your wall while the morning sunlight hits the well designed glass panels. Something like that deserves to be installed in my kitchen and in the bathroom, too! It actually doesn’t look like it’s too old. Hmm…

  17. Those are great ideas for window designs! With a little twist of imagination, any junk will turn out to be a wonderful piece of decoration. The last window treatment idea looks like a vintage piece of craft. It can somehow rejuvenate your home and enhance the beauty of your interior design.

  18. These recycled windows definitely turned into magnificent works of art! I admire the creative mind and the skilled hands behind these art pieces. 🙂 Recycled windows can also be a potential business venture, and what’s more interesting is that the required capital will most likely be inexpensive.

  19. I always love to recycle! It really brings out the creativity in me, and I feel very much fulfilled every time I manage to create wonderful stuff out of used things. I haven’t tried recycling old windows and I was very inspired with your post. I’ll start looking for old windows now and start on my next project!

    Katie Nicoll

    • Not just imagination and creativity, Ronald, but unique imagination and creativity! 🙂 That “Fresh Cupcakes” sign looks good. In fact, if I were just to look at the picture, I wouldn’t even know that it was recycled. Good job, Donna! 🙂

  20. Dear Donna,
    I just happened by your website via Pinterest today….and loveit. I am eager to try some of your old window ideas…just bought one this summer for $5 at a garage sale…thanks for your lovely pics and all the eye candy for today.

    God Bless U!!

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