Photo studio props with an old door, farm table and shutters

Photo studio props with an old door, farm table and shutters on

I’ve been trying to be a good girl and keep my my cleaning at least once a week.

But last week I felt so guilty cleaning nothing, I scrubbed down the bathroom instead… 

That was very nice of course, but a spit polish on a mirror doesn’t hold a candle to an entire paint studio revamp! 🙂

But anyway, I did a little more work on the photo studio and solved a problem.

Photo studio using shutters to fill in a blank hole
This angle has always been an issue. With those 3 goofy holes in the wall and the big ‘ol black hole to allow light to filter into the laundry room, this didn’t provide a very great background for photography by a long shot.

Yet this is where the best light is.

Challenge… fill in the holes! And neutral it up so everything kinda blends.

Shutters, old door and farm table photo studio backdrop
Holes filled!

This farm table has been with me a LONG time. I use it for most of my shoots for smaller projects to sit on. I added casters to the legs (can’t find the post!) but never did finish the top after sanding down all the paint.

The old door is reversible, making it super handy for photo shoots. Many of my Christmas shoots were done on it such as the JOY sign and Christmas wheel wreath.

But it was riddled with holes. So they were filled then the door was freshened up with a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement. More on that soon!

Remember the shutters I grabbed off my neighbour? I did a dry fit in the black hole, and they were perfect! I mean, look at that.

But not the perfect colour. I wanted them to fade away moreso.

Spray painting shutters with Rustoleum paint and primer satin white
I absolutely refused to paint those things by hand, so I picked up a dual primer / spray paint in a white satin finish.

This stuff is GREAT!  It’s called Rustoleum Paint & Primer in white satin. I’ll be stocking more of this stuff.

It covered in about 3 light coats and dried super fast. 

Farm table wood treatment with Miss Mustard Seed hemp oil and antique furniture wax
My farm table also finally got treated. I used a combination of Miss Mustard Seed hemp oilantiquing wax and furniture wax. Yeah. All 3. I don’t mess around. 🙂

Lots of depth and protection now.

White wall with a hole in the wall to allow light in
Photo studio photography backdrop with a door, table and shutters

Photo studio photography backdrop with a door, table and shutters
Photo studio photography backdrop with a door, table and shuttersMuch better! And here’s the best part.

I can tilt the shutters to open to allow light in when not needing them closed for photography.

They are just standing up by themselves, which is fine for my needs.

Photo studio props with an old door, farm table and shutters on
Looks nice and neutral, and with my kitten locked into position, we are ready to shoot something! With no holes in sight.

photo studio using shutters-2-8
Hey… we’ve come a long way, baby… 🙂

Are you still busy cleaning up rooms too?

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17 thoughts on “Photo studio props with an old door, farm table and shutters

  1. No, I haven’t started the purge yet…got to finish the portrait I’m painting first. But keep reminding me…it’s going to happen!
    Perfect solution for your spot! I need to remember the spray paint next time I want to paint shutters – ugh!

  2. Great room re-do! I love shutters as well, not sure why but they always have to come home with me. You always inspire me to tackle something around my house. I saw that spray paint in the store, think I’ll try it out.

  3. I love the shutters. I just hung some above my fireplace and I love them, they have fabric in the middle. Good thing the shutters, door and table are far from me you just might have a robbery! LOL Jo

  4. That angle looks so light and airy now and not only are the shutters a genius idea, they are beautiful and seem to fit that space perfectly, like they were always there! I want to steal that table, too!

    How is it your kitties know exactly where to perch themselves in order to make a photo pop?! They’re like the super models of the cat world!

  5. Oh yes, I’m still cleaning or is it organizing? I share part of our basement with my husband for my projects and creating. I’ve been using old cake pans, jello molds, etc. to organize my shelves. I’m liking it a lot! It’s going to be so nice to create in that space once it’s done! Thank You Donna for the inspiration!!!!!

  6. Having worked at a company that made window treatments, I’ve learned that almost no two windows(in the same vicinity,lol)are the same size, so the randoms gods were definitely shining down on you with those shutters. Your whole freshened up photo studio corner looks awesome and bright and the oil treatment on your wood table worked wonders. I have an old door that I never thought to use as a backdrop, but now I’m inspired. Thanks for the tips, Donna!

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