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~ Happy summer! ~

For this SNS event, this mom and son team have some weekend summertime plans and computer time will be minimum. However, I’m still happy to host and will peek in when I can. Enjoy the party!


Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #41!

If you’re new here, join in! There are three categories to link to. Home Decor as well as Crafts, Sewing, Recipes, plus the themed link! Check below for this weekend’s theme.

Party starts Fri night and ends Sunday 11pm pacific, so you have all weekend to join!

I LOVE to highlight inspiring posts during the event on the sidebar, so make sure you check in several times over the weekend. You may be next. 🙂

~ This weekend’s themed link ~


A fireplace is generally a major focal point to a room. So when a substantial mantel is staring back at you, it’s fun to come up with different looks!

I have a couple of mantel tricks to share that seem to work with my beefy darker variety.

1. Let scale guide you.

My mantel is very beefy, so it requires some serious accessory weight to it.

But nearly all fireplaces need some visual height interest, so play around with mirrors, windows, shutters, pictures, etc. Bring in that one major impact first, then work around it.

2. Dark fireplace? Lighten it up with a mirror.

One trick I like to use with my particular mantel is the mirror. I’ve tried over and over to change it and put something else in it’s place, but I keep finding the mirror really helps to illuminate an otherwise dark area. This old dresser mirror always promptly goes back up. 🙂

3. Add some safe illumination for a fun twist.

I’ve used mini lights year round to fireplace vignettes over time. You could say it’s a safe version of candlelight and casts the coolest look in the evenings.

Don’t be afraid to change out and try new things on your mantel. Customize it with the things you yourself love that work with your surroundings, stagger the height in your objects so you don’t end up with just a parade of items, and enjoy!

What’s your favorite thing to plunk on your own mantel? Feel free to link yours up in the 3rd themed linkup below!

~ Upcoming themed linkups ~

kitchen islands

old chairs

your fav project

front doors

There! Now you can plan some projects so you can join in easier! I’ll post them in the order you see here.

What other themes would you like to see on SNS? Let me know in comments! 

And let’s not forget, next week is…


on Wed Aug 4th! Are you ready?!?

 ~ SNS blah blah linkup rules ~

1. Please link up your intended post, NOT your blog homepage url. (post, then click the title of your post, cut and paste that url)

2. Please put a link in your post that leads back to the party so others can see what’s up! (scroll button on sidebar if you wish)

 3. This party is geared for DIY type projects we can all attempt to make ourselves. Items for sale may be linked up IF your entry is posted on your blog and in tutorial style (unless making the item is self explanatory).

5. For Home Decor and Crafts, Sewing, Cooking, please link projects up that are new to SNS and within 1 month old. The 3rd weekly themed link may have older posts and not brand new to SNS.

If you can’t decide which category to enter yours in, please just pick ONE and go with it. It’s all good!

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20 thoughts on “SNS #41 brings you ~ mantels

  1. Oh I just love this party! I’m kind of a Mantle freak! I change for each season AND each holiday! I can’t wait to see all the inspiration!
    We just finished up our first Froggy Hunt on BlogFrog…maybe next time we’ll grab you to join us!
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. I am new to your site! Thanks for hosting these great parties! I love the different categories! I linked in both the mantel (1800’s mantel) and home decor! I love the branch on the fireplace with the ornaments! I think I will ‘steal’ that idea for a Christmas display! Love all the displays!

  3. Wow! Enjoyed your blog and this look like a fun party. Love your mantel variations especially the window frame! I thought the branch with the ornaments hanging was really cute too! Great ideas!

  4. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for another great party! I love your mantle,especially the wooden bingo board! And I really like the mirror, too 🙂

  5. hello!

    i never get tired of seeing pictures of your warm cozy & a-mazing home. thanks for the party!

    linking up part 2 of our hallway/gallery wall.

    thanks, as always for being a wonderful hostess.

  6. I will try to link up tomorrow. I need some shots of my mantel and my sort of mantel. I have to hit the hay and get up early to help with the band in the morning. Can’t wait to see everyone’s mantels. I need some new ideas!

  7. Hi Donna,
    I know you are enjoying your little vacation break, and therefor are probably not even reading this (and rightfully so), but I still wanted to wish you a happy vacation and thank you for coming out of relaxation to host SNS for us!!

  8. Hi Donna…

    Oohhh…I love how you did your mantel, my friend! Using that tall vintage mirror was such a grand idea…soooo very pretty!!! I’m always interested in mantel decorating ideas….thank you so much for sharing your beautiful mantel with us and for hosting this great party!!!

    I added my link for the mantel party. I hope you don’t mind but it was a post that I did a couple months back when I was redecorating for the Spring/Summer season! Thanks again for the opportunity to share and get some great ideaa!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. Tons of great ideas. Which I really need right now. I notice not a single one though is as tall as mine. I have vaulted ceilings in the my living room so I have a wall space from the mantel to the ceiling! I also have it spanning across two walls! It is still baren after 6 months here because I have no clue what to do with that vast amount of space.

  10. I LOVE your mantel displays, Donna! They really show off your talent for display. I especially love your Christmas mantel. I love how natural and serene it is. I’d like to do something like that for my holiday display. As always, thanks for the wonderful inspiration!
    ~ Jo 🙂

    P.S. I love the use of twinkle lights on the mantel, but have never figured out how to hide the cord that goes to the outlet. How do you do it? (Do I need a lot more brick-a-brack to hide it – lol?)

  11. #9 Marianne, I’m here! But only quickly. 🙂 No matter where I am or what I do, I’m always breezing through and taking note of the lovely comments and linkups left. I swear, everyone is just getting better at better at their projects AND photography!

    #15 Jo, I actually don’t do a very good job at hiding the light cord for the mini lights. At Christmas my tree is next to the mantel so I simply have them slightly touch and continue the string of lights. But year around… take note of that first picture with the mini lights. The cord is in plain sight! Yech… if anyone has a solution for that, by all means, let’s hear it. I could simply somehow tack it to the wall all the way down but just never have. I vote for mandatory building code to dictate that an outlet be placed beside a mantel. But out of sight somehow of course. 🙂

    Thanks for joining in, everyone!


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