Surviving the storm and trimming the shrubs

Yard after a wind storm

The other night, the wind was absolutely howling through our little valley leaving me surprised any tree was left standing.

But you can bet this blogger-nerd was on top of it! I ran out there barefoot my iPhone and captured a true Instagram Stories moment filming the willow tree out back swaying like crazy. It was gorgeous actually.

Sidenote: Did you know you can now view Instagram Stories from a desktop? You can! Instagram Stories are short video clips or photos viewed on Instagram that are only up for 24 hours.

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Rambling! Anyway… the next AM, I was wondering what dreadful wrath we’d be left with.

Fence boards blown over after a wind storm
The gusts knocked some of my stacked fence boards for my new shed project all about!

This sure made me feel grateful this is about the extent of a storm around here. VERY.

Sunny fall yard with leaves blown all around a rustic shed after a wind storm |
But as the sunshine came out, attempting to make a true apology for all the raking I was about to embark on, I started to rake. And rake. And rake some more.

My shrubs deserved a tidy yard you see, thanks to my buddy Walter having just been here once again.

Before trimming the hedges along the side of the backyard |
Yes, this was another Walter visit pretty much right after the big gutting the flowerbeds out back.

For this was shrub day! The two long hedges along both sides of the back yard look fuzzy at the end of summer, so Walter comes in and gives them a nice close shave which also helps reduce potential snow damage over the winter.

I honestly thought they didn’t grow much this summer due to our heat. But I changed my mind once he started working on them.

Neatly trimmed hedges with carved joins so the hedge resembles younger trees |


This guy is my hero and a true pro. They instantly took shape with not even one blade hitting the lawn when done. The tarp caught it all.

Wow x 2589290934728. And then some.

Neatly trimmed hedges with carved joins so the hedge resembles younger trees |

One of Walter’s specialities is how he carves into the shrubs a little, so individual trees are showcased, rather than one big green smooth wall.The additional touch has an established shrub looking a little ‘younger.’

Let the old jokes begin… 

The extra touch is so beautiful!

Neatly trimmed hedges with carved joins so the hedge resembles younger trees |
And in no time at all, it was a done deal. The shrubs looked so extinguished and like I was one to keep up with things!

Oh the lies…

Neatly trimmed hedges with carved joins so the hedge resembles younger trees |
Thing is, it isn’t an actual total lie. I summed up that I still oversaw it getting done, paid for it, and feel very accomplished my yard is just this good looking!

Sometimes I wonder if I ‘should’ have a yard if I’m hiring out this much. However when I compare other yards I’d like to live in, they tend to need even MORE work.

This was a good exercise in getting things under complete control.

It feels so good to be caught up!

Trimmed tree in the front yard |
Walter couldn’t go home quite yet, for I had saved up some other specialities for him as well.

This tree is the death of me, needing constant pruning. It generally resembles a big fat green leafed pom pom 10 months out of 12. Time to pick up some kinda electrical shrub trimmer me thinks. Because this looks nice!

Trimmed red maple tree in the front yard |

The Japanese maple generally touches the ground, which is actually a look I prefer. However it needs to be cut this short because of how aggressive it gets.

Trimmed hedges beside the rustic shed in the backyard |
With a freshly raked lawn and trimmed shrubs, I feel like I can let out this massive sigh of relief. It’s done, and now I’m ready for snow.

Someone recently said they were amazed I was able to keep up with a house and yard myself.

That was very kind… however much of that credit also extends to the good occasional help I am fortunate enough to have access to. Couldn’t do without it!

So now that my little Canadian yard is all ready for winter, you KNOW I won’t be able to resist sharing

(cover your ears)


*insert high pitched squeal here*

p.s. ‘MY’ palm trees have pruners too!

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9 thoughts on “Surviving the storm and trimming the shrubs

  1. WOW, I JUST LOVE THOSE HEDGES….!!! I would love to have them between me and my neighbors..!! As for raking those leaves… oh boy, I have so many I need to get out there and rake up…ugh..!!

    • They are the bomb!

      When I first moved in, I only had the hedge on the left. I wanted to cover the rickety fence on the right, so I planted a row of fairly established hedges against it to visually remove the fence. It sure worked! But now I need a regular pruner. There’s always something! haha

      They didn’t take all that long to grow. You can get some that grow aggressively or slowly, these are kinda in between so they do need trimming yearly if you wish to keep them nice. But they also don’t spread out all that much.

  2. What a beautiful, spacious yard! And those tall bushes look so nice after Walter trims them. Plus you have that gorgeous view of the mountains beyond the yard. I wouldn’t want to trade that property either.

    And what’s this about your Maui Yard?? I must have missed some posts! Can’t wait to see what you are talking about.

    • Yes… just when I think I want to move on some occasions, the yard and the nearby bike trails pull me back! Figures right? haha

      I’m going on a trip to Maui next week… and like to refer to my fav condo as ‘mine’. In fact, I’ve claimed the entire island… just in case you didn’t know. LOL

  3. Your yard looks beautiful and that Walter is an artist. I’m a bit jealous, but also inspired. Safe travels and have a great trip.

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