The perfect little trunk on wheels for your next coffee fix


One of the very best things about going shopping to stock up for a market is, the fact that you’ll land some new stuff.  When my local thrift stores started cooling down with vintage finds, I just stopped shopping, and started gathering old wood instead, so I could make my own ‘old’ stuff. Do your local […]

3 days of junk shopping #1 Harrison Hot Springs

doily pressed pottery at The Back Porch in Harrison Hot Springs BC.05-AM

Welcome to 3 days of junk shopping! #1 – Harrison Hot Springs. Being that last weekend was my birthday (thanks for all the bday wishes you shared HERE), our out of the country plans didn’t transpire due to a change in weather. But I knew I wanted to spend my weekend having something to do […]

PJ 226 – new things that look old


Welcome to Party Junk 226 – New things that look old Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Party Junk! First off, I have a confession. I really miss the link parties starting later on Fridays. The later time offers me more time to blog about […]

Burlap mason jar yardstick message centre


As you may already know from yesterday’s old crate mason jar craft project, I was challenged to walk into Michaels craft store and make something out of new craft materials. So here’s my take on an ever so easy to make burlap mason jar yardstick message centre… made to look repurposed of course. 🙂 I’m […]

Day 3 – Silver bling Christmas tree window shelves


Finding my bathroom window a little boring, simple shelves were installed, which made it possible to create these glitzy silver bling Christmas tree window shelves! The backlit silver really casts a lovely glow and offers an interesting focal point to an otherwise bare and boring window. It was fun to jazz them up for the […]

A funky wall cabinet gallery… with names.


This funky wall cabinet gallery kind of happened by accident. And such a happy one it is! There was this little space in between the fireplace and my blog office that wasn’t all that productive. The trunk holds firewood, but I’ve required more office storage forever. Only issue is, I didn’t want it to take […]

3 – a knock your socks off home tour of The Graphics Fairy

A home tour of The Graphics Fairy

I’m back from Lucketts. What. A. Trip! I’m still trying to adjust to the time change, but the trip was wonderful and the flights uneventful. There wasn’t time to blog while on the road, but if you were a follower of Funky Junk’s Facebook, you were bombarded with current instagrams as they transpired! While it’s […]

Junkin’ at Rusty’s… a picture heavy shopping post


Over the Easter weekend, my son and I head out to our fav local hot spot, Harrison Hot Springs. And our first stop brought us right on Rusty’s doorstep. WHOOOHOOO! This is going to be Part 1 of 3 of our Easter weekend, because I’m a little heavy where pictures are concerned. You don’t mind, […]

Junkin’ at Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques… again

junk shopping at granny and grumpas

If you were to ask me what my most favourite thing in the whole wide world to do would be (other than petting cats), it would be to jump into an empty truck and head for a favourite junk haunt. So on Sunday, we head out to Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques. In for some junk heavy […]