PJ 226 – new things that look old

New things that look OLD - a great collection of DIY projects that have you believing you made your own antiques! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Welcome to Party Junk 226 – New things that look old

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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Party Junk!

First off, I have a confession. I really miss the link parties starting later on Fridays. The later time offers me more time to blog about other things before the all weekend link party fires up. Being that Saturday and Sunday days are available for viewing, I hope you understand! So going forward, we will be returning back to Friday 7pm Pacific, which may alter from time to time to help work around certain events. 

New Things That Look Old

This weekend is a little special. I’ve recently been challenged to create projects with brand new crafts. 

Most will know, this isn’t my typical ‘thing’. I love a good repurposed project and the older looking the better. So I took on the challenge to see how I could possibly make my own antiques.

Here’s what I came up with…

Antique mason jar crate display via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Antique mason jar crate display

This little crate may look like it’s seen better days to some, but to me, it’s flawless just the way it is today. 🙂 

How to antique new mason jar lids via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
How to age new mason jar lids to look old

Here’s how I antiqued brand new mason jar lids to look old and galvanized. They are nearly dead ringers for an old lid I had laying around. Did they convince you?

Repurposed styled message centre via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Burlap board mason jar yardstick message centre

Pairing a vintage ironing board and old door to a few new crafts displayed repurposed style, this little message centre is loaded with organizing ideas any junker would love! Click the link to take it all in.

The reason I did these crafts was for a very special event transpiring this weekend. 100 bloggers will be visiting 100 Michaels craft stores for the Michaels Hometalk Pinterest Party Event! We’ve been busy creating all week long. So here are a few others that had a repurposed feel to them…

Homemade Vanilla Sugar Bottles in a Crate by Celebrating Everyday Life

Homemade Vanilla Sugar Bottles – Celebrating Everyday Life

I LOVE how these new bottles have an ‘old wine bottle’ feel to them. Add some chalkboard labels, a super cool crate and vanilla sugar, and you have something super gorgeous to display or give away as a gift. Adore!

Home Sweet Home Message on aqua bottles by Chipping with Charm
Aqua Home Sweet Home Bottle Project – Chipping with Charm

Laurel’s new take to old aqua mason jars got me. Adding some stencils and chalkboard labels just made them all that much endearing. Wouldn’t these look amazing illuminating a sunny window sill?

Boxwood Birdcage with Mini Chalkboard Banner by Two It Yourself
Boxwood Birdcage with Mini Chalkboard Banner – Two It Yourself

Just like antiques, sometimes you can just stack old looking things and have them done without crafting a thing. The little chalkboard banner just sweetened the deal. Nicely done, Melissa!

Chalkboard Clipboard Banner by Made In A Day
Chalkboard Clipboard Banner – Made In A Day

When I first laid eyes on Kim’s chalkboard clipboards, I wanted them immediately! So charming framed out with that old window.

Chalkboard Banner by Homeroad

Chalkboard banner – Homeroad

Susan’s charming little chalkboards hung banner style chime in perfectly with her surrounding antiques! I also adore how the string was treated… scrapalicious!

These are only a few of the amazing projects that were belted out this week. The rest deserved some limelight as well. If you are one that dabbles with brand new crafts, you will LOVE these! Check them out below!

Have you made your own ‘antiques’ (newtiques?) out of new supplies?
Link them up in this weekend’s themed linkup below!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.31.05 PM


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10 thoughts on “PJ 226 – new things that look old

  1. Hey Donna! so I’m new to the party..but this shouldn’t be too hard for me to pull a few archived articles out. I am a regular at my local thrift stores and am always looking to make old things beautiful again 🙂

    OH and PS thanks for the feature! You’re awesome!
    xo melissa

  2. Those projects are nice, Donna. While I know not everyone has time to go to the thrift stores, garage sales, etc., I think I’ll stick with the old stuff unless it’s made in America.–I want to support the local thrift and junk stores and I like the “feel” of something old. Thanks, I enjoy your posts so much!

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