Enjoying the after Christmas lull….


  Hello! Please come in, but you’ll have to excuse the happy mess. We’re still in our pj’s too! Kaboom! We’re taking in some fireplace/game playing/movie action while eating a little too much. Last night was The Waterhorse in front of a roaring fire. Perfection. We’re visiting family, friends and meeting newbies to the fray. […]

Festive junk food displays for your table


The pristine white and crystal serving dishes are staying in the cupboards this season! (easy to do since I don’t have any crystal)  It’s gonna be an all out junk brawl in this house, serving things up in divine upcycled style! My mom’s teacups will be holding cream cheese and hot pepper jelly. Hey mom! […]

Christmas candle centrepieces out of old bakeware

Rusty junk drain cover Christmas candle centerpiece

  Christmas candle centrepieces out of old bakeware I was called upon to help decorate for my son’s youth Christmas banquet not long ago. 9 Christmas centrepieces were needed as well as other room decor. So I hit the thrift store to see what came to mind. And brought home a bunch of old bakeware, […]

The making of a Stepladder Christmas Tree

stepladder Christmas tree Funky Junk Interiors

By now, you FJI regulars have caught a glimpse of my stepladder Christmas tree this year. You kind of have to do a double take. There’s a stepladder buried in this picture. Here, let me prove it. After the fiasco of landing two bad real trees last year and them both dying within a week, […]