Festive junk food displays for your table

The pristine white and crystal serving dishes are staying in the cupboards this season! (easy to do since I don’t have any crystal)  It’s gonna be an all out junk brawl in this house, serving things up in divine upcycled style!

My mom’s teacups will be holding cream cheese and hot pepper jelly. Hey mom! (waving towards Heaven)

A nice tall metal tin lined with a crisp white napkin or 3 will house the homemade salsa chips or locally made fresh kettle corn… decisions decisions!

My favourite kitchen scale came out of hiding and is the perfect place for the crackers.

Imagine all these vintage lovelies piled tight and layered on the island around the junk centrepiece or counter.. 

It’s gonna be an eclectic mountain of delicious fun!

Notice the photos were taken on my back porch and not inside the house? Well, the house is in true shamble mode. We have lots to do. We’re both donning shovels and are about to clean this place up spic and span for our arriving Christmas Eve guests. 

Music is being selected, food still needs to be purchased from the local deli, you know the drill. I’ll be taking photos for the church’s Christmas Eve program so I need to empty an SD card too. 

Not much time to cook these days with all this going on is there?

Gotta appreciate those samples while you create.. 🙂

SNS will be fired up this evening as usual and run right through the weekend, with all links staying open until Monday evening, 11 pm pacific. So if you’re too stuffed to party in real life, there’s always a party here to frequent. 🙂

Merry Christmas friends! Wishing you a season that will be filled to the brim with incredible new memories! Thank YOU for appreciating and frequenting this little corner of my world. I feel incredibly blessed.


Many other Christmas 2011 projects are in this area. Enjoy!

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28 thoughts on “Festive junk food displays for your table

  1. I love all your cool displays for food!! Looks like fun stuff going on over there 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family!
    Happy Holidays from Louisiana 🙂

  2. What a great way to display your food. You have got a “junky” way of thinking for everything…love it. Merry Christmas and you be sure tot ake time to relax and enjoy.

  3. Cute ideas already! My house is in a shambles too and I still have presents to wrap. I hate wrapping the clothing stuff the most, for some reason and save them for last. LOL!

    Merry Christmas Donna and the young FJ dude!

  4. I am the queen of the garage sale silver tray. I have many that were $1. I especially like the ones that are engraved with things like Best dog, From the Birthday girls, to so and so from the boys at Cleveland Furnace, etc. I have the same angel food pan that you put the cookies in. I left mine lying around and just found that someone put the top of a fake tree into it. We had this extra piece lying around and couldn’t find the rest of the tree. So now it has a home. They never would have done that if I hadn’t talked about you All Year. Ann

  5. ok-love using the angel food pan for cookies with the center greenery…darn I just gave one of those pans away! and I’m sure that you got lots of ideas for music…but I’ve been really enjoying Pandora on my computer for christmas tunes – with an additional set of speakers hooked up to my computer, its music through the house – merry!
    all the best to you and your family!

  6. LOVE your ideas, as usual. You have the part of my brain that is missing. I have all the same stuff, just never figger out how to use it. Thank you!

    May your days be merry and bright, and may all your heartaches be washed white. Blessings on your new year.

  7. you’ve done it again – taken something ordinary and turned it into extraordinary.

    I was in an antique store yesterday and thought of you as I had a cool kitchen scale in my hand – where to put it, where to put it – so I left it (for now). You’ve got us looking at things in a whole new light. Thanks

    merry christmas

  8. I hope I can squeeze in a few more of thes ideas. So many projects, so little time. I still have to make reindeer food and print my Santa letter. I love your site. Have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for hosting the linkys. Karen@MSEnthusiast

  9. Can I tell you how much I love you?? Before, I would have turned my nose up at all this thrift store junk, but after seeing it on your table, I’m hooked! I can’t wait to do a little after-Christmas shopping.

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