Purging skin care & makeup Wk 7

Learn the safe tricks to purging skin care & makeup Wk 7 in this Marie Kondo cleaning challenge! #mariekondo #purging #cleaning #shelving

Purging skin care & makeup Wk 7

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Based on The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo

Well my friends… we are back with another riveting Monday of purging and cleaning.

And this week, the focus was on cleaning out the skin care products, but I decided since makeup was in the same room, I went full tilt on two bathrooms.

You will also find another video of the process near the end of this post.

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To recap, this is the order which was indicated under miscellaneous in the book:

The order:

  • Skin care products
  • Makeup
  • Accessories
  • Valuables 
  • Electrical equipment, small appliances, cameras, etc.
  • Household equipment
  • Household supplies
  • Kitchen goods
  • Other 
  • Sentimental things – do this last!

Learn how to turn a standard bathroom into a salvaged farmhouse bathroom through this tour! Includes planked popcorn ceiling, farmhouse window molding, board and batten walls, plus!

Take the closet tour HERE

Take the full bathroom tour HERE

My thoughts prior to purging skin care & makeup Wk 7

Before I started the makeup and products challenge, I reasoned I had just done the bathroom closet  last year, so it probably just needed a quick straightening…

I couldn’t have been more wrong! It was as if everything outdated multiplied throughout the year and just got older by 10 more years. How can that be?! I thought I dealt with this already!

I suppose I probably reasoned last year it would be too costly to replace everything, so maybe leave a ‘few outdated things’ just in case…

Not only did I not replace them, I didn’t touch anything.

So out it all went this time! No if, ands or buts.

How to purge and properly dispose of shampoo and makeup in this weekly purging challenge, thanks to Marie Kondo's book! Part of Purging skin care & makeup Wk 7

Purging skin care & makeup Wk 7

I started earlier in the week this round, because I new I had some personal self-care appointments later in the week and would run tight for time.

Good thing… because the first evening I ended up with a massive bag to ditch!

Which really meant, pouring out expired contents and recycling the containers.

What a job! Purging is one thing, but cleaning out was entirely another.

Each little bottle was opened, poured out, then rinsed out as well as I could.

I also had the benefit of using our garbage day app that our city provides. Whatever product I entered, I hit search and it told me how to best dispose of it. So helpful!

While I worked on this part, I shared a quick clip on Instagram Stories which helped keep me on task. If I share a before, they expected an after, right?! Thank goodness for self-set expectations…

So here’s how I ended up disposing shampoo and other products:

Safely purging skin care & makeup Wk 7

  • Dump contents in garbage, food bin or down drain – whichever is applicable to the fluid
  • Rinse out all plastic containers really well, then place into recycling
  • Donate any products still good to those you know or if still sealed, to a thrift store.
  • Take aerosol cans to the appropriate depot.

How to safely dispose of and recycle hair care products and makeup. Part of purging skin care & makeup Wk 7 #purging #cleaning #mariekondo

The outcome

After ditching expired products, I ended up with this massive basket to recycle. It was embarrassing that I had that amount to throw out, never-mind storing it in the first place. No wonder that bathroom closet became such a mess over time.

But I even found things like 2 old first aid kits I’ll donate to the thrift store. I have at least 4 boxes of bandages already so I certainly don’t need more! In fact, I think I’ll donate more bandages too…

Oh… and among the surplus finds, I ended up with 8 nail clippers! I’m the only one that lives here by the way…

A small bag was also made up to give to my son to use at his place.

Take the salvaged farmhouse bathroom tour of this pretty master bath with ladder towel hanging, vintage molding and planked ceiling.

Extra deep cleaning

So, clearing out stuff was one thing, but it still left other things messy.  I decided to push this challenge further and deep clean both the ensuite and this master bathroom while I was at it.

All vanity cabinets and drawers were wiped out spotless, and any organizing containers dumped, washed, and replaced with far less inside of them.

Learn how to make this funky board and batten type attic wall treatment to enhance hanging towel options in a master bathroom.

The ceilings, baseboards and attic wall treatment were also vacuumed and I still plan to take down and wash the light fixtures and wipe down the walls.

The ensuite cabinet is completely empty now except for the toilet paper surplus I keep there. I don’t even remember the last time I gutted and wiped it down. But it’s now nearly empty and I LOVE it!

You can take the full salvaged farmhouse bathroom tour HERE

By the way, I have not finished the ensuite so that’s on my 2020 list!

Learn how to make this shutter shelving that sits behind the toilet. Compact storage that's totally up-cycled!

I also rounded up a couple of vacuum attachments I’ve never used before (you know the types) and really went to town on this shutter shelf shown above.

The shutters were so dusty I was going to get rid of the shelf! But I managed to get it clean and it looks just like the picture again! Thank goodness for weird vacuum attachments. I guess they were designed for something worthwhile even though I still don’t know what.

Learn how to make this funky yardstick and checkerboard toilet paper holder that houses 4 rolls of paper! Never run out again.

The brush attachment also did an amazing job at cleaning the checkerboard toilet paper holder. While I love this piece, it can be a bit of a pain to clean, so now I can easily!

Learn the safe tricks to purging skin care & makeup Wk 7 in this Marie Kondo cleaning challenge! #mariekondo #purging #cleaning #shelving

My realizations this week:

Every week I seem to think I don’t have much of a given topic, I appear to be quickly corrected once I start working. I have way more than I think I do.

And I officially vow to stop bringing home shampoo and soap sample packs when visiting hotels. What a waste. I’ve yet to ever open one and use it and had to dump plenty, so that will stop.

The above picture was of the bathroom closet last year. I have MUCH less this year, but lost daylight for a new picture. So this one is close and will do.

Video below

Click below to watch a recap of this week and my recycling trips downtown too! (if you don’t see a video, please turn off your ad-blocker and it will show up)

Next – Accessories & valuables

Looks like accessories is on the list next. But I don’t even know what that means. LOL Maybe hairdryers, etc?  I dealt with extras on that this week too.

But the book does say this:

“I recommend this particular order… but you don’t really need to worry about the order as long as you do one subcategory at a time. And things like sports equipment, etc. should be included as its own category.’

There’s lots of things I have that don’t even make her list, such as tools, paint and such. Yikes. Hopefully I’ll get to that once the weather starts to warm up.

So I will plan for accessories & valuables / and maybe even start the electrical equipment part. Cya on Instagram and Facebook stories soon!


Your turn!

Are you following this challenge?

What did you work on last week?

How did you make out?

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5 thoughts on “Purging skin care & makeup Wk 7

  1. Your video just made my day. I threw “medical” items from 2013 until now…who keeps these things 7 yrs. I beat you on nail clippers – 18 total from 3 bathrooms! Such a good feeling to let go of so much obviously not being used.

  2. Next time take all those unused hotel soaps and shampoos to a homeless shelter or local church who will donate them to needy people.

  3. Ooh, a good bathroom clean out is always therapeutic! And I love your bathroom–it’s so bright and pretty! Would suggest that old medications (OTC or prescription) should never be flushed–they get into the water supply. Either trash them or check for local disposal. My town has a twice yearly Hazardous Waste Disposal day, and the local police participate to take unused/out of date medications in the original container for proper disposal. Empty script bottles can be cleaned out and should go into recycling with no problem, though.

  4. Ugh! I do this about every six months or so. It’s amazing how many OTC meds have expired. I find stuff I don’t want to throw “thinking” I may need it and then it expires. What a cycle! I moved from 2400+ sq feet to 960 sq feet. I cannot decide which pictures to get rid of so I have hung them all up on the walls (18 each in two rooms alone!) and have decided to eliminate what I can force myself to let go of one at a time until I have a “reasonable” amount in a room. Sentimental items are my biggest problem. You did a beautiful job! Thanks again for the challenge. It has helped me a lot. Guess I just needed a little push.

  5. I take all my small size unopened items to a place here that hands it out to at risk teens. I always feel good about helping them and decluttering at the same time.

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