Recycling CDS DVDS and floppy disks – Wk 6

Learn how I am recycling CDS DVDS and floppy disks - Wk 6 for the Marie Kondo purging challenge!

Learn how I am safely and securely recycling CDS DVDS and floppy disks – Wk 6 for the Marie Kondo purging challenge with tips and video!

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Based on The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo

Well my friends… we are back with another riveting episode of purging! And this week, the focus was on recycling CDS DVDS and floppy disks.

I am working off of the advice of Marie Kondo’s book, and under miscellaneous, this is the order suggested: (recap from Week 5’s post is HERE)

The order:

  • Skin care products
  • Makeup
  • Accessories
  • Valuables 
  • Electrical equipment, small appliances, cameras, etc.
  • Household equipment
  • Household supplies
  • Kitchen goods
  • Other 
  • Sentimental things – do this last!

So… CDs and DVDs, huh? Let’s throw floppy disks and VHS tapes in there too! (snicker)

I mean, who even really stocks these any longer with all the latest movie streaming through Netflix or downloading software online these days?!

So I figured I’d get through the DVD category in a snap and move onto the next. Maybe even get in another TWO!

Until I actually started… (this post contains some affiliate links)

Purging floppy disks and DVDs


Learn how I am recycling CDS DVDS and floppy disks - Wk 6 for the Marie Kondo purging challenge!

Crammed deeply in the corner of the laundry room shelves to the right sat these floppy disks from my signmaking company. Drawers of them! I use to back up all my digital files this way, so essentially, these are copies in case the hard drive died.

And to the right are DVD backups once this fancy pants way to back up came into play. I think I use to back up once a week? Daily?! So there were lots!

I searched online to see how to destroy these safely and so many write ups said to do it manually by snapping the DVDs in half and tearing apart the floppy disk. Ugh! Maybe if I had just a few, but I had SO many.

So I did find out that a USP place near me will destroy and shred them for a price. Into the truck they went!

Here’s how I am recycling CDS DVDS and floppy disks so you don’t have to wonder like I did!

How to safely purge and recycle Floppy Disks, CDs and DVDs:

Floppy Disks

  • Open case, remove film and cut up, then discard the plastic to an appropriate recycler or shredder
  • If a trustworthy source, take the works as-is to get shred and recycled.

CD’s / DVD’s

  • Wrap CD / DVD in plastic or cloth, then snap in half and take to a recycler or shredder.
  • If a trustworthy source, take the works as-is to get shred and/or recycled.

How I am emptying this pallet and vintage crate TV media stand that use to house movie CDs and DVDs.

Purging DVDs and VHS movies


Another area I rather dreaded was going through these two crates under the TV.

I actually worked on this last year so I got the worst over with then. But these crates held movies from WAY back that were hard to part with due to memories.

We’re talking Disney Classic movies, lotsa kiddie movies, and some reg adult movies.

Notice I still have a DVD player too? It hasn’t been turned on in years!

I watch movies on Netflix these days so I’m not even sure I need the DVD player or any movies! Someone reminded me it may be worth saving a few of my very favorite movies I like watch now and then, because Netflix doesn’t keep stuff online forever. Duly noted…

Do you still have a DVD player or did you get rid of yours?

Old vintage crates that use to store movie DVDs now house paper and firewood kindling for the fireplace.

So anyway, I ended up GUTTING these crates. Both of them. I honestly have a desire to maybe save two movies. That’s it!

As the TV sits right next to the fireplace,  it pleases me to no end to now use these crates for paper and kindling. Makes so much more sense! It’s space needed for that and now it’s wisely used without that stuff sticking out into the room in other crates and such.

This move right here really made a big impact on added living room space.

Learn how I am recycling CDS DVDS and floppy disks - Wk 6 for the Marie Kondo purging challenge!

How to purge movies worth a 2nd glance

  • Save only the ones you know you will watch again
  • Sell the rest online (I use a local Facebook bidding site)
  • Drop them off at a thrift store
  • Donate them somewhere or give away to others

And now the harder part. I’m piling all the CDs and DVDs into categories and will list them online to sell for someone else to enjoy. I personally use a Facebook bidding site you can read about HERE

And if they don’t sell or leave for free, I’ll take them to a thrift store.

Or I may get sick of this listing business and take it to the thrift anyway! I think sometimes taking pics and glorifying something you are trying to get rid of quickly makes you procrastinate, increasing your chances of not getting rid of it at all.

I don’t like delaying a decision. But a few extra dollars for the odd Starbucks tea latte is nice too…

Cleaning out large file boxes... this was hard, but so necessary! Part of Purging paperwork and Wk 5's misc challenge.

Purging files and paperwork


This past weekend, I finally brought ALL these file boxes I talked about last week, plus the DVDs and floppies and even some machines to recycling and shredding places. GONE! All gone! I waited until Saturday to make one big run, then ended up visiting my son in the evening, so it was one very productive and enjoyable day!

How to safely purge files and paperwork

  • Open boxes / files and remove plastics or anything that is not mostly paper.
  • Stapes and paperclips are ok to leave, so I’ve been told.
  • Research a shredding place that guarantees they will lock your goods into storage and shred onsite on a given day. This keeps your information safe.
  • Safest yet? Bring your goods in the same day they shred and watch it being done. Sounds extreme but it is an option.
  • Bring your boxes home with you if it saves you money, then give them away or recycle them through your garbage pickup. I saved about $10 by bringing the boxes back home with me.

My realizations this week:


This purging process is going slower than I had anticipated. But I do feel elated when I can drive off with a pile!

It’s hard work. It’s physical because you have to lug stuff around. But it’s also mental because you have to decide what to keep and what to toss, then how, then implement. All the steps take a lot of time and thought and revisiting.

At the moment, it feels never ending, as if the more I pull out, the more there is to pull out, as if it’s multiplying somehow. But I suppose that’s what pack ratting does. Stuff is stored in layers. Gotta un layer it!

But it must be making an impact, because if you’re left with less stuff, then there’s just less. Right?!

Can you imagine having to move with so much stuff?! I think that’s another reason I ditched that dream.  It was just too much for me to even think about, let alone do. So perhaps that dream isn’t off the shelf completely… time will tell.


Click below to watch a recap of this week and my recycling trips downtown too!

Reclaimed wood bathroom shelving

This next week

So, according to my list, skin care and makeup are next, so looks like I’ll be gutting the bathroom closet once again! Yuk! But I want it to look like the picture above again so it is what it is. Stay tuned…

Keep sharing?

Would you still like me to share what’s going on every week, or prefer less seldom or ?

I do think posting each week about each category is keeping me in check! But I want this to be a wanted thing by you too. Lemme know your thoughts in comments… still helping, or are you over it? LOL


Your turn!

Are you following this challenge?

What did you work on last week?

How did you make out?

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14 thoughts on “Recycling CDS DVDS and floppy disks – Wk 6

  1. Yes, yes, yes keep sharing! Your post and pics are my inspiration to keep going at purging more and more. Your comment about the more you pull out, the more there is to pull out is SO true and made me laugh! I love the weekly challenges because it keeps me focused on one category and getting something done so I can “share” at the end of the week.

  2. GM Donna!

    First let me say, LOVE YOUR POSTS! I have been a follower on your blog, not a Facebook person. I pass your posts along to my nieces and friends all the time. Have loved the purging topic. I have been slowly over the past few years been purging, and of late…paperwork. My handicapped daughter loves to shred, so she has helped me ALOT! Seeing the bottom of that pile soon. And today’s read about CD’s DVDS, etc….oh another topic. Because no matter how much I have organized those items….they do just keep getting out dated and no longer needed in this fast tech world we live in. And I do love all the new tech!! Anyway, keep your Blog post going, for I love to read all the topics, travels, and GREAT projects!!!

  3. Good Goin’!!!! Not an easy thing to do. We do still have our dvd player and some movies. We plan to put them in the quest room for their enjoyment or if I want to watch and hubby has other things he wants to watch. YES UPS will shred when the pile get too high. And you also figure out stuff you had that you can use instead of buying something. Kind of like your own dept store. Keep going. Your doing great

  4. I like the weekly posting of the purging process…helps me focus also. I am a bit behind you…still working on the paper stuff. I have household papers, old work papers and reference books, plus craft room papers. I purged CD’s and DVD’s last summer so this paper section will take me longer and then I will catch up. Thanks for the push.

  5. I got a chuckle when you asked if anyone had a DVD player anymore? Not only do we have a DVD player, but we also have a VHS video player to watch the old videos! Our church has a huge (and I mean huge) rummage sale twice a year and they always have tons of electronics (video players, flat screen TVs, lamps, etc) that are tested and then priced really cheap. (Like $2 cheap for a VHS player). The ultimate sellers are the old smaller TVS with the VHS player built in that still works. People buy these like crazy for their small kids so they can watch whatever videos they want in their own bedroom (which means the Disney VHS tapes go fast too). Shoppers also come in on sale day and just scoop up all DVDs into a bag and buy them in bulk. I think they must sell them online. I wouldn’t have a patience for that, but seeing how excited some people get when they find a treasure is its own reward!

  6. Well done with this. Having had to move from Tasmania to Greece just over a year ago I had to do this big time. I had to sell, give away or throw away almost everything I owned. I don’t have much now… but you know how it is… I cant resist something pretty or broken and I’m the one people offer things to… So until I get a space to use as a workshop I have to limit that to what will fit in my tiny apartment. When I get a workshop, WATCH OUT. I’ll be back! LOL

  7. Hi Donna,
    Yes, please keep posting – it’s nice to have company while we are doing this.
    It helps to know that you are not alone in all this fun!
    Downsizing my mother from home to apartment, apartment to nursing home, and three room moves really makes you think about why you keep all this stuff. I really don’t want my two boys to have to go through that if I can help it.
    The other hard part is when family members move and they give YOU stuff – then you have all that to go through as well!
    We downsized about nine years ago and were able to get rid of a lot of stuff then, but I need to do it again. It feels so good once you are done. It is so worth it!

  8. Yes please keep sharing as it’s helping go through my stuff too.
    I’m fortunate to live near a place called Half Price Books to take dvds, records, and books to. They don’t give much money in return but it keeps it all out of landfills. Question– when you put “click below to watch a video” where is the video???? I’m not seeing one or perhaps I’m just tech challenge.
    I don’t own a tv or a dvd player but I do own a laptop with a dvd player so I watch my movies that way– it works for me as an empty nester.

    • Hi Mimi!

      The video looks like a picture with a triangle in the middle of it. If you don’t see that, can you please screenshoot and send me what you do see with this info?

      Device used (laptop or iphone)

      Browser used (Chrome or Safari)

      email me at

      I’d love to investigate as you aren’t the first one to say this. Thanks!


  9. So good to get this post and hear what you are experiencing in the purge plan. Like you mentioned, Everything is taking soooo much looonger than I anticipated. And in the meantime life happens and I lose momentum and focus. And some days I don’t care and wish it would all just go away. Since that isn’t going to happen your posts are like a fresh breeze in a hot dry desert. So needed and so welcome. Please keep them coming as often and detailed as you want because they are fuel to my efforts to get a lot done before Spring.
    Onward and upward!!!!

  10. Wow, now that’s a library! Glad that works for you! I myself adore the fact that I can watch to my heart’s content and not have to store a thing. It’s nice we get to choose, isn’t it?

  11. Hi, I got here from a hometalk link where you cleaned up your workbench. I LOVED THE BEFORE !
    It felt so familiar to me… because I too was a signmaker; only handlettering with a brush.
    BUT your shelving ideas are great.
    Keep up the good work..

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