Cleaning accessories and valuables (and windows) Wk 8

A subway styled dresser that gets cleaned of its contents for the Marie Kondo cleaning challenge!

Cleaning accessories and valuables (and windows) Wk 8

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Based on The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo (aff link)


Confession: I took a two week hiatus from cleaning.

Reason being? I tackled another VERY big topic that positively took over. Updating my will, going over life insurance, disability insurance, all that fun stuff. NOT.

I actually avoided the over-charges for years because I didn’t want to face it. But I promise once that dust has finally settled, I’ll share a write-up on a few important things I learned along the way. It’s a long process but so many things were left unattended and it feels good to get things back on track for what my needs are today.

So… last week I tackled Cleaning accessories and valuables, so let’s get to it!

There’s also a video to share the process at the bottom of this post.

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To recap, this is the order which was indicated in the book:

The Marie Kondo Order:





  • Skin care products
  • Makeup
  • Accessories
  • Valuables 
  • Electrical equipment, small appliances, cameras, etc.
  • Household equipment
  • Household supplies
  • Kitchen goods
  • Other 
  • Sentimental things – do this last!

A dresser gets gutted - Cleaning accessories, valuables and windows Wk 8 of the Marie Kondo cleaning challenge!

Cleaning accessories and valuables (and windows) Wk 8

So, my first thought was, what did accessories even mean? And I don’t own valuables so I didn’t think I had much to do.

I decided to tackle the dresser in my bedroom which really became a massive junk drawer of memory things, books, nylons (I don’t wear), and… my valuables…

Passports and fake pearls - part of cleaning accessories, valuables and windows Wk 8 of the Marie Kondo cleaning challenge!

… consisting of our passports and fake pearls! My phone is worth more…

But that’s ok, that dresser was a fiasco and needed dealing with.

PS: I just looked in the Kondo book… and she lists passports as valuables! I guessed right! Who knew. 

A subway styled dresser gets gutted - part of cleaning accessories, valuables and windows Wk 8 of the Marie Kondo cleaning challenge!

There was no other way to do it. Dumping the entire dresser contents worked! It allowed me to categorize the contents and start chucking stuff out.

I ended up throwing out two big bags worth of old paperwork and such.

But the best part (there is a good part) on this was finding a few memory keepsakes which I share in the video below. Anyone remember Sen Sen?

A subway styled dresser gets gutted - part of cleaning accessories, valuables and windows Wk 8 of the Marie Kondo cleaning challenge!

I even ended up with a whole empty drawer!

Learn how to make this black and white subway styled dresser with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils! #subway #dresser #furnituremakeover #funkyjunkinteriors

Read subway dresser tutorial HERE

It was nice to see the dresser perfectly clean again, inside and out!

Which reminded me, I meant to make a new stand for this newer larger TV that could better house the speakers like I did with the original TV HERE. Maybe I’ll work on that this week…

Cleaning out the dresser didn’t take all that long, so I decided to push the envelope a little more and deep clean the entire master bedroom as well.

I’ve been purging like mad and while it’s getting more spacious, it wasn’t feeling cleaner. So grabbing a bucket of soapy water and a toothbrush and scrub brush, I decided to tackle the windows.

How to clean windows and window tracks to sparkling brand new condition!

How to clean windows and window tracks to sparkling brand new condition!

Cleaning the windows

I don’t remember the last time I cleaned the window tracks. They were disgusting. So I:

  • removed the windows and screens
  • vacuumed the window tracks with a brush tip
  • scrubbed down the tracks with the brushes
  • washed the screens in the bathtub under the shower head
  • wiped down the loose windows
  • and cleaned the outside of the window before assembling everything back together again

What a difference! I haven’t seen them this white since…. the day they were put in? LOL

And it made me realize, there is absolutely no need to hire anyone to wash the 2nd story outside windows since I can do it myself from the inside… no ladder required!

Hmm… may add a window a week after this.

The outside mountain view through a bedroom window.

And you know your windows and screens are clean when you can take a picture through them both and it looks like neither are there! Crazy, right?!

Learn how to make a faux barn door headboard from barnwood and junk! #bedroom #headboard #funkyjunkinteriors #ladders #barnwood

After the windows, I decided to just clean every square inch of the bedroom. It’s now spotless under the bed with nothing stored under it, and everything that could get wiped down did, including the ladder side table thing.

I missed out on cleaning the ceiling fan (which I want to replace!) because our town had a community dinner I wanted to be a part of. So yup, I let them cook for me as a reward for my efforts!


My realizations while cleaning accessories and valuables

As I was scrubbing down one window, I was actually sore after that. That was only ONE. 

The mere thought of doing all my windows nearly sent me packing and flying to Maui! (don’t even tempt me at this point)

Thing is, this cleaning thing is a full-time job. And if I start decorating, the cleaning will slip. And visa versa.

I’m not certain what the answer is… but I’m hoping as things diminish and get more in control, cleaning becomes easier.

So I’m going to slow down a little if need be so I can incorporate fun projects too.

Plus I still want to travel. Somewhere. Sometime…

Let’s not forget to live, my friends. We can do it all! Just not all at once.

Video below

Click below to watch a recap on how this week went with accessories, valuables and window washing with a few memory makers found…

Next – Electrical equipment, small appliances, cameras, etc.


Hmm… ok, so Marie says this means anything that seems vaguely electric, including cords. CORDS. My nemesis.

I do have an old broken camera so perhaps I’ll list the lenses… but the old video camera when my kiddo was a baby? Not sure about letting that go as I’d need it to run the tapes!

Egads. I can tell this one will prove challenging.

And I will also pick a nearby area to deep clean so when I walk away, I can SEE the clean.

I also have two town appointments this week, one taking me on my first Vancouver, BC train ride so that should prove interesting! And yes, you’re coming along for that adventure too!


Your turn!

Are you following this challenge?

What did you work on last week?

How did you make out?

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9 thoughts on “Cleaning accessories and valuables (and windows) Wk 8

  1. Where have I been?! When did you stencil your dresser drawers?! Love it! I’ve been deep cleaning my bathroom. Now there’s a room that takes a beating. Goodness it gets away from us, doesn’t it. It feels so good to accomplish!

    • Oh that dresser was done long ago! I’ve actually wanted to update it to something new for some time! Maybe I’ll work on that too… LOL

      Good for you on tackling a whole room. It really does have a special sharpness to it after it’s completely done!

  2. So my Spring break begins in 2 weeks, I will have 2 weeks to organize everything. I plan on figuring out the workshop (again). I will also be attacking all the screens on a nice day. I remove them for the winter and store them in the shed. I love that dresser. You could even write a post about stenciling the sides of your drawers! LOL Great post!

    • Bhahhaa! I’d like to redo the dresser with a new take so perhaps at that time I’ll consider the sides of the drawers since that has now become a thing, thanks for the push!

      Interesting you take your screens down during the winter! Why is that? I have to keep my cats inside and I open windows year around so they need to stay on. I do remember my parents on the farmhouse taking down screens to mount storm windows though! Forgot about all that. Neat memory!

  3. One of my goals following “From Crap to Clean” is to unburden my life so cleaning is less time consuming and I have time for things I want to do like projects, decorating, reading, traveling, etc….exactly what you said! I want to “own” my house & life and not have both “own” me, if that makes sense. Thanks again, Donna, for the weekly encouragement.

    • You’re right… thanks for the reminder that we WILL get there eventually! Just gotta keep at it.

      My personal motivation is not having my family deal with what’s stockpiled should something happen to me while the load is heavy. I am pretending I’m moving so I ditch more!

      I have been asking myself, “If I was moving, would I want this in my new place?”

      It makes it easer to decide for sure! Whatever works, right? LOL

      Glad the weekly shares are encouraging you!

  4. I have what we call the Big Blue Book (just a blue binder) where I keep all of the information either me or my husband would need if one of us was no longer here. Each year in January I update it. It holds insurance policy info, home information about remodels, termite control, etc., all the links and passwords to pay our bills online, etc. I try to write new things down as the year goes along but really don’t do that much except once a year when I update the documents and place them in the book. Makes both of us feel better that we have one place to go to with all the info we might need. This year I also cleaned out my four drawer wooden file cabinet and got rid of all the old folders with things that were no longer needed. Even though I didn’t yet spring clean my office where they reside, I still feel much more organized! LOL

    • Hi Donna,
      Well, I am almost finished. I am trying to get the whole house done. We still have to do my husband’s clothes, etc. and the garage. We will tackle that when it warms up!
      I just have a few small things to go through.
      I also am planning on doing the same with the cottage.
      It is a lot of work but it is very satisfying. I love seeing everything clean and organized.
      I am retiring this year from my part time job and am looking forward to sewing, quilting, painting, etc. and spending time with my grandchildren.
      Thanks for your inspiration! It really helps knowing you are not alone.

  5. I’ve been purging, and deep cleaning too and it feels so good. I’m tackling some cupboards in my basement tomorrow on my day off in anticipation to a trip to Goodwill on Friday 🙂

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