How I built a rustic reclaimed wood garden fence – part 4

building a reclaimed wood garden fence-003

  There is nothing quite like an unplanned project. Because no planning appears to work best in these parts! So thanks to my lack of due diligence, I’m taking you waaaay back to the garden shed and fence project that was started last summer. As a refresher… Here’s Part 1 where we first cleaned up. Welcome back […]

Big girl lawn gear and new grass update – part 3


“Is your grass seed growing yet?” As you may remember, I had Walter my pruner pay a visit, and over several days, we removed some overgrown flowerbeds and shrubs, and planted grass seed instead. I thought I was so smart. It had rained for several days and the newly seeded grass did indeed sprout! So So […]

The real garden shed and fence gets cleaned up – part 1


As most of you already know, this little rustic shed I often feature out back isn’t a real garden shed at all. It morphed from a greenhouse, and today houses firewood, while becoming a cute focal point to the backyard through a sawhorse potting bench, added shutters, and so forth. What I HAVEN’T really shown you […]