Big girl lawn gear and new grass update – part 3

Lawn sprinkler watering newly seeded grass |

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“Is your grass seed growing yet?”

As you may remember, I had Walter my pruner pay a visit, and over several days, we removed some overgrown flowerbeds and shrubs, and planted grass seed instead.

I thought I was so smart. It had rained for several days and the newly seeded grass did indeed sprout! So So when Walter called and asked me that question, I answered him with a proud and vibrant, “YES! It’s growing!”

Because, you know… I really know my lawn seed stuff it appears… 

But the next question had me cringing…

“Are you watering it regularly? It’s really important to keep the new blades wet. Lots of folks think once it sprouts it’s ok to leave but that’s when ya gotta water more than ever.”

Ohhhh… ok then.  I’m just glad Walter is such a good lawn babysitter because it appears this grown woman needs exactly that.

I was getting out there (now and then) with the hand sprayer attachment thing, but the hose didn’t even reach all the seed areas. I just reasoned once it started raining, all would be well, right?

Wrong. Apparently out here, grass seed only takes for so long, then it doesn’t any longer.

So I did a big girl thing, and bought my first water sprinkler!

I kid you not.

New lawn sprinkler and water hose to help a newly seeded lawn grow |

Growing up on the farm, we never ever watered the lawn. Nature, and a field turned mowed field grass lawn with plenty of weeds to keep things nice and green is how we rolled.

As I moved into my own places, we may or may not have watered the lawn. I can’t even remember. However I can guarantee you, the last 10 years I’ve lived here, not a drop of pretend rain has hit these grass blades. I’m not against it! I just didn’t bother.

When I had a back then outdoor cat, I refused to feed the lawn with anything, so therefore I also didn’t bother watering. 

I lived my mom’s theory about brown blades. “The grass is resting.”

Agree! I love resting grass just fine here too… apparently.

In fact, no one in my neighbourhood ever waters so why would I bother?

Enough excuses yet?

If you guessed I lost interest in keeping up a lush green 24/7 lawn, you would be right.

Newly seeded lawn attempting to grow |

As you can see by this pic, where the rain did hit, some grass is sprouting. Against the house, not so much.

Walter, I do believe you single handedly saved this area.

Newly seeded lawn attempting to grow |
However, I’m thrilled! Baby blades are taking shape everywhere!

Newly seeded lawn attempting to grow |
As soon as the grass is a little more established in this area, I’ll be working on my side of the fence again too.

Hydrangea bush beside a newly seeded lawn attempting to grow |
Hang tough pretty hydrangea, you’ll soon have a pretty new green carpet wrapping around you! 

And no more weeds.

This shot was taken from my patio up above.

Rustic garden shed beside a newly seeded lawn attempting to grow |
I honestly can’t believe behind the shed even sprouted. I couldn’t water it even once due to the short water hose.

Thank goodness for the rain… and very fertile soil! This use to be the compost pile area.

Watering a newly seeded lawn attempting to grow |

Who takes pictures of themselves sprinkling their lawn?

Apparently me. Sorry if this is boring. It was just really exciting for me!

(yes, I should venture out more)

Well, let me tell you, I felt very accomplished with the grass newly cut and trimmed, and watering in full progress. Like I was on top of things!

So good in fact, I even wandered to the front yard and weeded those flowerbeds.

So when I sped off for a bike trail run, it felt GOOD to be on top of it all. This removal of the backyard flowerbed idea indeed appears to be working for me.

Is this what partial retirement feels like?

I did get my first 55 yr old senior’s discount at the thrift store not long ago… still not sure what to think about that.

Grapevines taking over a rustic garden shed |
Grapevines taking over a rustic garden shed |
Now… bear with me as I try and find the garden shed once again!

Then again, if I just allow the leaves to all fall on their own…

What are you doing to your yards this fall? Any special preparation?

See the finished fence HERE

Visit the entire series HERE

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21 thoughts on “Big girl lawn gear and new grass update – part 3

  1. Looks good.

    I have heard that fall is the perfect time to put in new grass, so your timing was perfect. It will be so nice for next year.

    Eager to see what you are doing with your side shed. I am sure you have lots and lots of ideas.

    • Ohhh I can’t wait to get going on it! Waiting for a section of the fence to be finished before I can start… hope we have nice weather this fall – winter! Not sure I want to wait until spring…

  2. There have to be some perks to getting older! Take that senior discount with zest-so many don’t make it that long! It’s good to do new things, even if it’s watering the lawn!

  3. Sweetie … I love Big Gurl Lawn tools! I have several flower beds I have shaped and molded over the years. It takes a lot of work, but I love it. I had major back surgery in shyly, so this year I haven’t been able to get to the weeding. Thank goodness for two teenage grandsons who love to help their Granny. They saved my flowers from being overtaken by weeds. If you check my FB page, you’ll see my flowers.
    Have yourself a beautiful Fall day!

    • Nice you have help from time to time! I call Walter the pruner to do anything that involves a ladder myself! haha

      I’m planning to enhance my front yard flowerbeds next spring now that I have a little more time for it. I’ll never get rid of those.

  4. Haha…you go girl! We’re never too old to learn something new,but I am really surprised you didn’t know this! But either did my husband,and we had several discussions about that,especially after he let newly planted Hostas die…from not getting the water sprinklers over there. I hate hearing grown men whine,don’t you????

    • Ha! I’ve always been blessed with pretty nice lawns so have never had a need to play around with grass seed. Not sure I’m a fan of it… maybe turf is more my thing? Wait, you still have to water that too I think?

      I think I like enhancing existing lawns better… learning!

    • Oh Holly, you are so kind, yes I do it myself aside from hiring Walter the pruner a couple times a year. That’s probably why I could make taking care of the place my actual full-time job!

      Funny… I mainly see what still needs to be done. Thanks for the new set of eyes! I’m hopeful the yard will be better next summer thanks to the reduced flowerbeds. We shall see…

  5. I am looking forward to my seniors discount (a few months away yet), I have earned it and I am happy to still be alive and kicking. I have a friend who is rather peevish about it and says she will refuse it even when she qualifies, as if that will keep her from aging any more.
    After four kids, a divorce, loss of loved ones in death and much more I am just thrilled to be where I am at today. a number does not change who I am or my value to others. Rock the discount!

  6. Hi all,

    Here in Australia we get our Seniors Discount Card when we turn 60years.
    So yes I have mine and am lucky enough to have used it several times and next week is Seniors week and we get things like free train travel local and country plus lots of other bits and bobs.

    Its Spring here and have just come in from digging over – again – my veggie beds. Our lawns and weeds here are so green and growing so much that they need mowing weekly – lucky have my son to do the mowing.

    Love the size of your Hydrangea (tree). Do enjoy reading about what you are getting up too.

    Take care, Cheers Jo

  7. One of my friends is a landscaper and she is preparing my garden for fall and winter. The front is all done and on to the back soon! I cannot do much as always get hand and arm swelling even with gloves! Must be some kind of allergy!

  8. Hah Donna you do it every time you just crack me up ?
    I love reading your emails & you have amazing gifts whether your blogging or making a masterpiece you always manage to pull out all the stops. Your such a tonic for my very soul don’t ever change hun for anyone but yourself . Your an amazing lady & stronger than you give yourself credit fòr you just carry on doing what your doing & in your own time xxx

    • Oh my goodness… how kind are you? While I was writing this post, I felt a little ridiculous and laughed the whole way through. Seriously… a post about a lawn sprinkler?!

      Yes, progress sure can take forever in these parts, however I’ll accept any kinda progress I can get!

  9. Great post Donna, thanks for the laughs. I removed all my lawn, front and back yards due to the lovely California drought. I loved having beautiful green grass especially after I mowed it. Oh well.

    This Fall I am trying my luck at a winter garden. I have never done this but we shall see. It might end up all out war with the squirrels but that is okay, they need to eat too.

    Thinking about removing some concrete in my side yard to add two more raised beds for more veggies.

    As a recent early retiree, wanted to try retirement to make sure I like it, I find that my project list has grown. No complaints.

    Have a great day!

    • “… they need to eat too.” haha

      Good luck on that winter garden! I hope you share your progress in another one of my own progress reports!

      I kinda get the growing list thing. Now that I have no back yard to worry about, I want to enhance the front yard flowerbeds. Not entirely sure this is actual progress…

  10. I am so happy for you and understand your excitement for your new lawn…but what I CANNOT get over is that you are 55???? I DO NOT believe it. You look fantastic for 55:o)

  11. We’re in Spring here in Australia and we’ve been weekend warriors building 5 raised garden beds for vegetables (with automatic watering systems ?). After summer, we will be lifting a large area of paving, preparing the soil and laying new lawn. We’re keen to green up our backyard, as the previous owners of our house (we bought it at the end of last year) hated gardening. Everything is paved and the garden beds are “mulched” with large river pebbles. I’m fortunate to have inherited the contents of my dad’s garden shed, so we have sprinklers, hoses and irrigation fittings to last us an eternity! We just need to add all the greenery that needs watering!

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