Easy DIY wood screwdriver organizer

workshop wood screwdriver organizer

  Learn how to build a handy screwdriver organizer with 1 scrap piece of wood! Easy to make, quick to grab, that helps keep your workshop organized! What a summer this is turning out to be! I currently have hired a handyman doing some long overdue projects to the outside of the house that I […]

An antique tools garage workshop you can park in! – Part 4

compact garage workshop

Learn how to turn a single car garage into a functional garage workshop that also serves as a parking space! Complete with a rustic antique tools wall gallery! When I first had the dream of parking in my single car garage, I honestly thought the only way I could manage that feat was to ditch […]

Easy and inexpensive DIY adjustable shelves from reclaimed wood!

adjustable wood paint shelves Funky Junk Interiors

Adjustable shelves are practical and versatile, but they can be expensive to buy. Here’s how to make your own inexpensive adjustable shelves from reclaimed wood which are very easy to customize to any size desired! They look stunning and work even better to store paint, craft supplies, tools and more! Here’s how to build these […]

Easy DIY industrial metal pipe hanging bar for storage


Need a little extra storage help? Here’s how to make a simple hanging bar with metal pipes to create easy, heavy duty storage pipe hooks to hang anything! In my quest to further organize my little photo studio, I have a new industrial pipe project I didn’t even realize I was going to make! My […]

DIY wood coffee bar cabinet with door – to store anything!


How to build a rustic wood Organic Coffee bar cabinet with hidden bulletin board! Stylish storage for anything that hides all the clutter! When I recently cleaned the kitchen, the same challenge kept creeping up. Where can I store some woodworking tools upstairs without actually seeing them? Crates on a wall kitchen storage I LOVE […]