How to make DIY wooden pumpkins. Easy and fun!

DIY wooden pumpkins for easy fall decor

Have you ever tried making wooden pumpkins? It’s easier than you might think! Gather scrap wood along with this unique stencil kit, and customize yours for fall! Happy fall! Have you started fall decorating yet? I admit I have not. So I felt it was time to grab some scrap wood and see what unique […]

Make easy DIY wooden pumpkins (with Pumpkin Patch sign)

Wood pumpkins with Pumpkin Patch sign using fall stencils

If you love rustic fall decor, you will adore creating these easy DIY wooden pumpkins made from blocks of wood, grapevine stems and stencils, complete with their own mini Pumpkin Patch sign! They make the perfect fall decor shelf sitters or anywhere else desired. Here’s how! As you may already be aware, I personally am […]

Welcome Fall quirky reclaimed wood pumpkin sign


This summer when I painted my front door Bayberry green, I was soooo looking forward to playing with fall and Christmas decor against it! It’s such a lovely natural moss green tone that just seems to go with anything. Nature never fails as inspiration, does it? So blame this project on my 2nd Starbucks pumpkin […]

Landing the great fall pumpkin and chrysanthemum mother lode


I’m pretty sure I’ve said more than once I don’t really go all out for fall decorating. I don’t know why. I ADORE the season in BC, along with the crisp, cool air, comfort foods, good excuses to pick up a fav latte, (pumpkin spice, half the flavour, topped with whip cream please) and layered, cozy clothing […]

Happy cheater Halloween decorating! No carving required.


Happy cheater Halloween decorating! No carving required. These days with a 14 year old in the house that has no desire to hit the streets for candy (because mom bought a ton and it’s inside a nice cozy warm home)… we’ll be staying home tonight. And since my boy also had no real desire to […]