How to make today count.

How to make today count... an inspiring read on how to make each day meaningful to you in some small way.

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Ever wonder how some days feel so epic, while others fail to inspire?

Those are simply the ups and downs of life in general I suppose. Maybe a good day vs.a bad day has something to do with health challenges, finances, relationship dynamics, if you’ve learned something new…. take your pick.

However, if you find most of your days less than inspiring, I’ve started to direct my day with a new question that may encourage you to try something similar.

I ask myself at the end of each day,

“Did today count?”

And you can bet, if the yes isn’t there, I try and do something quick to make it a yes!

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So what even constitutes ‘count’?

I think this would be different for everyone.

For me, it’s generally that I’ve either accomplished something that I’ve put off for a long time, got a new inspiring blog post up, went on some fun adventure, designed a new stencil design I love, I’ve pulled off some intentional movement such as an epic bike ride that left me feeling amazing, my health is in check, or I learned something new.

I think asking yourself ‘Did today count?’ is a good way to gauge if your days are being well-spent. It’s not that you have to do something completely epic… it’s more like, what could you do to help you feel good about your day, even during less than perfect circumstances?

Most of my days are met with some challenge to overcome like aches and pains to work around. Some are not fun, such as doing month-end taxes. Others are just necessary like paying the pile of bills. However I do truly believe we can do something each day that fuels us in a positive way.

Perhaps it will transpire without you even planning it! Those are the best moments, aren’t they?

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How to make today count:

Not sure what those lofty dreams or goals even are yet?

Try using my Big Dream Journal list to get them on paper for a start.


Finding it tricky to stay on task with your days?

Create this custom-to-you DIY day planner from basic office supplies. It’s the only one that works for me!


Want an easy way to track your progress?

I love using this clipboard check list to keep yourself on task.


Then add this question to your daily to-do list, “How can I make today count?”

Then ask yourself at the END of your day with, “Did today count?”

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Hopefully you’ll give yourself an astounding “YES!”

We all get the same 24 hours in a given day to live. What you do with your 24 hours is totally custom and of your choosing.

Even if you have only 1 hour to go, it’s never too late in the day to do something that matters to you.

And don’t forget… sometimes ‘doing nothing’ counts too!


Will you be adding “Did today count?” to your day?

What’s something you could do today to make it count?


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9 thoughts on “How to make today count.

  1. our best starter for a day that counts is to thank the Lord for another one and for guidance to make it count.

  2. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for posting, “How to make today count” What a FANTASTIC point of view, very inspiring. Thanks for being you, being real and sharing.

    • Thanks Pat! It’s a very simple concept but it makes me feel a LOT better when I can safely say, “Yes, today did account for something that made a difference!” I seem to need to feel that each day or I’m at a bit of a loss.

  3. Great way to keep focused (something I struggle with these days as I age). I am a paper and pencil kind of gal and write in my planner daily..appts. , special dates to remember, what is happening that day and what was accomplished. It has proven valuable to refer back and review tasks to complete. I do a “Good Vibes” jar weekly…write down the dates, and list something that happened that week…special events, good things only. New Years Eve, pull them all out of the jar (mason jar) and read them over and think about the “Good”.
    Enjoy your positive messages. Best wishes.

  4. I love your end of day “did today count” since I’ve never liked a list and then being depressed when the list is still there days later because realistically there was no way I could have got it all done. Now I make a few reminder notes of important things that need to get done and anything else I do is a bonus. I can SO relate to your second sentence about the “ups and downs” in life, but I also choose to do something I want to do, not have to do, every day to make myself happy because as you know, Donna, we are the only ones that can do that.

  5. I have been asking myself a similar question at the end of each day, too. It has become especially important to me, now that I am retired, to not waste precious time. So if I have done some much needed filing, cleaned an area that has not been touched in months, saved a cat’s life by financially sponsoring, replenished groceries, forced myself to eat breakfast out, rode my recumbent bike, talked to my dad on the phone for an hour, given pet rescue advice or researched and gained new knowledge, it counts. It makes me feel that I am participating in life, no, not just participating but making a contribution. It is a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be attained any other way.

    When I discover my day has not counted, I get up from my chaise and do a little something before bed, even if it is just washing towels or changing my sheets.

    • YES! Something that’s equally important to me is ‘helping another’ in some way, whether that be a kind word, inspiration, or (fill in the blanks). I think it’s so important to hone in on what makes you tick, then do that.

      I can do all these amazing things for myself, but if they are just for myself, I don’t feel nearly as empowered than when someone has received a helping hand in some way.

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