Relinquishing from the heart.

If you find it hard to let go of things, read about relinquishing from the heart. Listen to their story of 'why' someone else wants your thing. It will change absolutely everything.

Over the last couple of days, I was striving to ‘feel’ productive, but didn’t really know what to dig into.

I just felt a general loss of direction, and knowing cleaning always triggers me into a really good zone, I ran with it.

So I allowed my mind to wander and muse over what else I was ready to relinquish next.

For me, a good clean isn’t about just shuffling and spit polishing…. the act of letting something go and see it walk out the door is the key to more space, hands down.

And then my gut did a quick fear grip… because I knew what was coming. This one I’d been avoiding for a LONG time.

My horse saddle I had growing up on the farm has been something I held onto with a death grip. It offered up years of memories of something my dad did for and with me.

Yet I’ve been shuffling the saddle forever. Its last home had been sitting on top of a file cabinet (also in my way) for a few years.

And if I was ever to loosen up that poor laundry turned storage room for improvements, it would absolutely have to go.

If you find it hard to let go of things, read about relinquishing from the heart. Listen to their story of 'why' someone else wants your thing. It will change absolutely everything.

In hindsight, bringing the saddle outside and taking a few quality shots with my good camera was a good move. These shots are now my memory keepsakes. Plus… it’s now in this post!

After listing it on a Facebook bidding site, it was official. My saddle belonged to another.

How would I really feel handing it over? A slight heaviness took over, so I quickly listed some other stuff I didn’t care about which took my mind off it.

Once the purchaser arrived for pickup-up, she offered up a fragment of her story on why she purchased it.

This smaller saddle would be used by her daughter on her FIRST PONY. And she ensured me it would be well used and loved every single day.

All my heart could do was jump a few leaps of newfound joy…

Sure beats collecting dust on a file cabinet in the dark!

If you find it hard to let go of things, read about relinquishing from the heart. Listen to their story of 'why' someone else wants your thing. It will change absolutely everything.

Meet Big Pink Ape.

He was ‘won’ at a fair by my son having spent a zillion dollars in order to earn the privilege of lugging this big guy home.

Big Pink Ape living in my son's bedroom on top of a cabinet.

From boy’s room to guest room series HERE

BPA lived with me for awhile after my son moved out, but it was always, “I’ll put him here in this corner so he isn’t in pictures…” But when I finally redid the boy’s room into more of a guest room, BPA had to move on. So he went to live with my son.

But my son didn’t really have room for him either. When I visited, BPA would be crammed in a corner with clothes all over him or squished into a closet to get him out of the way.

It was time for BPA to find a new home and be loved again.

So once again, I put it up on a bidding site thinking $5 tops… I mean, he’s BIG. And PINK!

He landed a whoppin’ $16.50. But that wasn’t the good part.

The BEST part was, this big guy was about to go to someone’s disabled daughter who would ultimately accompany her to grad! (I was asked what size cape he could wear). And he was about to travel as well. As in, serious vacation travel. And a visit to the water slides…

I am promised pictures once this all plays out. And I can’t wait!

BPA is about to become something so much more than he ever was in our own homes. What a shame if we had kept him locked away never to be shared.

So, I have a new mantra of late when it comes to relinquishing. Whether I move or not. And it goes like this…

Would this ‘thing’ enhance MY life in a new home?

Could it enhance someone else’s more?

Relinquishing from the heart is not only about getting our homes back, it’s also a BEAUTIFUL caring and giving thing once placed in the hands of another.

So I challenge you… next time you relinquish something, ask why they want that thing.

You are likely to adore their story AND feel so GOOD about your bravery!

Who will you ‘gift’ next?

A babbling brook along the Vedder River Rotary Trail

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11 thoughts on “Relinquishing from the heart.

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing and am having a three day yard sale. I’ve been downsizing and it opens up areas of creativity that all the stuff has been blocking.

    I just printed your saying; excellent words.

  2. In our house, we call that Blessing Others. After volunteering at a Military Thrift Store for years and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they find those unwanted treasures, those unwanted, unused, under appreciated items are just that, a Blessing. Let your Heart Smile !

  3. That’s wonderful. I always have to remind myself that things are things and the memories attached to them belong to me forever. When it’s time to pass the item along, our memories don’t go with it, they stay with us and belong to us forever. Look at all that joy you created for others by letting the things go.

  4. Oh my gosh! I just spent the last week agonizing over parting with things that were part of my childhood: my ‘baby book’ where Mum made notes of my progress from the day I was born. Childhood photos. Girl Guide badges. Wool blankets from my childhood home. My Mum’s old jewelry box. The pink mittens I wore as a baby. My first jewelry box. Cards my Mum & Dad had exchanged early in their marriage. It broke my heart to say goodbye to such personal things. But sadly, after years of being boxed up, everything was musty. Why was I holding onto these things? Trying to hold on to my childhood?? I’m 64. So Donna, you’ve just helped me more than you’ll ever know. I put on my big girl panties, & reminded myself that I still have the memories. Although no one will ever use these items, I’ve freed up space in my home & these ‘things’ are no longer holding me hostage.

  5. This is such a wonderful post! Really helps me think that I really need to downsize a ton of my daughters toys. They are 36 and 34 years old! I’ve always felt if I get rid of them I am losing part of them. What good are they in the closets.

  6. We, in the antiquing… junking world are constantly recycling memories. I started collecting these cast off memories as a child. I have barns full to prove it! I have made a nice career… loving other people’s histories. I adore the stories shared and have stored them away for moments of my own refection. Alas… I am now doing the inevitable downsizing scenerio—selling my country home, barns and doing the “ purge”. I have not only kept every report card my kids received but also their mementos which they do not want. So, since I am no stranger to selling, I am doing the love it or list it… trash it or donate it dance. BUT… I will keep the old metal box of cast off love letters written by strangers in a kinder gentler century.

  7. Kudos to you. I also have been doing this dance. It sure is hard though. Last year I sold my “made for me and my horse” saddle. With multiple back surgeries, I cannot ride anymore and it was just taking up space. I am also an only child and am the repository of all the family items that were left over as well as my wedding china and silver from another era. Just recently I took several pieces of my china and hung them on the wall. That made it easier for me to decide to sell the beautiful objects left over.

    At almost 66 I just can’t carry them anymore. Thank you so much for a thoughtful blog on letting go.

  8. Love this! I have things on things that clutter my life and my mind and this is a good kick in the tailfeathers. Yes, these things can be much better loved by someone new, and I’m going to take my old guitar to the mom of 3 girls now… But first, a photo.

    • Oh good for you Pam! When you see the smile on the faces of your receivers, guaranteed, you’ll be searching for more stuff to give away. Beware… that amazing feeling is positively contagious!

      I also highly suggest you search for a local to you Facebook bidding for sale site (or just one that sells). They are so darn fun! You can even start your bidding at zero and watch it go up. Even small amounts of %5 adds up pretty quick for those decadent coffees! I’ve gotten rid of so many things that were too heavy for me to lug out of my house. Include that they must remove it themselves and you have help that paid for the privilege too! haha

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